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uFiling FAQs Frequently Asked Questions : ufiling.co.za

Organization : South African Department of Labour (www.labour.gov.za)
Facility : FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Head Quarters: Pretoria
Website : https://ufiling.labour.gov.za/uif/

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uFiling FAQs

uFiling Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I use uFiling for any other Tax return types?
No, uFiling is specific to UIF declarations and contributions.

2. How do I register as a Commercial Employer?
To register a Commercial uFiling account you need to have the following documents and information available.

** The Owner / Partner / Director / Member’s valid 13 Digit South African ID number or a valid Passport number
** The Owner / Partner / Director / Member’s e-mail address where all correspondence will be emailed

** The company’s official registration name and details as provided by the Registrar of Companies which is the CK1 form for CC’s and CM1 or CM3 for prietary Limited companies

** The companies owner details
** Banking account details and valid branch code that you will nominate to be used to securely pay your UIF contributions. For commercial employers this would be your company’s bank account

** Your employee’s valid 13 Digit South African ID number or a valid Passport number
** Your employees employment details

3. What is the cost for the uFiling Service?
uFiling is a free service, please note that your bank will still charge you their agreed fee for transactions should you make use of the payment options to settle your UIF contribution liability.


1. How far is my Claim process?
You will receive a case number upon submitting your claim, please login to uFiling to check the progress or contact the call centre at 012 337 1680.

2. When will I get my First Payments?
You will be notified once the claim is approved when to submit a payment request form.

3. Why does it show that there is outstanding documentation in Claim history?
You are required to Fax your Documents on the Right Fax number which is 012 337 1595 or to VoSupport [AT] labour.gov.za


1. Can I pay UIF from multiple bank accounts?
No, you cannot pay a single UIF contribution from different bank accounts. You may set up different bank accounts in uFiling and when paying you can then select a bank account for that contribution.

2. How do I load my Internet Banking account on uFiling?
Once you have received confirmation that your uFiling account is activated, you can load your banking details under the menu “Employer” and “Bank Account Details”.

3. Can I pay outstanding penalties and interest on uFiling?
No, uFiling does not allow for the payment of penalties and Interest. Please contact the UIF directly to obtain the correct amounts for penalties and Interest.

The UIF will then provide you with the correct reference numbers and account number to use when paying penalties and Interest.

4. Do I have to be activated on uFiling to submit payments?
Yes, you must be activated on uFiling to submit your UIF declarations and contribution payments.

5. Can I use my credit card to make payments to the UIF?
No, UIF will only accept payments via debit order or via Internet banking credit push.

6. Can I underpay on the initial payment?
No, the system calculates the UIF payable based on the salaries entered for the employee(s).


1. How do I sign an electronic return?
uFiling submissions are embedded with an electronic signature. A submitted return on uFiling is legally equivalent to a signed physical return. You therefore do not need to have a signature on an electronic return submitted via uFiling.

2. Can I only submit my current returns on uFiling? What about prior returns that have not been submitted?
All of your outstanding returns can be submitted via uFiling for the past five years. The Act requires an Employer to submit monthly returns, you may have to do multiple return submissions and payments.

3. Why is a period in my declarations grid showing as “Red”?
When a period on your declarations grid displays as Red, uFiling is notifying you that a problem exists with the period highlighted in “Red” as there are either missing employee declarations for the period or there are no declarations at all for the period.


1. How do I add my clients?
Once you have activated your practitioner account and been authenticated as an practitioner with uFiling, you can register your clients as uFilers. The request for activation is processed immediately once the UIF reference number has been correctly entered and once the accuracy of information submitted is confirmed, you will be notified via email. uFiling will then be activated for your client.

2. How will my clients pay their contributions to UIF?
Your clients may pay their UIF contributions via the payment mechanisms provided by uFiling for the payment of UIF contributions. The uFiling system automatically generates correct references for the UIF contributions when the payment is processed.

3. Will I be able to see consolidated information about my clients?
No. Various reconciliation and statistical reports are available for reporting on specific employers.

4. My ID Number is locked. How do I Unlock it?
A clear copy of ID must be sent to ufilingsupport [AT] labour.gov.za

5. I’ve Locked myself out. How do I Reset my Password?
You can Use the Forgot Password functionality under the Login menu item to reset your password. This will send a temporary password to the preferred method of contact you setup upon registration. If those details have changed, you will need to contact the call centre on 012 337 1680.

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  1. Thabiso

    My employment history not showing, the company owner has passed away and the company is closed; what should I do to claim?

  2. dolly meme

    can i have number to fax my oustanding uif document

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