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online.natis.gov.za Learner’s Licence Test Booking : National Traffic Information System

Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : Learner’s Licence Test Booking Online
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website : https://online.natis.gov.za/#/E7061

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NATIS Learner’s Licence Test Booking

Use this web page to schedule a date and time to sit for a Learner’s Licence Test or; to do a practical Driver’s Licence Test at a specific test centre.

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Learner’s Licence Codes

** A code 2 Learner’s Licence can only be used to learn to drive a light motor vehicle and apply for a code EB or B driving licence only. You cannot use a code 2 Learner’s Licence to apply for codes C, C1, EC1 or EC and cannot learn to drive a heavy motor vehicle.

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** A code 3 Learner’s Licence can be used to learn to drive any (light or heavy) motor vehicle. You can use the code 3 to apply for any motor vehicle licence. If you want to apply for a code C, C1, EC1 or EC licence you must be in possession of a valid code 3 Learner’s Licence.

You must be 18 years old on the date of the test for a code 3 Learner’s Licence. A code 3 license cannot be used to learn to drive a motorbike.

How to Book Online?

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of National Traffic Information System through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “Book now for Learner’s Licence Test” link in the home page.

Step 3 : Select Your Licence Type and Category

Step 4 : Fill the application with the required details.
Step 5 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete the registration.


1. When can I apply for a learner’s licence?
At the age of 16 years or older, you may obtain a code 1 learner’s licence, which will allow you to drive only
** a motor cycle type vehicle with a maximum engine capacity of 125 cc
** a moped where pedals are available to assist the engine or motor

If you are the holder of a valid code 1 learner’s licence and 18 years old or older, you may drive a motor cycle type vehicle with any engine capacity. At the age of 17 years or older you may obtain a code 2 learners licence which will allow you to drive any motor vehicle excluding

** motor cycle type vehicles
** any motor vehicle of which the tare exceeds 3 500 kg
** a bus or goods vehicle of which the gross vehicle mass exceeds 3 500 kg
** an articulated motor vehicle of which the gross combination mass exceeds 3 500 kg

At the age of 18 years or older you may apply for a code 3 learners licence which allows the driving of any motor vehicle, excluding motor cycle type vehicles.

Once you have obtained a learners licence, you may drive the type of vehicle for which the learners licence is valid, however, you must be accompanied by a driver licenced for the specific vehicle, except in the case of a motor cycle because a learner driver may not transport another person on a motor cycle.

2. Who can contact if I have a problem?
A telephone number is available on the website as well as an email address that can be used to report any difficulties or problems experienced.

3. I selected my preferred testing station but cannot get a booking for my preferred date and time.
If the date and time that you prefer is not available, it could be that it has been already allocated as the system is live or the testing station is fully booked for the date and time you prefer. You can either wait until booking timeslots become available or try a different testing station.

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  1. Luciano

    I’ve booked for learners but it’s says I’ve already got a booking but never received an email or sms confirming my booking.. Trying to book a different date but it says I’ve already book and can’t make a new booking

  2. Dimakatso Mafora

    How do I know if my card is ready for collection?

  3. Mzimasi Maqanda

    I want to book leaners test online

  4. Sibonelo zakwe

    I want to check my license card it is is ready for collection

  5. Mehlule.johnmehlulemanini

    I want to book for a test and I need to know if I can and were so I can be able to ask for a day at my work .. and get the date and time of the test .? I really need it

  6. Lance

    Trying to book for learners please assist

  7. Sibusiso

    I have renewed my C1code license and Prdp in January and received my temporary Prdp, then in February I went EC test and passed, while I was waiting for C1 card, I was told that I cannot get a temporary licence for EC until I receive the one I have applied for in the first place as I cannot have two temporary licenses, now my question is that is it possible that the card will come with new Code EC?

  8. Ragini

    I renewed my driver’s license card in September 2021 and till date no notification whether it’s ready.i tried calling the Verulam licencing centre which is forever unreachable and even sent an sms which was delivered but still didn’t receive a reply. I hope for someone to respond asap.

  9. Galokaelwe Masiza Gaolatlhe

    I do not know why this group was created because when you ask questions no one is answering you.


    I renewed my driver’s license 8 weeks ago but I have not received anything, please advise

  11. Bongeka

    I need link for booking

  12. Silas john ramashia

    I have booked and fill the application form for my drivers license prdp and all processes were done but now wen i was about to pay for my license fees i was told i must first pay R2100 traffic fines then i can pay lincence fee. My problem is I’m not working even to get money for fees was a problem. Now I’m stacked bcus of traffic fines. Now my question is my lincence processed or not bcus is been 3 month now since i renew my lincence.

  13. Patience

    I need to renew pdp wat can I do

  14. Pertunia itumeleng

    Mara guys y don’t u bring the old fashioned booking style.because now I have to pay agents 250 to book for me while still going to pay 109 plus 60 for issuing

  15. Vusimuzi mdluli

    Am busy booking for learners but it doesn’t show my references and i successfully booked.

  16. Lillian Mnisi

    I applied for my drive’s licence last year on the 15 December , till to date, no sms , no notification



  18. Grant Van Rooyen

    Thank you Mr Minister of transport. Maybe you could please explain the process and procure of online booking system. Hopefully South Africans will find a way forward out of this mess. Thank you for nothing.


    how can i register to be an outsourcer of your service hence as yet most of the province do not appear on your portal, im here in Monsterlus under Groblersdal, i run an internet cafe locally so most of people straggle too much at our local license dep. please advice.

  20. Anonymous

    I have tried many times to book for a leaner licence still the same nothing and I don’t know how long I should keep trying because it’s been too long. Some other they want a bribe to get your leaner licence why mara yeh!

  21. Kelly

    I am trying to book a learners liscence but I do not have the number that is required. What do I do now ?

  22. Annemarie

    Where can I book for learners licence none of the given links are working

  23. Anonymous

    I have written and failed I want to book again I cannot access the learners booking site it’s asking for my email address but I cant go past that it’s rejecting my email address what is the way forward

  24. Anonymous

    This is the worst, you have own a car or a driver’s license or already have a learners license to register to apply to get a learners license or driver’s licens,REALLY, ONLY in South Africa, so if you don’t own any a car, already have a learners or driver’s license you are stuck and can’t register to book for anything, why did you change it, how many people are going to have to pay someone else now to be able to book for them

  25. Unknown

    Very unprofessional our license took long time to be issued.our temporary license are even expired kore I dnt knw what’s happening with mpumalanga services all they know is demanding always tjotjo mpumalanga improve your attitude and pay attention to people they need their license!!!

  26. Jose Armando Matavele

    Hallo guys I really need your help I have been trying to book for driving license test and the system says ( Ange Restriction Application does not meet minimum age requirement.so don’t know what to do now because I want to traffic department but they said I keep trying but not it’s two weeks but is still the same

  27. bongiwe

    this is rubbish been trying to book learners but cant

  28. Unknown

    This is the worst web site I have ever used. The previous one was better, you can no longer go in to check your status for your driving licence renewal. Plus they do not send you sms now to confirm its ready… So it means every month time of work to see if its ready.

  29. Pertunia itumeleng

    This thing of yours its boring in higher grade,im trying to book learners test at Kemptonpark its declined,I got a space at watloo n that place is far for me.y don’t u bring the old fashioned booking style.now it says invalid password n again think about our parents how are they going to handle this kind of situations

  30. Anonymous 82

    Hello everyone can anyone assist me how to book a learners cos this new way of booking it say my ID doesn’t match the one they have and I don’t know how it doesn’t match.

  31. Zama

    Trying to book for learner’s it says invalid email and password help!!

    1. laura mahlangu

      me too can i get help im trying to book it says its invalid email

  32. Anonymous

    Your new way of booking learners license is nonsense every time we try to book it says email is invalid how bcz we been using those emails for years also your help desk service is poor no one is answering the phone for enquiries

  33. Anonymous

    Can you please go back to the old way of booking learners Natis link does not work

  34. Anonymous

    this is so not good the old way was so easy and convenient now i cant even make a booking cause this system is really worst.

  35. Anonymous

    Iv tried several times to book learners online but i don’t pass there where they need surbub they say it doesn’t correspond iv tried somuch

  36. The game

    Our government sucks, it keeps on saying link profile, which profile..to be honest our government when it comes to technologies they really suck

  37. Kk

    Wer r the forms to fill

  38. Thulani

    Our government is incompetent they can’t even run and maintain a website this is an embarrassment I am beyond disappointed such rubbish.

  39. Anonymous

    Our government is incompetent they can’t even run and maintain a website this is an embarrassment I am beyond disappointed such rubbish.

  40. Lindokuhle

    Good evening can someone please make us understand why we can no longer access natis online website to check status of our drivers license card.

  41. zonke

    this thing is not helping instead of that make things be more difficult then before, always no space it’s better the old system came back mxm !!!!!

  42. Nhlanhla malungane

    Hi I’m busy trying to book Learners drive but I don’t even got a link ,so what can I do ,help plz

  43. Andrea

    It is indeed a farce…. so sad!

    The field need to actually book does not work.

  44. Hlehle

    Good morning everyone I need a help I did book for Learners Licence so I want to book it again please help me

  45. Maria

    Hi I would like to book for a learners licence

  46. Sibongile nkala

    I would like to book the learners licences

  47. NB

    This is such a farce , there is simply no way that one can book an appointment for a learner’s licence exam. would think with elections coming up something has to be improved to assist the public with basic requirements. how many job opportunities are lost due to the public’s inability to use the legal route to obtain licence to drive. Must we all deal with the corrupt criminals now ? Is that really the only way to get somewhere is this country ???

  48. Victor

    Hi i want to renew my learners so what can i do?

  49. vicky

    I try to make a booking at Langlaagte traffic department for leaners license for 3 weeks now, I try to phone but no one is answer the phones, Is there a other way to make a booking

  50. Philisiwe Skhosana

    I booked for renewal my drivers licence at Nigel but don’t have confirmation

  51. R R

    can we really just have a website that actually allow you to make a booking… what’s the point of the app shows you dates and time available, when you confirm booking it shows an unexpected error.

  52. Lawrence

    I can’t select the date on the time slot option. Days cannot be selected on the calendar. They are not hyperlinks.


    This is a waste of time it does not let me go past the grid of pictures it just give me a message to go to my nearest traffic department to apply for the learner license after taking a lot of time giving me a grit after another for two hours.



  55. Emmanuel

    I want to be a learners licence online

  56. Siza

    I want to book online to wrigth my learners

  57. Marius Pretorius

    What can I do,l have missed my Lerner’s test because of my wife that got ill today. I was serpoused to right today at 13 h00 can I rescedeul?

  58. Andile

    Where is the link, I want to book for learners

    1. Vusi

      I want to book learners on line

  59. Dk

    Hi I need a link to book leaners license

  60. Yulanda Christoffels

    I wants to book online for writing my learners

    1. Tsholofelo Pooe

      I try to book learners license but i can reach the site plz help

  61. Wilfred

    No link for booking where do I go

  62. Thembi

    Where can I book for learners licence none of the given links are working

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