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PSiRA View/ Cancel/ Re-Schedule Booking : onlineservices.psira.co.za

Organization : PSiRA Private Security Industry Regulation Act
Facility Name : View/ Cancel/ Re-Schedule Booking
Applicable For : Individual & Business Man
Website : https://onlineservices.psira.co.za/onlinebooking/cancelbookingsbyuser

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How To View/Cancel PSiRA Booking?

Kindly follow the below steps to View/ Cancel/ Re-Schedule Booking.

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Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of PSiRA through provided above.
Step 2 : Enter Your Mobile Number
Step 3 : Enter the Captcha as shown in the Image
Step 4 : Finally click on “Submit” button to view your booking.

Features of PSiRA App

PSiRA App Features

** Allows Security Providers to book services with PSiRA Online Booking Management System,
** Allows users to view the status of Security Providers including Individual Security Officers and Company’s.
** Interact with PSiRA using twitter and Facebook
** Receive Notifications regarding news on Private Security Industry
** Find our Offices with our easy navigation system
** Learn more on our services and how you can register with the regulator
** Read more on the Act using our Document management system
** Other features coming soon


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On PSiRA App

1. How long does it take for PSiRA application to be approved?
12 working days
NB : Kindly advice the clients that the 12 days waiting period does not include weekends and public holidays.

2. Where can I go collect my Psira certificate?
At your nearest PSiRA branch except the head office. Please bring along your ID book for first time collection.

3. How can I obtain the PSiRA individual registration form without going to a Psira branch?
You can simply go on to the Psira website on www.psira.co.za , go to publications, scroll down to downloads, choose option for the registration form and select the one you require.

4. How would I know when my Psira application has been approved?
You can contact our customer care line on 086 133 3850 with your ID number handy to check the status of your application.
Visit our website on www.psira.co.za,on the far right of the home screen, go to online verification, enter your id number, click I’m human then click submit.

5. Is it possible that you can post my certificate?
No, it is not possible, please note that our systems requires the owner’s finger print to print the certificate out, therefore you are required to personally come through to our offices for assistance.

6. I have checked my individual registration status and it says withdrawn, what does that mean?
Application may be withdrawn due to a criminal record or annual fees not being paid. Contact our customer care number on 086 133 3850 and verify.

7. Can someone renew my individual certificate on my behalf?
Unfortunately not, you are required to personally visit any of our offices except the head office with all the required documents as we need to verify your finger print on the system before we can print the certificate for you.

For those who are employed, your employer can renew your certificate on your behalf with your consent.

Some Important Information From Comments

1. We want to renew our PRISA certificate and no one is helping us. It’s been 3 years with expired certificate, I booked 2020 then PSIRA cancelled my appointment after 3 months waiting. I want to apply for a job please help us to renew because it’s always written fully booked.

2. Your PSIRA system doesn’t work when trying to book dates. It always saying fully booked date. Even in the middle of the night, why so. I heard that you don’t locates dates on the system inorder for your costumers to come straight to the office so, that they can pay. How came everyday and time a month dates been fully booked. Stop Corruption!

Error / Problem:
1. I have been trying to book online but it keeps on saying, it is fully booked. This website is not helping at all. Even if you go to their offices you don’t get any help.

2. This online service must be abandoned immediately, its a useless incompetent service and online booking is always full from the beginning to the end of the month. It is clear that, no body is monitoring and reviewing it’s progress

3. I have tried to get a date on online booking so, I have visited the website but never got a date. Its frustrating and messing with time and money. Now the website has blocked me.

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  1. Thokozani Jijeva

    Hi I’m trying to pay online for Psira but it refused. I’m stuck because even when I restart my profile is not working plz help what can I do. I’m about to loose my job now

  2. Dikeledi

    Hi I trying to book for renew my psira certificate

  3. Joseph. josephmolewa

    Hi there. I’m asking this question on behalf of someone. Does my friend have to come to your offices for the first time psira application or he still can do booking online.
    Secondly, how much does it cost for the first time applicants.

  4. Mahlako Sharlotte

    How to booking online please help

  5. Carly Georgia Ditlhake

    Psira please we want to renew our prisa certificate and no one is helping us;it’s been 3 years with expired certificate,I booked 2020 then Psira cancelled my appointment after 3 months waiting.I want to apply for a job please help us to renew because it’s always written fully booked.

  6. Olga Tokwe

    How can I book for psira collections

  7. Anonymous

    Iwant to book for psira online plz help me 😭

  8. Claire

    I need to cancel my appointment due to work commitments but i cannot find how to cancel.

    1. George

      I want to cancel and get my money refunded coz I thought it would be much easier when I do it using the app now I can get the certificate how can I get my money back plz help

  9. Tembekile

    Hello I have been trying to book online for my expired Psira certificate to be renewed but invain the problem is that iam working have sent me home until I bring back my Psira certificate plz help me

  10. Juliet Msiza

    Hello im trying to book for myvcollection can you please assist me.

  11. Zenzele Dambayi

    I have been trying to register for Psira renewal.so can I please get help

  12. Sinethemba

    I want to book. What time we use

  13. Carmen

    Hi im trying sins last year for a booking only,what is going on i need to register please help

  14. Lwandile mgidi

    Hey how to book to the prsira

  15. Sneh

    I tried to booking since last yeah dates are always full. Why?


    Can u help me to book sira online

  17. Anonymous

    hi guys please help i want to renew my sira

  18. Bonga

    I want to booking for psira card but always date is fully

  19. Nonjabulo

    I have been trying to book online but it keeps on saying it is fully book. this website is not helping at all. even if you go to your offices you don’t get any help.

  20. Athini

    Any one can help me about online booking cz always say fool booked

  21. Sanele Sondlo

    Hi, I’m trying to book online from October last year I can’t find adateit always say fully booked from 31st to 31st please help me

  22. Shirley

    Hi I’ve been trying to book online but no luck,it keeps saying someone is trying to steal my information,go back to private setting but it doesn’t show it

  23. Boshomane

    😭😭😭😭Psira is a scam serious

  24. Thelma

    I’m trying to book online to collect my psira it keep saying not save

  25. Busisiwe

    Hi I try to book for renuew for P SiRa help

    1. SABELO


  26. Donald

    Hy i tried several tyms to apply for Sira, still even tdy am still stuck. Ur website its not helpful at all plz help us!!!🙏

  27. Leendo

    These thing apply online is not working,its just worst of time

  28. Mandla

    Who to book for sira online

  29. Sizakele gambushe

    Hy I’m trying to book for my collection can u plzz assist me bco I’m failing

  30. Mabel

    I have being trying to book online and it keeps saying someone wants to steal my details,so how can i book online with all that?

    1. Athini

      Anyone help you am also need help

  31. Anonymous


    1. Sizakele gambushe

      I’m trying to book for collection by I’m failing can u assist me plzz

  32. Siya

    Please help me my surname got error

  33. Siya

    My surname has been captured wrong online. Somebody help me pleas.

  34. Khanyi

    What is the new system to book a psira for renewal,I have been struggling for lot now ,I am so confused will you please give me advise

  35. Anonymous

    Princess I try to book they Say I must pay hundred for booking they guy who is working outside

  36. Eric Sphelele Ngcobo

    I need a details of booking P sira

  37. Jabulisiwe sokhela

    I’m trying to check my grades

  38. Sinodi Nyamela

    This online service must be abandoned immediately its a useless incompetent service .the so called online booking is always full from the beginning to the end of the month.it is clear that no body is monitoring and reviewing it’s progress

  39. Michael

    Am trying to booking for renewal my psira,pls help me

    1. Michael mixele

      Sira renewal

  40. Sydney Duma

    Hi i want to ask something why Psira have only one branch in all over kzn, because that is make us hard time, It clear for them that Security officers is all over. But then when our psira is expired they keep on saying we can register online, but it always fully booked.

  41. Rebecca

    Hi I need to change my date of appointment ,which is the 16 of November 2021,there is no another date after the 16 please.

  42. Mandla

    Whow can l book,plz send a form

  43. Austen

    If you book for newsprint and the machine is not works is it possible to go to pretoria same time

  44. Nomusa

    Hi i’m Nomusa Mcineka im need to cansel booking on 2021/10/01 becouse my grades not processing now please i need another date please help

  45. mongale EPHRIAM


  46. Arron de klerk

    Hiim trying to make an appointment to get my certificate but it says dates are fully booked I tried to phone the Belleville branch no one is picking up. What should I do now

  47. Goitsemodimo Israel Pula

    Hello I’m trying to book for the renewal of my PSIRA

  48. Siphosakhe

    How do I go about booking for my psira online?


    Hi m trying to make a booking it says i have to reschedule but if i did so it says i have no available booking online i dont know what to do now

  50. Mofokeng MMATSOLO Emily

    Pls want to cancel booking

  51. Sinenhlanhla

    Hi iim triying to book my collection can you help me please I registered on 19 August

  52. Kelebogile invinolia

    Want to book for my psira the new one

  53. Philele Dube

    Hi plz help me how to book online

  54. NHLAMULO mmm

    Am trying to book online psira but always say fullybooked please help

  55. Ntombenhle

    Hi I am trying to book for PSIRA renewal but I can’t go through

  56. Anonymous

    I’m blocked by the website can you please help or adjust dates because they are fully booked From Mzukisi

  57. Anonymous

    I hàve tried to get a date on online booking I have visited the website but never got a date . Its frustrating and messing with time and money . Please we know there is covid 19 complications , can you please make it easy to book . Now the website have blocked me.

  58. Samuel Williams

    I will ask yu for the first time i will register my company for my first time please by psira Abantu security services

  59. Anonymous

    Hi itry to book for my psira online but is not working fully booked

  60. Khodani

    Khodani madzhie from chilamba work book psira

  61. Tebogo mashego

    Hey How can I book for my prisa

  62. Azola Xhosana

    I want to book now who can help me because I see my sira is available

  63. Angela Kanyane

    Pls help me i hooked before for my psira my date was of collection 09/07/2021.was was cancelled due to covid 19 level 4.now I’m struggling to book again. Pls assist.

  64. Mluleki

    I have been trying to book online all date are fullybooked please help my cetificat has expired i have been trying to book sins January but no lucky i really need help

  65. Iwish

    Hi I have been trying to reschedule my date it was on the 12 July 2021 but no luck please help me

    1. Glaudy

      South African psira offices, you are corrupted. Why everyone of your costumers crying by one thing. That your system doesn’t work when trying to book dates. It always saying fully booked date. Even in the middle of the night, why so. I heard that you don’t locates dates on the system inorder for your costumers to come straight to the office so that they can pay for dezzy ( Jo Jo) what a hell. How came everyday and time a month dates been fully booked. STOP CORRUPTION!

  66. Mpotane Tsomele

    Hi Sir/Ma’am.
    Please i need your help i was once booked for my certificate for the 5 of July this year but the date was cancelled due to covid19.
    No I’m struggling to get another date.
    In Pretoria as is my nearest branch.

  67. Sifiso

    Please help me for book to collect my pairs pleasee

  68. Tanya pillay

    Hi I have had a booking for the 30 of June due to covit been a cancelation ever since then I can’t seem to get a booking some people are getting books mines is always saying dates are booked how can I get a booking then cause it’s difficult now I can’t get work

  69. Cynthia

    This is so frustrating Durban is always fully booked and we do not get the available dates to choose from. My certificate expired 2 months ago and its difficult to get the available dates.

  70. Sipho

    How can i book online

  71. Ofentse Ngema

    Hello.I’m trying to register since March but no luck 😢 I fill all the information required but it doesn’t go through and when I go to Pretoria Psira the security guard doesn’t give me time to explain my self..he tells me to register online and I think the system doesn’t work…pls pls help its been 4 months now 😢

  72. Katli

    Hey guys I missed my day of making a psira yesterday what must I do now

  73. Lizzy

    How do we book coz dis app doesn’t work N our dates were concealed psira is playing wit us we looking for jobs n they want to give us a run around Wats rong wit these pple mara

  74. Nombuso B. Bhengu.

    Hi I’m Nombuso who’ve been trying to apply for Psira but it’s like Psira offices are not working we are battling to apply can you do something about this situation it’s really rediculaus.

  75. Thembelani

    I am willing to know that why date are avaliable while time are not avaliable I thing other people now are benefiting because of this

  76. THOMAS


  77. Katlego mashele

    Since they cancelled our bookings what do we do because it’s not working?

  78. Loura muzaza

    Hi I’m trying to reschedule my booking and is not going through what can I do can you help me to do the booking online please

  79. Malefiane

    Hey I want to cancel booking psira I apply again nd again I want u guy’s to cancell this date on 19-07-2021 reference number 775434…anthr one 23-07-2021 reference number is 787294 please guy’s cancel them for me…

  80. Anonymous

    HI I got an SMS that my date has been cancelled due to level 3 regulations. How to rebook again cos the app is not working

  81. Percy

    I’m trying to apply for my psira but no luck I don’t know anymore since March till today

  82. Patricicia Duduzile Shandu

    Hi I want to cancel the booking of 07 July 2021 at Johannesburg

  83. Nicholas moche

    Hi Nicholas moche I forget my date of pairs collection please assist

  84. dumisani ngubeni

    Hi am living at nqutu so its far from Durban and my question is how to book for renewal of certificate

  85. Anonymous

    Hi can u assist me on how to renew my psira Constance Mnguni

  86. Endrick

    How can I canceled booking

  87. Ruth

    Hw to check the bookings

  88. Rofhiwa

    Hi I made a mistake by booking double dates so I need to cancel one date which is 22 July 2021 because I never received approval massage I was only received opt no and now I only have massage for 29 July 2021 with me

  89. Gcina

    How to check your name on the booked list?

  90. Gcina

    Hi,I lost my massage as I was booking I deleted it by a mistake so I diceded to book again because I forgot the date and time of the first booking,now I don’t know how to cancel the second booking or the fist one
    Can you please help me?

  91. Thandekile Mildred

    Trying to book collection can you please assist me

  92. Ruth

    I made a mistake of double online booking so I need to cancel one booking wat I have to do

  93. Tuelo Mopalami

    (2)I’ve trained but I never get my psira so I want it so tell me how much will it cost for if u help me having n what may I supposed to do n help me booking it there
    (3)Tuelo Mopalami

  94. japhta Nhlapo

    Hello am kindly asking if is it possible to register for psira if i missed my date on registering psira?

  95. petronella

    if i missed my date why cant i reschedule the date than to re apply since all dates are always full

  96. Nkosiphendule feni

    Can you please assist me with my booking

  97. Maki sarah

    How can I book for collection my prisa because I tried many times but I don’t see anything please help

    1. Mbali

      How can I book my psira please help me

  98. Koketso Frans balolyi

    Hi I am trying to book for renew my psira cetifcate

    1. Boy

      How to book in for renew my psira cetifcacate

  99. Safirahmankgaba

    Hi i am trying to do online collection please help

  100. Julian bulelani mfebe

    Been trying to book online your website is not helpfull at all you send me otp after a day trying to apply

    Wright now the website is doing nonsense i have otp but website is not going throug.right now am so very annoyed about your web

  101. Talithah Mafojane

    Hi.i am trying to book for collection can u kindly assist me.

    1. Bokamoso nouse

      Hiam trying to book y my collection Can u assist me please

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