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srd.sassa.gov.za Request Names & Surname Update : South Africa Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant

Organisation : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Request Names & Surname Update
Applicable For : Applicants who’s SRD Grant application was declined based on incorrect names and surname information
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

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How To Update Request Names of SASSA SRD Grant?

The President declared a National State of Disaster as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic. In this regard he introduced a SASSA special Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 per month for 6 months to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc.

Related / Similar Facility : SASSA Payment of Covid-19 Grant

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Follow the below steps to update Request Names & Surname of SASSA SRD Grant online

Applicants who’s SASSA SRD Grant application was declined based on incorrect names and surname information provided, can complete the fields below and request that their information be updated.

Please ensure that you enter your ID Number, names and surname exactly as it appears in your South African green ID Document or on your Smart ID Card. Your names and surname will only be updated if it matches your details on the Department of Home Affairs database.


Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to update your Names & Surname in the SASSA SRD Grant application online.

Step-1 : Go to the link https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
Step-2 : Scroll Down For “Request Names and Surname Update”.
Step-3 : Enter your ID Number in the space provided
Step-4 : Then enter your Name and
Step-5 : Enter your surname
Step-6 : Click on “Submit” button.

Terms & Conditions of SASSA Covid-19 Grant

Following are the terms and conditions of SASSA SRD Covid-19 Grant

** Applications for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant are only electronic.
** Do not visit SASSA offices to apply for this grant.
** If you need assistance to apply, SASSA staff & volunteers can assist.
** No paper based applications will be accepted.
** Payment will be effected through a channel of your choice.
** Citizens without bank accounts can also apply.
** In this case payment will be effected through a money transfer, once all the necessary validations have been completed.
** Once applications are approved, SASSA will request confirmation of bank account through a secure site – this will also be done electronically.
** Any applicant has the right to request confirmation that this request is from SASSA to protect themselves.

SASSA SRD National Call Center

Regional Contact Numbers for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Applications. Applications could be made by either calling SASSA National Call Center: 0800 60 10 11 or Email to: grantenquiries [AT] sassa.gov.za

Some Important Information From Comments

1. When the SRD grant was introduced, I was employed in 2020 then I received the SASSA employee relief fund in August of 2020 and my employment was also terminated. Last year January, when we were told to re-apply for SRD grant, I tried to apply ever since then I have been unable to apply as when I enter my information the response say ‘invalid name and Surname’. I don’t understand what is the problem could be as I am no longer working its almost 2 years now.

Error / Problem:
1. I have updated my Surname online. It still says “invalid” even after update
2. I have been trying to change my name but, it says invalid name.

Most of the commenters commented that, they are all applied for Surname Change but their application got decline due to “Identity Verification Failed”.

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  1. Flather Melittah

    hi, I have changed my surname to maiden name, I now use Koloi instead of Setlhabi, I have been trying to update since September when I got new ID.it still says invalid names please help

  2. Lettah saletah

    Hi I got married so I want to change my surname from Kgomo to Zondo because I am no longer getting R350 because of identity clarification


    my surname are incorrect but my last payment was march it is 8months approve but no paidates I call enqiries they tell me my surname is not right please help me to get my money

  4. Maria

    hi my name is Maria I want to update my surname I applied with sebetlele now I’m using molemohi

  5. Motshidisi

    Hello please change my name and surname motshidisi Elizabeth Lepota joppie I’m married but when i apply i use Lepota


    hello source of income referred January to October.June approved.November approved.December approved.no pay date

  7. Andiswa mabaleka

    Every day I cry to change and my surname . My name is Andiswa Mabaleka. I and my surna my now my surname . I Andiswa Mabaleka-lesuthu

    1. Zothile ngidi

      2021 referred to 2022 referred November December approved no pay date id 030125089XXXX

    2. Sharisha singh

      Please help need to change name and surname plz help

  8. Mokgadi

    Hi I want to change surname on srd application please help

  9. Kerusha Moodley

    I received Srd grant till March this year now it’s saying identification is not corresponding I’m unemployed I changed my surname and I’m collection my child’s grant only

  10. Sisanda Syble

    Hi I have problem about my 350grant I changed surname in second term I don’t found 350from April tell now I use sisanda Syble Gwadana for the fest tim now I changed I use Sisanda Syble MSIYA now my surname is sisanda Syble MSIYA now not Gwadana

  11. Sisanda Syble Msiya

    Hi I want to change my surname for 350 last time I use Sisanda Syble Gwadana now I changed I’m Sisanda Syble MSIYA

  12. Dikeledi

    Hi my name is dikeledi I need help with srd I was declined because of surname please help

    1. Lettah saletah

      Please help to update the surname from Kgomo to Zondo from April no R350

  13. Dikeledi

    Hi I’m dikeledi Agnes Makhetha I would like you to help me with my surname please.

  14. Kelebogile Lillian Mojahi

    Hi my name is Kelebogile Lillian Mojahi changed from Nthutang (maiden) can you please help me with update change…

  15. Tembeka

    Since April my 350 decline because of surname change

    1. Lettah saletah

      Same to me

  16. Lemohang Agnes Manaba

    My name is Lemohang Agnes Manaba.my I’d number is 880302043XXXX. My surname have changed from MTHEMBU to MANABA, please update the change

  17. Lemohang Agnes Manaba

    Hi I have changed my surname, please help me to update.Lemohang Agnes Mthembu to Lemohang Agnes Manaba 88030204XXXXX

  18. Lemohang Agnes Manaba

    Hi I have changed my surname, please help me to update

  19. Rachel

    Hi pls hlp i changed my surname frm mabeleng now am using litelu

  20. Nelisiwe Tsotetsi

    Hi I got the message from sassa that someone change my number without my permission when I use my number to check the r350 grant it’s failing what must I do help

  21. Ntuthuko

    Hi my name is Ntuthuko Clement Ngcobo i have not been getting the money since May this year it has been declining i changed my surname from Mbutho to Ngcobo and the system is not allowing me to update my personal details or to request surname change. My id number is 8711145366088.


    Hi ,I need to update my bank details it’s says I have already requested but I didn’t do that

  23. nesta nothando

    Morning am nesta nothando sibiya Magagula I wanted to update my name and surname it’s say’s invalid what must I do to fix it please help.

    1. Anna Kilibone

      Hi my name is Kambule Anna Kilibone,I want to update my surname,from Likole to Kambule

  24. nesta nothando

    Hi my name is nesta sibiya I want to update my name and surname it’s say’s it’s invalid. How can I update

  25. Antionnet

    i would like to change my name and surname but it keeps on saying incorrect surname and name please assist me I’ve been trying since last year

  26. noleendeborah

    Hi please can I get help been trying for months to change my surname and the system say invalid info

    1. Zothile ngidi

      source of income 2021 august to December referred.2022 January to October referred.November approved December approved no pay date.id 03012508XXXXX

  27. Thobile

    Please help on changing names and Surname the system can’t take my marriage Surname it keep on saying invalid names or surname for the past 11months as a result I got declines ever since due to identification failed

  28. Amber

    Hi I’m amber I would like to reapply for the srd grant but it shows invalid name or surname

  29. Bulelwa mthembu

    I’m bulelwa sidondi and I got married last year I want to update my surname as mthembu it does not want I try so many times and my 350 decline since I change my id plz help

  30. Dineo Mokgeseng

    Am Dineo Nthute I need to change my surname from Nthute to Mokgeseng. I have tried the names n surnames request but it’s unavailable. I have called sassa on June nothing changes. All I get is decline identity verification failed. Please help

  31. Washiema

    I want to change my surname please help

  32. Nonkululeko

    I got a problem here april my money decline says i got an income alternative sorce and i dont have, May they gave me and june to never get which mean july too i wont get I wanna know what happend

  33. Mpelegeng Makhafola

    Every day when i try to update my surname it says service unavailable i’ve updated my surname in January i got paid my 350 in February and March and after reapplying in April it comes saying identity verification failed I’m really disappointed i don’t know what to do

  34. Mzukisi

    My name is Mzukisi My surname is Ntengo. My i.dnumber is 711110512XXXX.My contact number is 07313XXXXXX.I’m an Eastern Cape province residence at Mnquma municipality.I’am declining for June pending for July.Thankyou byee

  35. Dikeledi

    Hy I want to change ma surname its rapitsi not rap

  36. Dumisile Sanele

    Hi, please help. I got married so I couldn’t get my R350 for the past 4 months because it declined. I Want to change my surname.

  37. Mpho

    Hi help me I change surname I want to update from Modise to Monyatsi please help

  38. Donavine emiel francis

    My application was declined due to uif registration its not true I received nothing sins the covid started I am more than five years unemployed they are eating my money how can I be registered if I don’t work nothing sins covid

  39. Nontsizi

    Hello…I’m Nontsizi Dinah Ngcayi….i want to update my surname…

  40. Nonjabulo Dlamini

    I make a mistake when I register I write wrong name my name is Nonjabulo Dlamini not (Nonjabulo)

  41. Innocent

    Hello I’d like to change my surname

  42. Scelokuhle

    Goodmorning im scelokuhle mduduzi i want to use capitec account i dont know how to put my detatails my ID is 921025555****

  43. Mmampere

    Hi I want to change my bank details please

  44. Sindisiwe

    Hy I’m Sindisiwe Mtshahe I want to change my bank details to Ned bank. My ID number is 75021305XXXXX.

  45. Sindisiwe

    Hy I want to chañge my bank details for My 350

  46. Maditlhare

    I’m no longer using my marriage surname which is Mosese, now I’m using my maiden surname is Rakhothulo Please change it for me.

  47. Mxolisi

    I want to update my names,but the is no link here
    Help me pls

  48. Hlengiwe H

    Already approved tymebank 51010691954
    Branch no:6789
    Account type:current account

  49. Thabisile Lobdiwe

    My status declined because of the second name my name’s is Thabisile londowe Nyaeo ID 9811010492085

  50. Sphesihle

    I like to change my surname

  51. Seipati

    When the srd grant was introduced I was employed in 2020 then I recieved the sassa employee relief fund in August of 2020 and my my employment was also terminated then last year January when we were told to re apply for srd grant I tried applying eversince then I’ve been unable to apply as when I enter my information the response say ‘invalid name and Surname’ I don’t understand what the problem could be as I’m nolonger working it’s almost 2 years now.

  52. Ntswaki

    Ntswaki Ncwadi
    I’m trying to change my surname but it says that I verification unavailable, please help

  53. Nomthandazo precious

    My 359 srd grant Is declined due to incorrect information plc may I find some help

  54. Anonymous

    Hi please help me by fixing up on my 350 srd grant I’m not a beneficial and I’m not working .My name is Duduzile Bongekile Mhlongo my I’d no.:740110*******

  55. Zamandlovu Zinhle

    Hi I am Zamandlovu Zinhle Thethwayo the reason why I comment here it is because I have a problem on my 350 srd grant . I don’t know where is the problem with it .I lastly received it in march 2022 so now if I’m checking my status it says that it is decline.And mostly thing that make me worried is that I’m not a beneficial to anywhere each an every month I’m not getting any money from anyone 😭

    My I’d no :0209270883082

    Cell number: 0818584336

  56. Ayanda Riccado msimango

    Hello i never my R350 grant becouse they say I’m dead while I’m not

  57. Phuthuma

    Plz help my aplycation is declain I have no money to receive I receive 2child grant phuthuma

  58. Elvis

    I want to get played via my bank ned bank acc 122670XXXX

  59. Elvis

    Hi I never received any money since my first application

  60. Thandeka Charity Mabunda

    I never get R350 grant sense January because I changed the surname what can I do

  61. Vikani

    Want to add my bank detail Plz help

  62. Nompumelelo

    Are wise to change no working



  64. Nosipho sizakele promise shabalala

    My sasaa was declined i want to change my surname

  65. Kgothatso

    My sassa application says grant application already active but when m tryin to check my status it says invalid number

  66. Simphiwe sydwel ndwandwa

    Hi I’m Simphiwe I want to update my Name and surname are declined from last of last year 2020 my name is SIMPHIWE SYDWELL NDWANDWA ID NUMBER 9410106XXXXXX AND IM NOT EMPLOYED

  67. Daniel

    I lost my phone a week ago. Need to change my contract details for the reapplication( SRD). Help before end of April plz

  68. Anonymous

    How must ido if say surname is wrong on name

  69. Reneiloe TERCHIA oguerie

    Hie.just want to know..why did I not receive sassa R350 grant payments for April 2022

  70. Fowziegallie17@gmail .com

    Hi what’s happening to the R350 Sassa relief fund for April 2022. Dates for post office for april payout is out alredy but no April 2022 shows on our grid to say we are getting R350 for april 22.

    1. Reneiloe

      Have the same problem

  71. Nomfundo

    Did you get any help??i have same problem

  72. Nomfundo

    Hy I’m nomfundo Mpontshane i applied for srd but it approved but no payment date since August until now.what should i do???

  73. Nkele

    Hi my name is nkele last month I didn’t get my 350 since it says approved no pay day no nothing planned help I’m confused cuz it says approved even now for march but no payment

  74. Nontokozo

    Hi may name is nontokozo i need to submit may bank datails my id nomber is 9808111XXXXXXXX and my bank acount is 51799200XXXXXXXX

  75. Cynthia Shaik

    Hi my name is Cynthia Shaik been approved for the srd since last year but when I go to the Post Office they say I’m not added to the system please help

    1. Palesa Matlakala

      Hi I’m Palesa I have applied my SRD grant for my previous number,so I have lost my phone I’m no longer using that number can u please help me change the number

  76. Zanokuhle

    Hi I’m Zanokuhle,I asked someone to apply the SRD grant for my previous number and I’m no longer using that number,I didn’t get the SRD grant even for once and may you please help me change the number

  77. Nqaba Dinga

    Morning I lost my phone. When I am checking my status the system need the phone number I applied with and I dont remember the number.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Sphelele Gladman

      Hello I’m not working anywhere and my 350 is decline so please help me


    Hi I’m NOMFUNDO I want to update my name and surname that was declined from last year

  79. Yandiswa Olga Mkwasi-Ntsalintshali

    My application was declined because of wrong surname

  80. Yandiswa Olga Mkwasi

    My application was declined because of incorrect surname

  81. slithalomzikheph

    Am Anathi Daries and am in need of help I applied for srd grant in the first time it was published to be going/given to anyone unemployed people but I never received it for about a year and months I only received it in September last year and never again it declines and reasons is alternative source of income buy I don’t work and have no child also my I’d 9904130147089
    And Asanda Mini same situation but have received for few months but not this year 0001225714086his idnumberand we lost the cellphone we applied with

  82. Petunia

    My problem I want to cancel uif so that I can continue with my 350 grand

  83. Senovia serfontein

    Correct my name surname and Id please

    1. Nomfundo Sthabile

      My 350 srd grant is decline please may I find some help

  84. Senovia serfontein

    Please correct my details is incorrect senovia Serfontein and Id number please can u correct it I’m not working and have kids so please help me

  85. Monica Vuyiswa Khumalo

    Hi I want to change my surname

  86. Linda Brenda Peni Kwitsana

    Hi im Linda i want to update my name and surname I get married last year my name is Linda Brenda Peni Kwitsana ID 7501020853081

  87. scott

    hi im trying to change my surname but keep sayiing wrong surname ..what could be a problem

  88. Nobuhle

    I’ve been trying to update my information and it keeps on saying wrong names,what could be the problem?

  89. Mzokhona

    Hlw since October until December my money is aproved bt no pay day how come

  90. andronicca

    I tried changing my recognition but no luck 8705101208086 AS mncwanga

  91. noloyiso mnyimbane

    My application was declined due to incorrect name and surname.Noloyiso Mnyimbane.id 8411271145089

  92. Gcwetha

    It still says “invalid” even after update

  93. Mbali Msoni

    Hi please fix my surname i wrote Msomi instead of Msoni please

  94. Thembelihle

    Hy I’m thembelihle mtombeni I want to update my my name and surname

  95. Sibongile

    Hi I’m Sibongile Theko itry to check my application but it say my number is in valid

  96. Sophia

    Hi my sister is trying to rectify her names as requested but still it says invalid names and she has put them as they appear on the I’d. Names Sophia Masua Mosia
    I’d 7604100381088 pls rectify them

  97. Themba

    Please correct my names and surname I’m Bongumuzi,Themba Vilakazi my ID number is 91030361XXXXX

  98. Montshose jacob dannyboy

    Surname or name dont match

  99. Anonymous

    Hi my problem i write diasble instead of enable

  100. Diyi

    Hi I’m trying to help my sister she got married and changed her surname she doesn’t know how to up her Srd Sadda help

  101. Smangele

    Update name an surname

    1. Nkosingiphile

      Update name and surname

  102. Nontembeko

    I want to change my name

  103. Anonymous

    Hi I have 2 problems I wanted to check my name bf surname if they are correct but my I’d number says invalid but it is the same as on my I’d book and Iwould like to change my number since I used a friend’s number to apply for my srd I didn’t have a phone back then

    1. Smangele

      I want to update name an surname for me

  104. Makoena

    Hi I’m trying to change my name but but it says pending

    1. Ramphelane clerk moaludi

      My name is Ramphelane clerk moaludi I want to apdate my name’s and surname my application was declined because of incorrect names and surname my email is 0739991243 my ID number is 7306305XXXXXX.

  105. Sylvia Raboko

    Please help I’ve been trying to change my surname

  106. Happiness Manke...Mngadi

    Hi I have crc problem of name and surname please help

  107. Sizwe Mbambo

    Please help I’m trying to fix my name and my surname

  108. Sizwe Mbambo

    Hii ive been trying to change my names but it’s says Invalid names idont know how because there are the ones that’s appear in my Id ….Name:Sizwe :surname:Mbambo

  109. Izach

    Help please to cange my surname

    1. Nkosingiphile

      Decline because I’d does not match

  110. Lindeka Njengele

    Please help trying to fix my name & my surname

    1. Sizwe mbambo

      I’ve same problem to of names

  111. Nozuko

    My name is nozuko bangani my application has declined due to invalid name or surname don’t know what happened my I’ve been trying to fix but i can’t

  112. Zingisa

    Hey I’ve been trying to change my my name’s but it says invalid names I don’t why because that names are the ones that appears in my id

  113. Qinisile

    Hi want to change my name Thandi to thandy

  114. Lesego mohlala

    Hi i’ve been trying to change my names but it says invalid names i don’t know why cause the that names are the ones that appears in my id

    1. Nkosingiphile

      Hi I’m nkosingiphile I want to update surname are decline from August 2021 my surname cebekhulu I’d number 8912250XXXXXXX plz help me

  115. Liza

    Hi im liza i want to change my surname imarried but when i apply i use old surname my id is 8902040453085 liza mtiki

  116. brice hay

    hi i would like to know if my application was sucessfull or not

  117. Thembelihle Priscilla ndlovu

    I want to change surname am using wrong surname

    1. Tebogo

      I need help with my sassa R350 no payment for 2021

  118. Aziza Fortune

    Please open the srd name and surname link.

  119. Siphosethu Tswina

    Hi iam Siphosethu Tswina id number 9208275949089 applied but it’s says decline because I’m registered on uif yes i was working but now I’m not working i was not even get any cent with uif.

  120. Nontokozo Florence Mtengi

    Hi im Nontokozo Florence Mtengi i want to update my Surname are declined from August 2021 my Surname Mtengi ID number 7806220512084

  121. Nontokozo Florence Mtengi

    Hi I want to update my surname are decline on August 2021 Nontokozo FLorence Mtengi may you please correct mu surname my id number 7806220512084

  122. Mazandy

    Can you please open the link to request NAME and SURNAME update because some people have been declined due to identity verification. PLS HELP

  123. Lizette

    My srd was decliend due to identification my Id is on my old surname and my bank details to How can I tell somrone that I am married with a new surname but did not change my id yet

  124. Mokgadi Caroline kutumela

    Please help me change my name and surname I’m mokgadi Caroline kutumela

  125. Akhona

    I would like to change my surname

  126. Maisie

    Pls help to rectify my cousin name. Mmabatho Mahlauli. I put one m instead of double m. Pld

  127. Maria

    Hi my name is maria i want to request my name and surname update

  128. Maria

    Hi i want to request my name and surname updated

  129. Anonymous

    Sassa Link for updating names and surname not working
    Please help I want to update my info.thanks

  130. Liza

    The link for updating names and surname is not working.pls help


    Hi I want to change my SURNAME


    I want change my name n Surname BABONGILE PANGINDAWO

  133. Dikeledi

    I would like to rectify my surname instead of malatji to malatjie

  134. Kealeboga

    Correct my namy Kealeboga Klouw not Keaoleboga

  135. Tshephisho

    I like to change name and surname, the link is not working please help

  136. Nonkululeko

    I like to change surname because nonkululeko Sangweni because m married

  137. Thabisa

    Hi my name is thabisa I would like to change my bank account

  138. Mutshekwa merriam

    Please can u rectify my mother’s name mufanadi Merriam mutshekwa

  139. Am lifa

    Can somebody change for me the payment method I don’t wanna use the post office anymore I wanna select my account help me

  140. Yonela

    Please change my bank acc it’s

  141. Thelma Masufi

    Hello I love to change my baking details

  142. Noxolo

    Hi i want to change my account number is 9364449224

  143. Khuselwa

    I would like to change the banking details plz

  144. Tebgo

    Change bank

  145. Tebogo

    Change bank

  146. Tebogo

    Indeed help to change my srd grant to the bank my account number is(9354XXXXXX already aproved my Name is Tebogo Joseph Matlhaku my ID Number is (8407045XXXXXX)ABSA BANK.cell number (06349XXXXX)


    Hi i want to change my bank my account is 931427XXXX ABSA , MADADENI,

  148. Khonzaphi thoko mchunu

    Hy I want to change my bank details to 62030805XXXX I do a mistake I registered by other person account bank
    Plz change my money to post bank

  149. Mpungiwe

    Majova Mpungiwe id NO 62080510XXXXX i had never received any money ,Reason identity verification

    1. noloyiso mnyimbane

      My application declined due to incorrect name and surename.my name is Noloyiso Mnyimbane.id 08411271145089.please help me

  150. priscilla Lebogang mudau

    i neef to change my banking details




    I am NKOSINAMANDLA GIFT NGEMA.ID.0211175564080. I saw the page on internet that informs applicants to update details as appeared on Home Affairs information if grant declined.I never received my grant since February.The feedback says I put incorrect information

    1. Nthabeleng makgatela Hlagala

      I want change my bank details

  153. Sylvia Baxolisile Dlamini

    I want to change my banking details,acc no.51039852589.

  154. Boipelo nkgoang

    Hi I want to change my payment method..I’ve been approved yesterday

  155. Nolwandle

    Plz change my bank account 62881948338 i made a mistake

  156. siyanga vumani

    do i change my bank details i made a mistake

  157. Mirriam Ramela

    Hi I would to know if i choose the post bank option is it possible to get my Sassa distress on my Sassa child support grant card.

  158. Godfrey

    Hi I wish to change my banking details from post office to my Tymbank acc since I made a mistake not to select bank option

  159. Edwin Thabiso Maine

    Hi I want to update my name and surname my name is Edwin Thabiso my is maine

  160. Sibongile khoza

    Change my banking details standard bank account number 67739XXXX id number 8310150XXXXXX

  161. Roxzane

    Hi my mom had applied since last year August and haven’t received nothing.When she check her status it refer to invalid name and surname.But when she go to home affairs everything is okay on their data base they told her the problem lays by sassa.So I would like to know in what position it puts us

  162. Nkhensani Hlungwan

    I want my payment come to my bank account

  163. Zimasa

    Correct my details I am NOKHOMBILE NDOFAZI MTOKODWA



  165. phindile mbanjwa

    I have aproblem i m not receive R350 grant from november 2020 until march 2021 i dont now whats a problem

  166. MXOLISI

    I applied ssrd grant may last year and your sytem said; your application was declined you are register in uIIF AND you are tax payer,I M not working and I found nothing from SARS,MY id is6706305491082

  167. MXOLISI

    my name is mxolisi IM unemployed I donot receive UiF AND MY application was decliened because sytem said IM registerd in UIF.ID 6706305491082

    1. Jabulile mzileni

      Hi im jabulile mzileni i want to update my name and surname are declined from November 2020 . my name is jabulile my surname is mzileni my id number is 9012161190083

  168. Lewis Vava

    I applied but it’s says decline because I’m registered on irp5 but I’m not working.

  169. Daniel mashaba

    I applied srd sassa decline rp5 .id 6904075333085 cell no 0792321805.im not working

    1. Siphiwe

      Bengicela ningi update ibank post office igama siphiwe doctor kunene plz

  170. Sibusiso Nene

    I applied but nothing come trough saying that my application was declined or not my cell was missing my new one is 083 204 2026

  171. Anonymous

    The link is not opening

    1. Jolena motshabapula mtsweni

      I didn’t get sassa grant money because I’ve changed my surname from phetla to mtsweni

  172. RuwaydaNoordien

    I approved for June,July,August but didn’t recieve no paydates but for September Nd October I have paydates but haven’t recieved no money

  173. Siyabonga Madikane

    I apply by June end l had never received any out l went to SARS to get the letter but nothing my I’d number 8507095971087 my name siyabonga Madikane

  174. george mashilangwato

    I did apply for the350 grant but she I check my status it says unregistered and I don’t know what is the problem


    ID NUMBER 731030 5433 084


    ID NUMBER 8708165808086

  177. Nomalungelo

    I want to change my payment methot ..I’ve been approved from july

    1. Zenzele

      hello My name is Zenzele ,I have a problem I was robbed by thief so ,I would like to update my new cellphone number

    2. Author Admin

      Hi im Bronwyn i want to update my Name and Surname are declind from last year 2020 my Name is BRONWYN ANNE WILLIAMS ID number is 8608010207084

    3. Anonymous

      I changed my surname to Olifant to olifant matlolane its double barrel surname please help my id number 95082652XXXXX.

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