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statebank.co.za How To Block ATM-cum-Debit Card : State Bank of India South Africa

Name of the Organization : State Bank of India South Africa
Type of Facility : How To Block ATM-cum-Debit Card
Head Office : Johannesburg
Website : https://za.statebank/home

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State Bank How To Block ATM-cum-Debit Card

Blocking of ATM-cum-Debit Card :
** In case the Card is lost or stolen, please advise immediately to our Johannesburg branch at phone no. 011-7784518.

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Email ID- ambanking3.rsa AT statebank.com during working hours of the Bank or Contact Centre ( Toll free no. 0800 982 360, email ID: contactcentre AT sbi.co.in ) by providing name of the branch, customer, Card/ Account number, mentioning ‘Blocking of ATM Card’ in subject line of e-mail, for blocking the Card. Please also lodge a complaint at nearby police station and submit a copy thereof at Johannesburg branch.

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Safety Tips

ATM Safety

** Select an ATM that is in a well-lighted location.
** Avoid ATM at the corner of a building which often has a blind area in close proximity to the customer’s transaction.

** Identify an ATM with maximum natural surveillance and visibility.
** Avoid ATM with barriers such as shrubbery, landscaping, signs, decorative partitions or dividers blocking the line of sight of the ATM.

** Do not stand at the ATM to count the cash you get – put it away immediately.
** Never accept offers of assistance with the ATM from strangers; ask the bank for help.
** Never lend your ATM card to anyone; treat it as if it were cash.

** If the lights around the ATM are not working properly, do not use it.
** If the ATM keypad appears to be tampered, do not use it.
** Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t use the ATM.


** Never allow the card to be taken out of your sight.
** If the POS machine is far from you, go personally near to it to use the card.

PIN Safety

** Memorize the PIN. Do not share it with anyone. Keep your “secret code” a secret.
** Do not write your PIN on your ATM/Debit Card or store it with the card or in the wallet or mobile phone.
** Cover your hand when entering the PIN. Let others not see the PIN.

CARD Skimming

** The Debit Card works only when PIN (Personal Identification Number) is correctly entered at the key pad. Yet criminals try to notice the PIN or photograph it with hidden cameras when it is used.

** Details of the card are skimmed with use of various devices attached to ATM or placed in the ATM room. A clone of the card is soon made. The card and the PIN help the criminal siphon money from the account in no time.

SBI Gold International Debit Card

** SBI Gold International Debit Card is SBI South Africa’s ATM-cum-Debit Card which can be used for withdrawal of Cash from ATM of any bank in South Africa upto ZAR 4,000 per day. At present, the service fee for cash withdrawal is ZAR 10 (VAT extra) per transaction.

** The Card can be used on Point of Sale (POS) terminal upto ZAR 10,000 per day. There is no service fee for use of Card on POS terminal.
** The Card presently is not enabled for use outside of South Africa for cash withdrawal from ATM or transactions on POS terminal.
** The Card is now enabled for purchase transactions over internet or for online shopping.

** The Card has defined validity period. Get a new card before its expiry from your nearest branch. Please note that if Card has expired, it may get swallowed by ATM machine or rejected at POS terminal if it is used for transaction.

** An additional Add-on Card is provided for use by dependent family members/ spouse of the customer on payment of nominal fee.
** Service fee for usage of ATM-cum-Debit Card for cash withdrawal through ATM and merchant transactions on POS terminal.

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