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Organisation : RCS
Type of Facility : Check Balance & Download Statements Online
Head Office : Mowbray

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RCS Check Balance & Download Statements Online

Check your Balance :
** It’s always important to know how much credit you have available.

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Your RCS account :
** It helps you gauge how much you need to be paying towards your card and it gives you an indication of what you can still afford to buy.

Here are a few ways you can check your balance :
** From your mobile phone
** To check your balance on your mobile phone, simply dial *120*727* followed by your 19-digit card number and then the # (Here’s an example: *120*727*1234567891234567891#).
** It only costs 20c.
** Don’t forget to save this number to your phone in case you need to check your balance again.

** Make sure that you notify RCS if your personal details and cell phone number change.
** Your statements
** Your statement is sent to you every month.
** If you don’t receive these, you may need to update your details.

** For electronic statements, simply give us your email address and we’ll send them to you.
** Online statements will soon be available.
** My statement and my SMS don’t match
** Your statement is a snap shot at a particular time in the month whereas an SMS is a real-time confirmation of your account status.

** In other words, if you made subsequent payments or purchases after your statement was posted your statement would be outdated.
** We do our best to provide you with all the information you need.
** If we missed something, please let us know below and we will respond shortly.
** Checking your monthly statement

RCS Self Service

** RCS Self Service allows you to manage your account in your own time and at your convenience.
** There’s no need to call or queue – your account information is right at your fingertips.
** You can access our Self Service portal here or by downloading the RCS Card App (available for download at selected App Stores)

Self Service features include :
** Checking your available balance
** Accessing your past 6 months’ statements
** Opting to receive e-statements
** Changing your email address
** Paying your account

Contact Address

Golf Park 6
Raapenberg Road
Mowbray, 7700, South Africa

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  1. Good day what is the procedure to increase my limit on my RCS card-6712265151088

  2. How can I view my rcs balance

  3. I want to view my balance

  4. please can i apply a loan again as my balance is zero

    ID 6505135217083

    1. my email address colin.raman AT please forward a statement.

  6. I still waiting for card number

  7. I want to view my online statement, but I can’t do so. How can I do that? help

  8. I am not a happy customer. Last time, I used my card it had a credit of 1000 and when I use it again at the petrol station, the credit is 333. What happened to the rest of the money? Can anyone please explain?

  9. I want to know the balance of owing at game. Can you please tell me?

  10. I want to know the procedure of receiving balance details on Email.

    1. For electronic statements, simply give your email address to RCS and they will send them to you.

  11. I can’t get a self service app but I put a right info. What can I do?

  12. There’s something I don’t understand about my account. Can you please call and explain? I already paid R920 on my a/c but my balance is not going down.

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