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services.sassa.gov.za Online Grant Application Portal

Organisation : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Online Grant Application Portal
Applicable For : South African Citizens
Website : https://services.sassa.gov.za/

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What is SASSA Online Grant Application Portal?

A social grant refers to grants paid by government to South African citizens who are in need of assistance. In South Africa, social grants are administered by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Social grants are in place to help improve standards of living in society and are given to people who are vulnerable to poverty and in need of state support.

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These generally include older people, people with disabilities, and people with young children. All applicants for social grants must be South African citizens, permanent residents or refugees (official refugee status granted by the South African government must be provided) and candidates must be living in South Africa

Types of SASSA Grants

SASSA Grants Types

** Care Dependency Grant
** Child Support Grant
** Disability Grant
** Foster Child Grant
** Grant For Older Persons
** Grant-In-Aid
** Social Relief Of Distress
** War Veterans Grant

Care Dependency Grant

Care dependency grant offers help to full-time caregivers of a child / children with disabilities.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
R1 860 per child, per month.

How do you know if you qualify for the grant?
In order to qualify for the care dependency grant, the child must be found permanently disabled by a medical officer and must be under the age of 18. If you’re married, you and your spouse must meet the minimum qualifying requirements of the means test.

Child Support Grant

To receive this grant you must be the primary caregiver of a child. The child must be under the age of 18 years old and must live in South Africa.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
R445 per month per child.

How do you know if you qualify for this grant?
Biological parents or caregivers can apply for a child support grant. If you’re not the biological parent of the child, you’ll have to provide proof that you’re the primary caregiver. If you’re married, you and your spouse must meet the requirements of a means test to qualify.

Disability Grant

The disability grant is available on a permanent or temporary basis for between 6 and 12 months. When your temporary grant expires and you haven’t fully recovered to return to work, you’ll need to apply for the grant again. If you’re receiving other grants, you can’t receive a disability grant.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
R1 860 per month.

How do you know if you qualify for the grant?
Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 59 years old. When applying, you’ll need to submit a medical assessment or report confirming the disability not older than 3 months at the date of application. If you’re married, your spouse must comply with a means test.

Foster Child Grant

If you’re taking care of a foster child and need financial assistance, you can apply for a foster child grant. Here’s a list of the other important qualifying requirements you need to meet.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
R1040 a month per child.

How do you know if you qualify for the grant?
To qualify for a foster child grant, you and the child you’re taking care of must live in South Africa. When applying, you must provide a court order indicating foster care status as well as a birth certificate of the child. The child must be 18 years or younger.

Grants For Older Persons (Old Age Pension)

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
Pensioners over 60 years of age will get R1 860.

How do you know if you qualify for this grant?
In order to qualify for this grant, you must be 60 years of age or older, however, you can’t receive an old age pension if you’re in a state institution, such as a care facility. If you’re already receiving another grant you’ll not qualify for an old age pension. If you’re married, your spouse must comply with a means test.

Grant In Aid

This is an extra grant for people already receiving a disability, older persons grant or war veterans grant. Individuals who are diagnosed with mental or physical or mental disabilities.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
R420 per person.

How do you know if you qualify for this grant?
If you’re receiving a social grant but unable to look after yourself, you can apply for a grant in aid

Social Relief of Distress

This grant is a temporary grant that’s paid for a maximum of 3 months to people in desperate need of financial assistance. The amount of the social relief of distress grant is subject to a means test.

What is the monetary amount of this grant?
The amount will vary and is determined by the result of the means test.

How do you know if you qualify for the grant?
You qualify for a social relief of distress grant if the breadwinner of your household has been found medically unfit to work for less than 6 months or if the breadwinner of the household has been admitted to a private institution for at least 1 month. You may also qualify if you’ve been affected by a disaster, but the area or community you live in has not been declared a disaster area.

War Veteran’s Grant

The war veterans grant is made available for persons who fought in World War l, World War ll or the Korean War.

What is the monetary amount iof this grant?
Up to R1 880. The amount will vary and is determined by the result of the means test.

How do you know if you qualify for the grant?
To qualify for this grant, you must be over the age of 60 years old or disabled. You can’t be a recipient of other grants or be cared for in a state institution.

Available SASSA Services

This portal will enable access to the following SASSA services:

** Applications for grants for Foster child grant, Older persons grant and Child Support grant
** Online submission of the required supporting documentation linked to the application;
** Change of circumstances (Payment method, banking details, address);
** Status of application

How To Avail SASSA Services?

** To access this SASSA service, applicants need to have an email address to sign up and to be able to login for further services.
** Feedback to applicants will be sent through SMS notification to applicants with no email addresses and an email response will be sent to applicants choosing to be contacted by email.
** A receipt will be generated when the application is completed.


T: 0800601011 or 0124002322
E: grantsEnquiries@sassa.gov.za

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  1. Kedinetse Prudence

    Hii can someone help Mii to check if my child support grant is approved

  2. maria arendse

    how do i get my reference number when i done my profile for older grant application

  3. Anna catharina krogh

    My Mother is registered for the Old age pension and has received the grant for the past 3 years but didnt receive it for the past 2 months, Who do i contact or how do I go about assisting her?

  4. Amanda Townsend

    Good day,

    I am requesting a confirmation letter for Netcare Hospital stating that my mother receives a SASSA “Old Age Grant”. Her Id. Nr. is 431109 0003 XXX.


    I have battled since May 18 to register online. I went 6 times to the Midrand offices on Mondays just to stand in a queue for hours and nobody in the offices. This is really frustrating as we have to loan money for fuel and we are getting nowhere…..My husband received a pin immediately but when he tries to upload the pdf scanned forms, it returns with a message that he will receive an email. I tried in June and was told to link my documents but it return with a message invalid as soon as I started. I also saw a telephone number on the form which is not mine. So please investigate

  6. Alizwa

    how to submit Banking details for Alizwa Nteme ,he want to change E Wallet
    SRD 350

  7. Jan Wessel Brits

    I am getting a grant but not the full amount. My income isR1873.77 per month.

  8. Bongani

    I apply for 350 but they set decline UIF registered

    I never worked

  9. Nonzukiso

    Try to apply sassa 350 grant but it doesnt work the website and whtssap also dont understnd can you help

  10. Tebogo

    When I apply they say am registered as PAYE but I don’t work and I don’t have any income💔

  11. Moloko

    Hi I need help with my application for the 350 grand

  12. Saadia

    Hi i applied on the 6 August and still waiting for approval people who applied after me got approved that is not fair my daughter also applied on the 6 August and still waiting for approval

  13. Sithembele

    Hi I want to apply a 350 grant any 1 can help

  14. Kenneth Hlongwane

    I am also trying hard but no luck

  15. tnana

    This online applications is just bullshit

  16. Percy pindile Ngesi

    Hi I try to register forR350 grant but is not working plis help me

  17. Baithuteng

    I’m trying to apply please help me

  18. Anonymous

    I’m still struggling and I’m waiting for the pin

  19. Fathima

    Hi im waiting for my pin number for the R350 grant they say its been approved thru Post bank i applied on.6th august no sms from url uptil now

  20. Perfect Nomgcobo Mceleni

    Hi . Im trying to check my status but i dont see any respond.

  21. Maleshwane Nthako

    I tried to apply for R350 they respond to me


    HIis it true about your sassa grant or they are jokin.Can you help me to apply that grant please

  23. Mdiva

    I think they make money with data cose they don’t respond

  24. Nomathemba

    Please help to apply for R350

  25. Phindani

    Kindly assist in how to apply for R350 grant

  26. Lerato senande

    Why gorvment giving us this process to apply is waisting our last money because when we apply nothing go right

  27. Nomcebo

    Hi my name is nomcebo i yried to apply for srd for my brother by whatsapp number its not get through it said error and i also stuggling with this web things actually whats the really about the srd applications please help.

  28. Rabolou Mahase

    Hi can you help me I want to apply for srd grant online

  29. Zanele

    I m zanele sitsarolo i apply for 350 but idnt get a message. I M already pay child support grant of two children

  30. Naomi mabi

    This whole thing is really a joke…and they should tell these websites to vote for them…coz. They not doing anything and not even creating jobs for us habahetsa ba re aketsa

  31. Happy

    I cannot get through via website please help.

  32. Andiswa Cecilia Sibandu

    Hey I’m already applied bt I didn’t get an SMS my I’d no 85012810XXXXX nd u can send me SMS

    1. sindiswa

      hello andiswa could like to apply for sassa 350

  33. Lynette Jacobs

    Hi I’ve been trying to apply for someone since Friday but I can’t get it right can someone please assist me please

    1. Mr A.Fani

      Hallo people y we apply again for this grand but we were already apply pay us and the people who did not apply they will apply this think take to long to load

  34. Thembinkosi Emmanuel Mbhele

    Hey I’m Thembinkosi Emmanuel Mbhele, I did apply for sassa srd grant. The portal is not working. Pleas sent us the number we can apply to

    1. Moloko Ngatana

      I send my srd Grant application via e-mail but no response.What is the correct and working USSD number and WhatsApp number?

  35. boitumelo

    i aaplied lastyear but now i cant get through it anymore kante whats happening

  36. Thokozani khenisa

    Hi i tried to register via sms not available website n/a please help

    1. Wayne Henderson-Everill

      How does one check your status when the system keeps on saying failed very annoying for the last two weeks have been trying the last time I got through it said pending

  37. Thulani Mathonsi

    Hi my name is Thulani Desmond Mathonsi can you assets me with 350 grant register

  38. Puseletso Molefe

    Good morning I’ve been trying to register for R350 srd grant but I can’t go through the portal is not working please provide us with a number that is working please I’m unemployed mother staying in a shark living with a child support grand for one child the R350 will help me alot

  39. Sechaba Mathafeng

    How do we get our late payments every post-office does not have cash for de past 3 weeks

  40. Scelo Johnson Dlamini

    Hi my name is scelo Johnson Dlamini, I would like to apply for Grant please tell me how.

    1. Desmonic

      Hi can u assist me with this R350 grant plz…. D.williams

  41. Onica

    I got the message that I am blocked from sassa website but I found a message that I must check my status I did not know it was not legit until I found out as they they say I am a scam and I am on greylisted. Please put me back on whitelist. I now learned that the message was not from sassa

  42. KingVie

    This Grand thing is a joke coz the president said it’s available to apply online n now the is no page that gives people access,all the websites that were given to people are false information.m Sister went to SASSA offices,she was told the is no such thing.Stop playing with people’s lives.

  43. Ash Thinane

    The president said on Sunday that we should apply for 350 unemployment Grant but we are trying by all means to apply for it ….what must we do if we are new applicants ?

  44. Mrs Kim Mullen

    Good day Mrs Kim Mullen here my I’d 7110220039085 I’m currently unemployed since 2019 ,If like to receive a 350 unemployed grant for myself,My son’s 18 yrs old ( 15 Sept 2021) I’d like to extended his child support Grant till he’s 21 to Finish he’s Matric in Afrikaans Hoer school Germiston he’s currently in GR 9 E3 ,He’s child support Grant finishes in September 2021 ,I want to just have it extended to the age of 21 ( He’s Matthew Mullen ,I’ve also tried to apply for Daniel James Mullen ( DOB 6-09-2016) for child support Grant,& it was DECLINED as I applied in September 2016 ,So I’ve applied for the 350 unemployment grant 350 as I’m NOT Working at all, Please could someone contact me to let me know if my child support Grant is accepted for Matthew Mullen until he’s 21 years of age& do I Quality for 350 unemployment grant , as The President mentioned On Sunday ,we Do Qualify to apply,I Hope I’m A Fortunate Mommy who can qualify for Both grants , to get my kids through creche& High School ,Kind Regards Mrs Kim Mullen

  45. Stephen Greef

    This grand makes you angry at some point, one month you get it the following two or three months niks, like now I’ve nothing just wait and see what’s happening

    1. Wilma

      Hi can you assets me with R350 Grant register please

  46. Jan Wessel Brits

    I am a sassa grant already approved but does not get the full benefit as my total income reduced to R1873.77 per month and my grant is R1623.20 per month.Please help me. My id 4410235091086

  47. JW Brits

    I am a sassa grant pensioner but does not get the full grant. My total income is R1873.77 per month

    1. Thomas chabedi tshehla

      Hi can you assets me with 360 grant register

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