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municipalmoney.gov.za Municipal Money Service : South Africa National Treasury

Organisation : South Africa National Treasury
Facility Name : Municipal Money Service
Applicable For : Citizens of South Africa
Website : https://municipalmoney.gov.za/

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Municipal Money

Municipal Money is our money, spent in our name. As citizens, we should know how this money has been spent and also have a say in how money is spent in the future to better our lives.

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Municipal Money is an initiative of the National Treasury. Municipal Money is a web-based tool designed to inform citizens on their local authority’s financial performance and allows comparisons between municipalities.

Local government is contingent on active citizens and organised civil society vigilantly exercising oversight and holding their municipalities accountable.

How Can I Use The Data?

You may use the data freely and flexibly for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You may download, copy, publish, distribute and transmit the data. You may also adapt and extract the data.


The data is provided free of charge on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Was The Data Collected?
The data is provided at regular intervals by all the individual municipalities in South Africa to National Treasury and housed on their Local Government Database and Reporting System (LGDRS).

What Form Is The Data Available In?
The data on the API is available in an open format, is machine-readable, available in bulk and unprocessed. You may download the data in either Excel or CSV format.

What does it mean when something is listed as ‘Not Available’ or a bar is missing from the chart?
When something is listed as ‘Not Available’, one or more of the things needed to show the indicator for that date was missing from National Treasury’s local government database. This usually happens when the relevant municipality has not submitted the data to the National Treasury in an acceptable form in time.

It might have been submitted late and will be available in the next quarter. It might also be available directly from the municipality but without the vetting done by National Treasury before inclusion in their local government database.

What is meant by ‘Similar Municipalities’?
There are three categories of municipalities in South Africa:

Category A: Metropolitan Municipalities
Category B: Local Municipalities
Category C: District Municipalities

Within these categories, there may be significantly different circumstances between municipalities across the country. Hence, a further set of subcategories have been developed for analytical and statistical purposes.

These subcategories have been widely-used in assessments and previous policy initiatives by the Department of Cooperative Governance (DCOG), National Treasury, the Municipal Demarcation Board and others.


Should you come across any inconsistencies in the data or any problematic data on this website that may need to be corrected, please do let us know by contacting us at helpdesk@municipalmoney.gov.za.

If you would like to provide feedback on your experience of using this website and the data contained therein, or if you would like to share with us how you have used the data – please contact us at: feedback@municipalmoney.gov.za.

We will endeavour to respond to all queries and comments as soon as possible.

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