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Computer Olympiad Talent Search Exam 2020

Organization : Computer Olympiad South Africa
Contest Name : Talent Search Exam 2020
Applicable For : Mathematics, Science, IT and Computer Students
Exam Date : 31 August to 11 September 2020
Website : https://olympiad.org.za/talent-search/

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Computer Olympiad Talent Search

The Computer Talent Search ® is the South African version of the Bebras Contest which attracts more than two million participants from more than 50 countries in the rest of the world each year.

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The contest requires the use of Computational Thinking – those skills that are also required for Mathematics, Science, IT and Computer Applications. The Talent Search identifies learners with the skills, but at the same time gives all an opportunity to develop these skills.

The Talent Search is an online test, but for those schools with inadequate connectivity a pen-and-paper version is available which does not require computers.

Exam Date

TALENT SEARCH (for all) Any suitable time from Monday 31 August to Friday 11 September 2020 – at local schools

How To Register?

This is for the TALENT SEARCH of the Olympiad, scheduled for 31 August to 11 September 2020. (Use any day or days that suit you that week). Schools may enter irrespective of whether they take part in other rounds or not.

Entry Form

** Enter the following details ,to fill the entry form.

Steps :
Step 1 : Enter School/Institution * Cape Town High School
Step 2 : Select Does the school charge school fees? Yes / No
Step 3 : Select Does the school want to take part Online, Offline or Both?*

Step 4 : Select Does the school want to take part in English, Afrikaans or Both?*
Step 5 : Enter Postal Address (School address to which certificates should be posted e.g. P.O. Box) Street Address/City/ZIP / Postal Code
Step 6 : Select Country

Elementary :
Section for Talent Search entries in grade 5 and below. ELEMENTARY learners may write as individuals or in a team of two. Individuals who do well will get certificates with their names on. Teams that do well will get a certificate with their chosen team name (but no learner names).

Step 7 : Enter Number of participating boys in grade 5 and below
Step 8 : Enter Number of participating girls in grade 5 and below
Step 9 : Enter Number of participating teams of two in grade 5 and below. Later you will receive instructions about how to submit the team names.

Totals :
Step 10 : Enter Total of participating boys
Step 11 : Enter Total of participating girls
Step 12 : Click on Submit Button.

Exam Details

** The Talent Search is available as an online test for those schools with adequate facilities. For schools lacking facilities, it is available as a pen-and-paper test.

** The Talent Search itself is an aptitude test with no further rounds. However, learners who are familiar with Word processing, Spreadsheets and other applications, should enter the Applications Olympiad. Learners who are familiar with a programming language should enter the Programming Olympiad.

** There is no requirement that Talent Search participants should enter either Olympiad, nor is there a requirement to do the Talent Search before entering either of the Olympiads.


1. The school may not use the Talent Search paper before the announced date, but may use it on any day of the Talent Search week.
2. As the principal and the teacher are the ones to sign the certificates, it is up to the school to make sure that results are obtained honestly.

3. Learners may only participate under supervision of a professional teacher.
4. One teacher at each participating school must be the contact for the Talent Search.

5. There are five age groups
** Elementary – Grades 5 and below
** Junior – Grades 6 and 7
** Intermediate – Grades 8 and 9
** Senior – Grades 10 and 11
** Elite – Grades 12 and above

6. For each age group a participant will get 45 minutes to complete 15 tasks. (Elementary do 10 tasks in pairs)
7. The tasks may be completed in any order.
8. Participation is free.

9. The marks are allocated as follows
** In the A section a correct answer gets +6 marks; an incorrect answer 0
** In the B section a correct answer gets +7 marks; an incorrect answer 0
** In the C section a correct answer gets +7 marks; an incorrect answer 0
** Where there is no answer, 0 (zero) points are allocated
** The maximum mark is 100


1. May primary school students participate?
Yes. There are two age categories for Primary Schools and three age categories for High Schools.

2. Do we need a computer?
Only for online participation. The pen-and-paper version does not need access to computers.

3. What about certificates?
The Computer Olympiad Office will post certificates for the following
** Gold – the top 7% of all participants nationwide
** Silver – the next 14% of all participants nationwide
** Bronze – the next 29% of all participants nationwide

4. What is the duration of the Talent Search paper?
Thirty minutes for the Elementary paper (teams of two) and Forty-five minutes for the other papers.

5. Must we photocopy the papers ourselves?
Yes, but the paper is available in a PDF version which can be loaded on a server and be available on all screens – in colour.

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