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mygate.co.za Apply Online Card Payments & Debit Order Collections : MyGate Communications

Organization : MyGate Communications (Pty) Ltd
Facility : Apply For Online Card Payments
Website : https://www.wirecard.co.za/

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MyGate Apply Online Card Payments

Online: My Virtual
** Leave Payment Security in our hands. Use our hosted online payments page

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How it Works

** My Virtual uses MyGate’s Secure Hosted Online Payments Page to accept credit card payments – leaving all the security and payment processing to us. My Virtual uses SSL encryption and 3D Secure to provide you with a completely integrated and secure solution for accepting your credit card payments online. We also take care of the highly regulated security around PCI DSS compliance.

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** Choose from over 25 payment page templates that can be branded with your logos, fonts and background to match your brand and the look and feel of your site. Here’s an example of a MyGate Payment Template.

Debit Order Collections

** Automate the collection of funds due from your customers’ bank accounts.

MyGate Web Solution :
** MyGate Web is an Internet based solution that gives you the ability to use the MyGate Web Console to manage debit order collections. The Web interface eliminates the need to upload files and store data, but still allows a range of functionality. Data is stored on MyGate’s servers in a secure environment. This solution is typically recommended for monthly debit orders of 100 or less.

MyGate Pro Solution :
** The MyGate Pro solution enables companies to directly upload a debit order collection file. The solution includes modulus checking, full payment administration and comprehensive reconciliation reporting – all operated online and accessible by the MyGate Web Console.**

Key Features

Customer collection information at your fingertips when you need it – in real-time

** Create and manage debit order customers
** Create Campaigns or Sort Levels
** Load Bank Account information
** Set up recurring debts
** Set up time and date frames for debits
** Submit collections
** Access in-depth reporting

Key Benefits

Fully automated debit order system and management system
** Better cash flow
** Decreased delinquency in accounts
** Better budget planning
** Lower cost than credit card transactions
** Hassle-free collection of funds
** Get paid when payment is due
** Easy set-up

Processing Times

Same Day Value (SDV) :
The Same Day Value service provides the ability to submit and deduct a debit order on the same day that the debit is to take place. Debit Order submissions must be received by MyGate no later than 11:00 am of the action date. The debit will appear on the customer’s account on the day after the action date, but will be effective the from action date.

Two Day Value (TDV) :
The Two Day Value service requires debit orders to be submitted to MyGate two full business days prior to the action date. The debit order batch must be received by MyGate no later than 11:00 am.

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  1. Mckaylin

    Good Day MEN IN HOPE FOUNDATION NPC are looking for a reliable and professional company to assist us in regards to collections can you provide us with more information about your services you can contact us via email

    Kind Regards

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