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De Beers English Olympiad Past Papers : saenglisholympiad.org.za

Name of the Organization : De Beers English Olympiad / saenglisholympiad.org.za
Examination Name : De Beers English Olympiad
Announcement : De Beers English Olympiad Past Papers
Year : 2007-2012
Type : Past English Olympiad Exam Papers
Website : http://www.saenglisholympiad.org.za/pastmaterial.php

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SA De Beers English Olympiad Past Papers

Our new theme for 2019 is “Hidden Truths” and the anthology is entitled A Twist in the Tale. Candidates will enjoy a collection of short stories, each with their own twist unfolded at the end of the story.

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Please note that while past papers are helpful guides, each year is unique and the exam paper needs to be understood within the context of the anthology prescribed for that year.

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English Olympiad – Other Writing

THEME: Other Writing
TEXT: One Week in November


1. Answer ONE question from Section A and ONE question from SECTION B – TWO in all.
2. Your ideas should be expressed as clearly as possible.
3. We invite you to express your own ideas in response to the questions – there are no “right” answers.
4. Write the section and number of the question above each answer, and start each question at the top of a new page.

5. On the cover of the examination book, please indicate:
a) your school’s olympiad number
b) your personal examination number
c) each section and the questions you have answered
6. Do NOT write your name or your school’s name on the cover

Section A

60 Marks :
Answer ONE question from this section.
1. Many articles in the anthology deal with “political correctness”. Write an article for a magazine titled “PC: it now means Political Cowardice”.

2. Place Johnny Haynes, George Best, Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham in conversation in a Pub. The topics they discuss should include the salaries earned by sports stars, personal appearance and celebratory status. Write your response in dialogue form.

3. As a typical South African learner, you have been invited to address SADTU at their National Conference. What do YOU want and what do YOU think is in the best interests of South African education? Write the text of your speech.

4. Write an article for young South African teachers in which you motivate the necessity of always being politically correct.

5. 50 Cent has been invited to address the learners and parents at Speech Night at a top South African school. Write the text of his address.

6. The faculty of journalism at a top university offers a course in how to deal with difficult interviews. Corné Krige has now attended this course. Chris Barron interviews him again, asking similar questions. Write a shortened version of this interview.
Using his new skills, Corné Krige interviews Rudolf Straeuli. Write the text of this interview.

7. The Pope, Guy Fawkes and a talking Piggy Bank appear on a chat show to discuss tolerance. Write the text of their discussion in dialogue form.

8. It is November in the year 2105. A television channel is doing a review on what happened 100 years previously. Motivate which FIVE articles from the anthology you believe should appear on the programme because of their historical significance.

9. Create newspaper cartoons for any FIVE articles from the anthology. For each cartoon, write a short paragraph in which you explain your work. The emphasis in this question is more on concept than artwork.

10. Schools can be rated in several ways, for example their academic results, the strength of their first rugby team or even their cultural contribution. Refer to the article, “School sex table storm”. In this article, schools are rated in a different way altogether. How should we rate schools? Write two editorial comments, one for a British newspaper and one for a South African newspaper, in which you address this issue.

Section B

40 Marks :
Answer ONE question from this section
1. Refer to the articles on pages 35 and 36 of the anthology. The “yobs” mentioned have been arrested and are waiting in custody. Both Bernard Sharp and Andrew Kleissner are given the opportunity to speak to the culprits. Write a short speech for each man.

2. George Best died shortly after November 2005. Provide the following pieces of writing.
2.1 A short obituary
2.2 A death notice from his son
2.3 An SMS sent by George Best to his son, shortly before he died.
2.4 Three short pieces of graffiti, sprayed on walls near Old Trafford (Manchester United’s home ground) by fans and/or critics.
2.5 An e-mail, sent by Angie Best to her mother, after hearing about his death.

3. Refer to page 50 in the anthology, as well as other articles.
3.1 Write an article for a women’s magazine titled “Sex Ed then and Sex Ed now: 1941vs 2007.

3.2 Write two short articles on “Partnering”, the first for a conservative women’s magazine in 1941 and the second for a men’s magazine in 2007.

4. Write the horoscopes for any THREE of the six people mentioned below and on the following page. (Use different star signs for each person.)

Write the diary entry that each one of the three you have chosen would have written at the end of the week.
a) Natalie Scanlan (pg 27)
b) Janet Booth (pg 46)
c) Francis Tresham (pg 38)
d) Martin Lan (pg 39)
e) Sarfaraaz Peerbhay (pg 9)
f) David Blunkett (pg 49)

5. Write two editorials on morals, one for a liberal South African newspaper and the other for a conservative British newspaper.

6. Write the following two letters on the state of South African education.
6.1 Write a letter to the press in which you focus, positively, on how far we have come over the last fifteen years.
6.2 Write a business letter to Ms Pandor, The Minister of Education, in which you suggest solutions to the chaos in our schools.

7. Two films are reviewed in the anthology. Rewrite them in the following ways.
7.1 Rewrite the review of Downfall from the perspective of a writer who believes that we should forget about the past and move on.
7.2 Rewrite the review of Zorro so that it is shorter and is aimed at a younger readership. The review should be overwhelmingly positive. For both reviews you may invent necessary details.

8. The article by Barry Ronge touches on the topic of how communication has changed over the years. Write a similar article in which you predict the future of communication and consider some of the problems we still have to face.

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