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Apply for your Ackermans Card

Organisation : Ackermans
Type of Facility : Apply For Ackermans Card
Apply Here : https://www.ackermans.co.za/page/financial-solutions/account-card

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How To Apply For Ackermans Card?

Just follow the below steps to apply for Ackermans Card

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Via SMS :
** Simply SMS your First Name*Surname*RSA ID Number*Gross Monthly Income* to 34413 for shopping CREDIT.
** By providing us with your ID number you give Tenacity permission to access your Credit Bureau information in order to process your application.

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** Ts & Cs for the Ackermans Card are applicable and available here.
** NCRCP 1638. R2 per SMS.
** SMS applications valid for SA citizens only.

Via Online:
** Go to the above link , the account screen will be displayed click Next Button

** Tick the check box [I comply with the above requirements and the information I disclose in this application is true and correct.*]

** Tick the check box [I have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions of this credit facility of Tenacity Financial Services (PTY) Ltd.*]

In order to apply for an Ackermans Card you must confirm that :
** You are a citizen of South Africa or Namibia.
** You have a valid South African or Namibian ID or passport.
** You are between 18 and 85 years of age.
** You are currently employed and earn R1200 a month, or more.
** You are contactable via cell phone and a work number.

** You have not made an application to a debt counsellor or applied to be placed under administration in the last 60 days.
** You consent that Ackermans and Tenacity may conduct a credit enquiry about you, and confirm your details

** with any credit bureau, credit provider, or third party, and provide your details, including the manner in which you conduct your account, to credit risk management services (including credit bureau) and/or crime prevention agencies.

** You have received consent from your spouse to enter into this credit agreement, if you are married in community of property.

Due to a change in the National Credit Act (NCA), we can no longer process your Ackermans Card application without your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements. Please fax these documents to 021 928 1112 or email it to confirm AT tenacityinc.co.za. This can be done before or after you complete your application online.

Documents Required For Ackermans Card

Following documents are required to apply for Ackermans Card

In order to ensure the correct disclosure of information, please have the following documentation and/or information available before proceeding with your application :
** Your valid South African or Namibian ID or passport.
** Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements, confirming gross salary and deductions.
** Your bond/rent payment value.
** Your rates/levy payment value.
** Your policy payment values (life cover, household insurance, funeral cover).
** Your credit commitment values (vehicle finance, personal loans, store accounts).
** Your household expenses (groceries, school fees, transport, cell phone).
** Click Next Button the Next screen will be displayed

Step 1 :
About You :
Step 1 : Select Title*
Step 2 : Enter Initials*
Step 3 : Enter First Name*
Step 4 : Enter Last Name*
Step 5 : Select Gender*
Step 6 : Select Country of Residence*
Step 7 : Select Type of ID Document*
Step 8 : Enter ID/Passport No.*
Step 9 : Select Nationality*
Step 10 : Select Date of Birth*
Step 11 : Select Marital Status*
Step 12 : Enter Number of Dependants * (under 18 years of age)
Step 13 : Select Preferred Language* (Only applicable where available)
Step 14 : Select Home Language* NCA Requirement
Step 15 : Select Ethnic Group*
Step 16 : Click Next Button arrow.

Step 17 : Enter Postal Address*
Step 18 : Enter Suburb*
Step 19 : Enter City
Step 20 : Enter Postal Code*
Step 21 : Select Province*
Step 22 : Tick the Check Box [Is your postal address is the same as your residential address?]
Step 23 : Enter Number of years at Current Address

Step 24 : Select Home Owner / Tenant *
Step 25 : Enter Cellular Number*
Step 26 : Enter Confirm Cellular Number*
Step 27 : Select I would like to receive my statements via* (Mobile option only available in South Africa to smartphones with internet access)
Step 28 : Enter Email Address*
Step 29 : Enter Confirm Email Address*

Step 30 : Fill the Below Questions
Step 31 : Select Best time to contact you*
Step 32 : Click Next Arrow button

Step 33 : Enter Employer/Company Name*
Step 34 : Enter Occupation/Job*
Step 35 : Enter Department
Step 36 : Enter Work Number (Dial Code and Number)*
Step 37 : Select Employment Type*
Step 38 : Select On what day are you paid?*
Step 39 : Enter If you are on contract, when does it expire?*
Step 40 : Enter Years at present employer
Step 41 : Enter Years at previous employer
Step 42 : Click Next Arrow button

Monthly Income :
Step 43 : Enter Gross Monthly Salary* (before deductions)
Step 44 : Enter Other Monthly Income
Step 45 : Enter Total Monthly Income
Monthly Expenses :
Step 46 : Enter Salary Deductions
Step 47 : Enter Tax
Step 48 : Enter UIF
Step 49 : Enter Pension
Step 50 : Enter Rent
Step 51 : Enter Rates/Levy
Step 52 : Enter Policies (life, household insurance, funeral)
Step 53 : Enter Bond
Step 54 : Enter Credit Commitments
Step 55 : Enter Other Household Expenses
Step 56 : Total Monthly Expenses will be displayed automatically
Step 57 : Click Next arrow button.

Conformation message will be displayed as follows

In Store :
** Visit us in-store to complete an application form and one of our helpful cashiers will process it for you.
** Ts & Cs for the Ackermans Card are applicable and available here.
** In-store applications are valid for South African, Namibian and Botswanian citizens.

Note :
** Due to a change in the National Credit Act (NCA), we can no longer process your Ackermans Card application without your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements.
** Please fax these documents to 021 928 1112 or email it to confirm AT tenacityinc.co.za.
** This can be done before or after you complete your application online.

In order to ensure the correct disclosure of information, please have the following documentation and/or information available before proceeding with your application :
1. Your valid South African or Namibian ID.
2. Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements, confirming gross salary and deductions.
3. With Ackermans, it’s easy and convenient to apply for and buy on credit!

How To Make Ackermans Card Payments?

** Now you can make payments in-store, via debit order, on the Internet or at any Nedbank and Standard Bank branch!

Please note : Botswanian cardholders can only pay in-store.

More convenience – for less :
** Use your card at any Ackermans or any store with the A-Plus sign!

Please note :
** if you are a Botswanian cardholder you can use your card at Ackermans branches in Botswana only.
** Included in your account is a hardship benefit in the event of your death, retrenchment or temporary disability.
** Ts & Cs apply. For more information, call Tenacity on 0860 900 100 or (International) +27 (0) 21 928 1040.
** Receive a detailed monthly statement.

Plus, you can check your account balance or apply for a credit increase on your phone! Here’s how :
** Dial *120*27587# with your card number handy.
** Choose 1) limit increase or 2) balance enquiry.
** Alternatively, SMS your card number to 45090 and you’ll get an immediate response with your available credit, credit limit, balance and total payment due.
** Cellular rates apply.

Please note :
** This service is only available to SA customers.

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  1. Jay

    Not being able to apply for an Ackerman card, please assist

  2. Phetogo

    Hi my application for Ackermans always say on process,is about 3 years,pls help

  3. Polite

    I applied at tekkie town and I got an sms with a reference number but I lost my phone i went to tekkie town n they cnt resend the sms again so when I go to Ackerman to open an account it says i have an existing account please help

  4. Gloria

    I applied for akernmans card no response no nothing pls help I wanna know it’s approved or what

  5. Pumza

    I applied for an account with arkermans and I was told to bring bank statement I went to arkermans plettenberg bay more than 3x but it keeps on saying upload bank statement

  6. Chumisa

    Hi I’ve applied for Ackerman’s account and got approved, I’ve submitted every document required but I still get messages that say I should submit my bank account, when I sent it again to their representative refused to take it claiming they already have it and will send it again to their head office. It’s been more than a week now with no response

  7. Khulile

    I applied for ackermans card on Monday on the 04th of April due to network problem the guy told me dat I have to leave all my documents to him so dat he will keep on trying my application I must wait for the response in 48hours so even now I don’t get even an SMS dat says my application approved or declined,am now worried what is happening

  8. Valentine kgadi Mojela

    I applied for an account long time ago,no phone call,no sms nothing . Please help whether its approved or rejected. Thanks

  9. Refile Tarrezar

    I need to open an account at Ackerman’s

  10. Babra Karabo

    I have applied for Ackermans card long time ago.no sms no call no feedback please help I really need this my number

  11. Precious

    I applied for ackermans card long. It looked like it declined but I on system it appear as approved card. But I didn’t receive any card.

  12. Alvin Kabuku

    I applied online for the ackermans account, it is over 2 weeks. I submitted everything and I did not receive anything. Please give me feedback or clarity on the issue.

  13. Lauren

    Hi applied for an account,my mum and I gave in statements in store. The lady said I should wait for an sms with a ref number…still waiting. Then,this morning I get an sms saying I’m ready to use my card but have to send through statments again????!!!

  14. Shernade Blignaut

    Hi i applied for Ackerman’s card i want to know if its approved and when can i collect the card. thank you. my contact number

  15. Juli-ann langenhoven

    Hi I already applied for an account im still waiting for a message to go an get my card I need it pls I want to buy Christmas clothes fr my kids please cntck me or sms me

  16. Laurinda frans

    Good day I am in Namibia and applied for an Ackerman account credit card on the 7th December was told that I will receive an and or within 48 working hours but up to now I did not get any response please HELP.

  17. Lehlogonolo

    Hi I applied for Ackerman’s account long time ago since April till now but haven’t even received an sms and when I check online it says I have an existing account please help

  18. Ludo Sehudi

    Would like to apply for Botswana ackermans card

  19. Annakie Princess Mashaba

    Hi I have applied for an account online and submitted all the documents in-store I was told I will receive an sms about collecting my card I’ve been waiting since no response.

  20. Andrewleen Pietersen

    Hi i would live to appply for account please contact me

  21. Nthuseng sasanga

    Hy can you please help me I want to open an account at ackermans for my Sons.

  22. Nompumelelo

    I have applied for Ackerman account card and it says approved and I went to submit my documents in store but then they did not get to me again what must I do now

  23. Johannes

    Hi I want to open akermans account, please help.

  24. Keolebogile Monoketsi

    I used to have Ackerman account then I decided to close it due to financial problem,so now I want to re open it and I also lost my card what should I do.

  25. sharonilorna

    I applied for an account last year,all my documents needed were taken,but nothing happened,no sms.no feedback at all.Is this how Ackerman’s operates.because a single parent we would really need positive assistance back.

  26. Qenehelo moahloli

    I want to open account with Ackerman my number

    1. Lauren

      Is any of us ever going to end up buying from Ackerman’s on account???? We all have families and kids we love buy clothes for,this is really frustrating and very time consuming

  27. curtis

    good day

    i applies for a card on the 25/05/2021 and have not received any feedback yet

  28. Lerato

    Good day

    Please assist i applied for your account online on the 17/05/2021 and submitted all documents ,can you please tell me how long does it take to approve the application.

    your response will be highly appreciated

  29. Sjaan Feldman

    I applied for an account. I submitted all documentation required, but to date I had no response. Please could you respond.

    Thank you in advance

  30. Thandeka

    Hi…I have applied for an account and sent my payslips. Since then I have not received any way forward if am approved or not. On whether I can collect the card or not. Any assistance please

  31. jenine

    hey I did applied for a account im still waiting for u please let me know

  32. Linky mabunda

    I’m still waiting for my reference please can i get it on Monday so i can start shopping i send all documents

  33. Phila Mbalane

    Hello I have applied online and now I have to fax my payslip how will i get my card after e-mailing my payslips and how long does it takes

  34. lufuno

    applying foe ackermans creditf card

  35. Roosevelt Corkery

    I’m curious: Which frame rate did you use to analyse the animation? The 24 fps or 60fps?

  36. Masiziani Namasiku Doreen

    hai why are you taking long to approve my account how long does it takes

  37. Enercy Mashele

    I like to apply but I don’t have payslip but I only have Bank statement. Please help.

  38. Boitshepo Mogakane

    I would like to apply for Ackermans account.

  39. Ntombizethu

    I want to open an account, please help.

  40. Chad Cogill

    I want to apply for an Ackermans account card. My identity number is 9801205828082.

  41. LUCY

    I received a SMS telling me that my account is existing but I don’t have a card to go for my shopping. Please help me, I went to the shop straight but they told me to call a call center and they are not taking my calls.

  42. Anonymous

    I want to get an account in Ackermans. Please help me.

    1. Lundikazi

      I want to open an account.

    2. Admin

      Information available from the Official Website :
      Ackermans Account Card :
      At the time of application or thereafter, please hand in your latest 3 months’ payslips or bank statements at a store near you. Alternatively email it to confirm [AT] tenacityinc.co.za or fax it to 021 928 1112 (RSA customers only).

      If you applied at the till or via SMS, a Call Centre agent will call you to process your Ackermans Account card application.

      Please have the following information ready:
      ** Rand value of your income and expenses.
      ** Permission from your spouse to apply (if you are married in community of property).
      ** Contact details of 2 people not living with you.
      ** Name and contact number of the company you work for.
      ** If you have missed our call within 48 hours, please contact us on 0860 000 352 to continue with your application.

      If you applied by completing an application form in-store or on our website, you will receive an SMS with the outcome.

    3. Jacques Van Wyk

      I want to open an account in Ackermans. Please help.

  43. Anonymous

    Can I apply online? Please help me.

    1. Admin

      Yes you can apply online.
      Online :
      ** Visit our website ackermans.co.za, to Submit your application here.
      ** Ts & Cs for the Ackermans Card are applicable and available here.
      ** Online applications are valid for South African and Namibian citizens

      Information as provided in the official website of Ackermans

    2. Masiziani Namasiku Doreen

      confirmation for my account application how long does it take to be approved

  44. Boipy Pil Ane

    How long do I wait before taking clothes after making the credit account and what is needed to open one?

  45. Lungile Ndlovu

    I have provided the documents they requested but I received an message again saying I must go to store with my proof of income. Please assist me. When they will send me a reference number?

  46. Thembinkosi

    Where can I use my credit card?

    1. Malope thabo mtsana

      Hi i wnt to open an account for ackermans

  47. Pretty Tlonofatso Chuene

    How do I know whether I am eligible for Ackermans account? Because I have submitted everything they want but no reply till now.

  48. Monika Zanele Letageng

    I have submitted all my document that they needed ID proof of income an approved on 23.12.2016. They told me to wait for reference number. I am still waiting.



    2. Collen

      Call them to request then everything will be ok.

  49. Annah Ramasela Pilane

    I applied for Ackerman’s card long time ago. I received a call. They approved it because I lost my phone. Reference no get lost. Also now I try to SMS. When I do that it keeps saying you have existing card. So please help.

    1. Lerato Lydia Snyman

      Hi I want to open account Ackerman please help me I need account for my child I love Ackerman

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