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CIPC eServices System : Companies & Intellectual Property Commission

Organization : Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
Facility : CIPC eServices System
Location : Cape Town
Website : https://eservices.cipc.co.za/

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CIPC eServices System

Welcome to the CIPC eServices system. To transact on this system you must have a valid CIPC customer code. Please note that currently you can only register private and non-profit companies with standard memorandum of incorporation, all other company types must be filed manually.

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Customer Registration & Login


** Indicate whether you are South African or not

** Type in ID or passport number
** Fill in all required fields on the registration form
** Set new password
** Login using customer code and password
** Security code and password are case sensitive

Password Reset

** Click on “PASSWORD RESET”
** Type in customer code
** OTP is sent to cellphone number
** Once OTP confirmed, set new password

If you experience challenges with login in to the CIPC system or your cell phone number and email address are incorrect, follow the following process:

1. Please click here
2. Click on Password reset.
3. Complete the required fields, and attach certified ID copy (not older than three months).

If you have more than one customer code, with balances in both accounts
In order to ensure that you only have a single active customer code, the following process must be followed to transfer funds to a single active customer code:

1. Log a ticket via the query system here.
2. Sign-in with your customer code and password;
3. Select Department as Finance and Category as Refunds;

4. Provide a brief narrative of the issue, and provide the following information and documents to the ticket for the transfer of funds to the single preferred active customer code:

1. Preferred customer code;
2. Customer name and surname; and
3. Proof of deposits made into the code that you want to make dormant;

4. Letter on a letterhead requesting the refund and confirming into which code it must be transferred; and
5. Certified identity copy of the owner of the code.

Once e-mail confirmation is received that the funds have been transferred, a ticket for password reset must be lodged on http://www.cipc.co.za/ and the following information must be attached
1. Certified identity copy of the owner of the customer codes (certification not older than three months)

Company customer code :
If the Company Secretary/staff member who dealt with CIPC resigned and new Company Secretary/staff member to represent the company is appointed, the following are required:

** Certified ID Copy of new Company Secretary/client dealing with CIPC on behalf of company (Certification not older than three months)
** Certified ID Copy or Resignation Letter of Previous Company Secretary

** Affidavit by CEO/Director/Manager of company confirming resignation of previous customer code holder, indicating that customer code belongs to company , and not to individual

** Certified ID copy (Certification not older than three months) of CEO/Director/Manager who signed the affidavit

Services Offered

1. Company Registration
** private and non-profit company registration
2. Director Amendments
** amend company directors

3. Annual Returns
** file company and close corporation annual returns
4. Name Reservations
** reserve a name for company registration

5. Member Amendments
** amend close corporation members
6. Auditor Changes
** appoint / resign auditors

7. Name Changes
** change company name
8. Financial Year End Changes
** change financial year for for companies and close corporations

9. Address Changes
** change company and close corporation addresses
10. Name Search
** search registered and reserved names

11. Enterprise Enquiry
** enterprise details
12. Name Extension
** extend reserved name expiry date

13. Transaction Status
** track transaction status
14. Balance Enquiry
** customer code statement

15. Name Transfer
** transfer reserved name to another customer code

16. Certificates
** disclosures
** B-BBEE certificates
** MOI (incorporation) documents
** approved names

17. Domain Registration
** register a domain name for your company

18. Update Contact Details
** update director or member contact details for companies and close corporations COMING SOON!

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  1. Johannes Santy Mokgwetsane

    I’ve got a problem COR14.2 Notice rejecting a notice (9363713865).right I cant do anything because tracking number.Whatever I want to access at cipc it says 9363713965,even though it has nothing to do the aforesaid tracking number.Please advice.My cipc processess are stuck because of 9363713865.This tracking number should not stop me doing anything with cipc.I want to do other things like annual returns,so that tracking number has closed.I cannot also proceed with obtaing a new tracking number because the above rejection which holds me doing business

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