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Organisation : Department of Basic Education
Exam : National Senior Certificate Examinations
Document Type : NSC Sample Question Paper
Subject : English First Additional Language P1
Category : Grade 12
Year : 2017
Website :
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Education English First Additional Language Question Paper

TIME: 2 hours
** This question paper consists of 14 pages.

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Instructions & Information

1. This question paper consists of THREE sections:
Section A : Comprehension (30)
Section B : Summary (10)
Section C : Language (40)

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2. Answer ALL the questions.
3. Read ALL the instructions carefully.
4. Start EACH section on a NEW page.
5. Leave a line between answers.
6. Number the answers correctly according to the numbering system used in this question paper.
7. Pay special attention to spelling and sentence construction.

8. Use the following time frames as a guideline :
Section A: 50 minutes
Section B: 30 minutes
Section C: 40 minutes

9. Write neatly and legibly.

Section A – Comprehension

Read BOTH TEXT A and TEXT B and answer the set questions.
1. Mention Coca-Cola, BMW, Standard Bank, DRUM Magazine, Koo or Nando’s and everyone knows what you are talking about. This is because they are big brands that have set themselves apart from the ordinary.

Then again, you have probably also heard celebrities referring to themselves as brands and thought to yourself, ‘Well, I could never be a brand because I am not a celebrity and I am not a big product like iPhone.’ Right? Wrong! You are a brand, a personal brand, whether you own it or not.

2. A personal brand is an identity you give yourself. It is what you communicate about who you are, and it is about what sets you apart from other people. The way you present yourself in the community or workplace has an impact on how people perceive you and how they interact with you.

This is what ultimately determines your success in life. You do not have to be a celebrity – you can be an entrepreneur, a salesman or even a community worker to create your personal brand. Your values, the pride and passion you put into your work and image are some of the things that build the brand that is you. This is your identity.

** For one-word answers, write only the question number and the word.
** For multiple-choice questions, write only the question number and the letter (A–D) of the correct answer.

1.1 Name ONE beverage and ONE media brand mentioned in the passage. (2)
1.2 Why has the writer referred to big brands in line 1? (2)

1.3 The writer has used the words ‘Right? Wrong!’ next to each other in line 6. Why has he done this? (2)
1.4 What aspects of your personal brand will influence people’s opinion of you? State TWO points. (2)

1.5 Refer to paragraph 3.
1.5.1 How, according to Webster, do values contribute to personal branding? (2)
1.5.2 Discuss why Nike is such a successful brand. (2)

1.6 Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:
The word ‘choreographer’ (line 25) means a person who trains …
A actors.
B dancers.
C singers.
D comedians. (1)

1.7 Why, according to Khabonina Qubeka, is it not always good to have role models? (2)
1.8 What is your view on Pula Matsaung’s advice on building a personal brand? (2)

1.9 Pick out a single word from the passage that means the same as ‘posture, style and dress sense’ (paragraph 7). (1)
1.10 Explain what is meant by ‘like-minded people’ (paragraph 9). (1)

1.11 Why has the writer decided to use the advice of Timothy Maurice Webster, Khabonina Qubeka and Pula Matsaung in this article? (2)
1.12 The writer uses a conversational style of writing in this article. Explain how he does this AND discuss how it is effective. (3)

1.13 Which TWO sauces have the closest sugar content to that of a can of Coca-Cola? (2)
1.14 Which sauce contains no sugar? (1)
1.15 If you are on a low-sugar diet, why should you avoid Mrs Ball’s Chutney? (1)
1.16 Discuss whether this graph is effective in conveying an important message. (2)
Total Section A : 30

Section B – Summary

South Africa is experiencing electricity shortages.
Read the passage (TEXT C) below and list SEVEN electricity-saving tips that South Africans can follow in their households.

Instructions :
1. Your summary must be written in point form.
2. List your SEVEN points in full sentences, using no more than 70 words.
3. Number your sentences from 1 to 7.
4. Write only ONE point per sentence.
5. Use your OWN words as far as possible.
6. Indicate the total number of words you have used in brackets at the end of your summary.

We enjoy a very comfortable life by using electric energy but we must also be aware that energy is a limited resource. Without electricity, you would not be able to use your cellphone or grab a cold drink from the refrigerator.

You can light up your home using less electricity for less money. The first step to saving electricity is to install energy-saving lighting in your household which will use about 8% less electricity and last six times longer. The geyser consumes the biggest amount of electricity so switch off the geyser during the day. While a hot shower is comforting, ensure that the temperature of the water is not too hot.

Section C – Language

Study the advertisement (TEXT D) below and answer the set questions.
3.1 Who is the advertiser? (1)
3.2 Discuss ONE verbal and ONE visual technique that the advertiser uses to capture the reader’s attention. (2)

3.3 Study the following sentence and give a synonym for the underlined word: We have an average annual rainfall of less than 500 mm. (1)

3.4 Rewrite the following sentence by giving the correct form of the word in brackets: South Africa is (dry) than many other countries. (1)

3.5 State the part of speech of the underlined word in the following sentence: The international average water usage per day is 173 litres. (1)
3.6 Why has the advertiser included a toll-free number? (2)
3.7 Discuss whether statistics are effective in bringing across the message of the advertisement. (2) [10]

Read the cartoon (TEXT E) below and answer the set questions.
NOTE : In this cartoon, the woman driving the car is Madam and the woman seated next to her is Eve.
4.1 Explain what Madam is doing in FRAME 1. (2)
4.2 Discuss TWO techniques that the cartoonist used in FRAME 2 to indicate that Madam has slammed on the brakes. (2)

4.3 Why do some of Eve’s words in FRAME 3 appear in bold print? (1)
4.4 Consider the cartoon as a whole and discuss the irony in FRAME 4. (3)
4.5 In your view, how effective is this cartoon in conveying an important message? Substantiate your answer. (2) [10]

5.1 Read the passage (TEXT F) below, which has some deliberate errors, and answer the set questions.
1. Buckets and spades will soon be more common in musuems than on the beach, as today’s children prefer to take their tablets1 and smartphones on holiday.

2. The average child will spend two hours a day staring in a small screen. 13% will spend more than four hours playing with gadgets, according to UK-based insurance company Protect Your Bubble.

5.1.1 Correct the SINGLE error in each of the following sentences. Write down ONLY the question numbers and the words you have corrected. (1)
(a) Buckets and spades will soon be more common in musuems than on the beach. (1)
(b) The average child will spend two hours a day staring in a small screen. (1)
(c) That sounds bad, if you want them to enjoy new experiences at the destination youve taken them to. (1)
(d) Gadgets has become an essential part of the holiday checklist.

5.1.2 Rewrite the following sentence in the future continuous tense: Some children will spend more than four hours playing with gadgets. (2)
5.1.3 Change the following sentence into a tag question: That sounds bad. (2)

5.1.4 Give an antonym for the underlined word in the following sentence: Gadgets distract children while they are travelling. (1)
5.1.5 Study the following sentence and replace the underlined slang word with a formal one: Even children of six and under will pack tech worth R7157. (1)

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