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hssonline.gov.za : HSS Online Housing Subsidy System

Organisation : HSS
Facility Name : Online Housing Subsidy System
Applicable For : South Africans
Website : https://www.hssonline.gov.za/DesktopDefault.aspx

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What is Housing Subsidy System (HSS)?

The purpose of the Housing Subsidy System (HSS) is to serve as a single point of entry to Housing Subsidy related matters for the whole of South Africa

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The portal will provide visitors access to housing statistics based on actual information derived from provincial housing databases. Registered users will gain access to live data relating their specific projects.

Managing User Accounts

Our User Administration section makes it easy for administrators to review or change information regarding a user account and its associated permission structure. Sign in with the e-mail address and password associated with the Housing Subsidy System (HSS) user account and click on the user administration link on the right hand side of the home page.

How To Register For New User HSS Account?

Users can register for a new user account on Housing Subsidy System (HSS) Online by following the link to register a user, displayed on the right-hand menu of the home page. Fill out all your personal details and click on Register. If your attempt to create a user account was successful you will be mailed a notification confirming the creation of your user account.

How To Update HSS Account Contact Details?

Users can easily update personal contact and account details on Housing Subsidy System (HSS) Online by following the link to update a user account , displayed on the right-hand menu of the home page. From here you will be presented with your contact details as well as a list that comprises out of your current role profile, these can be updated separately. In each instance you will be presented with a notification should your account be successfully updated.

NB: Please note that once you update your current role structure the requested change will be submitted for approval to your Subscriber Administrator for review and approval. You will be notified should the request be granted or denied.

Update My Subscription Details

As with personal details, Housing Subsidy System (HSS) users can easily update their associated companies and projects by following the link to update a user’s subscription. Once you click this link you will be presented with a screen with your current subscription profile comprising of the different companies that you are subscribed to if any exists.

NB: Please note that once you update your subscription the requested change will be submitted for approval to your subscriber administrator for review and approval. You will be notified should the request be granted or denied.

Managing Subscription Accounts

** Our Subscription Administration area makes it easy for administrators to review or change information regarding a subscription account or to request access to specific project information.
** Sign in with the Housing Subsidy System (HSS) e-mail address and password associated with the Subscription account and click on the Subscription Administration .
** If there is more than one Subscription associated with that e-mail address and password, specify the account that interests you. Read below for more information.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Subscription Account Participants

** Account managers can authorize individuals as members on a subscription account and authorize other individuals as subscription administrators.
** To edit the list of members associated with a subscription account, click the Members link at the top of the Subscriber Accounts management area.
** If you are editing the role of a member, be sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished making changes.
** If you are removing a member, be sure to click the Confirm button when finished.
** You can also add an individual to the account from the Members area. Click the “Designate new member” button, enter the individual’s e-mail address, and click the “Send e-mail” button when you are finished.
** We will send an e-mail notification containing online registration instructions to each e-mail address that you designate.
** Each individual will click a special link to Housing Subsidy System (HSS) Online contained in the e-mail notification and register to participate on the subscription account.

How To Edit HSS Subscription Account Settings?

** Housing Subsidy System (HSS) Subscription Account settings can be accessed from the Subscription Accounts management area.
** An individual’s ability to edit subscription account settings depends upon his or her role in the account. Only subscription administrators can apply for access to specific project information. They are also the only ones who can edit their name on the account and assign another subscription administrator if needed.
** Be sure to click the Confirm or Save Changes button when you are finished making any changes.


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the Housing Subsidy System (HSS) Portal Team at : 0800 146873

Some Important Information From Comments

1. I have since applied for a house in 2003 and never got it. The people, I applied before them got houses but, I am still without a house. How does that happen? Don’t you guys work on a first come first serve basis, because I think that is only fair. Things like this make us loose confidence in out government and our political parties.

2. I applied for RDP House in 2004. I am on the waiting list but, on 7th November, I received a call saying that, I must bring my documents Copy of my ID, Birth Certificate of my kids and Copy of my Payslip. When I bought all needed documents but, they said the slot is already full.

3. My husband registered for the RDP house in 2008 in Meyerton and in 2015, he went and fill out the subsidy form but, now they are saying that, he didn’t fill out the subsidy form. We don’t have any idea where and how are we going to get those form. Can anyone tell us, where to get subsidy forms?

Rumour :
I applied for my RDP House in 2003. My status says, “Approved” and there are new houses ready at my area but, only showrooms are occupied.There is a rumour going around that, you have to pay R10 000 to get the house, what must we do? The reason we apply for RDP is, because we don’t have money.

Most of the commenters commented,

1. That they all are applied for RDP House but, still in the waiting list.
2. They received the letter from HSS and found that the house is ready but, the status shows “STATUS NOT FOUND”.
3. They are waiting for House so many years, but have not got the house yet.
4. People who applied for House after us, have been allocated houses.

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  1. Nnuku

    Hi I applied for RDP house from 2005 till now nothing is happening please help

  2. Maletsatsi sanah mofokeng

    Hi my name is Melissa this Mofokeng I registered for an rdp House since 2010 till now nothing on my name so if anyone knows y I would like to get response tnks to n advance

  3. Rebecca

    My aunt applied for a house in 2003 till today it say captured .what is happening,no approval ,no nothing.From 2003

  4. Desiree

    Hi , I applied for a RDP house and it’s been approved, when I go to human settlement they told me the project is long time closed i should wait for the next project so my question is why must we suffer for things that are meant to be given to South Africans, Government you are failing us and some officials demand money why please do the right thing to us we are suffering, jobless and homeless and this course mental issues and depression cos we can’t be renting until we die , please respond to us…

    From Desiree
    Benoni Ekurhuleni

  5. Elisa Koreki

    hi i have applied for an rdp house in 1999…till today i havent got my house people who came after us got houses how does this housing thing works one should have money in order to get whats rightfully theirs??…

  6. Anonymous

    Hi my name is goodness lebohang mokgoroane I applied. For the rdp house in 2008 since then I have been waiting for that house but to my surprise I haven’t heard anything from the department please help and check if I have been approved my. ID no is 83080908XXXXX I would appreciate if you can send me a feedback.

  7. Matanki Mokoena

    Morning..My brother applied for an RDP house and when we check it says “DEED SEARCH FAILED.I would like to know gore what does that mean or which step to take.We live in a one room shack we need that house pls help

  8. Emily Mokoena

    Morning leadership.I am a 55 years old single woman living with 4 orphans in Evaton West.I applied for an RDP house in 2008 till this day no response.The owner of this RDP we stayed in since 2007 sold it last month.The new owner is moving in December and if I had my house I shouldnt be stressed like this.You guys better give us land it will solve this crisis bcs Im not the only one who is suffering like this.Things like these affects children,some end up failing as it approaches exam times,some end up ending their lives and some end being on the streets.Pls be in our shoes leadership.I hope one day you will recognise us…Thanks!!!

  9. Tebogo

    Good day all

    I trust you are well.

    My RDP house has been approved, what is the next process?

  10. Emanuel

    Good day i have apply for a house in 2010 till today no answers and 1 of you in your department want 7000 from me to get a house so where must we go for help if you are robbing us im a family man ive got 3 kids and my partner we live in 1 room

  11. N omusa ajayi

    Hi I have apply 2008 till today am still waiting

  12. Nompumelelo Gigaba

    Since i apply for rdp 2019 i haven’t got an sms i would like to know what’s the problem coz the peaple i apply with they got their house’s

  13. Margaret

    My house was approved in 2015 but till today I’m not allocated why I was approved to middle flair but now it’s full where is my RDP Kanti? I’m still waiting for the notification

  14. Malefu florence Mokoena

    Apply for house 1996/1997 IM STILL WAITING MY HOUSE PLEASE

  15. Onica Msisinyana

    Hello my name is Onica Msisinyana, I’D 7701130658087,I’m from freedom park, devland. I apply for RDP house 🏠 in 2010 , no response till now, I’m still waiting.

  16. Onica Msisinyana

    Hello my name is Onica Msisinyana, I have apply for RDP house 🏠 in 2010 . I have a C Form. I haven’t get a response till today.

  17. Constance nkosi

    Hi since i aplayed 2015 nothing happened but its so amazing outside people dey do have rdp houses people frm natal outsiders haw abt us n dey own more than 1 house wht dats no its total wrong .

  18. Anonymous

    Hey my father applied the RDP house 1996 he passed away waiting for the house we don’t know which steps should we take

  19. Felicia

    i applied for rdp house 1997 my form c says that so last week i went to check my housing status.

    a lady who helped me said that i applied 2017 that is a lie i applied when i was 25 yrs old

  20. Patric

    Hi my name is Patric Sphiwe Mahlase I.D number 7408265683084. my concern is that year 2008 I did apply for an RDP HOUSE and I’m still waiting to be answered or any reply from Department of housing thank you.

  21. Idah Khuzwayo

    Im a single parent of 4 I applied for a house in 2008 and I have bee n waiting. I think of reapplying angain

  22. Arthur makhura

    I applied in 2000 and I’m still on waiting list when will be called up to sign the subsidy coz those who applied with me already got SMS and some got houses and am still waiting for SMS please help am 38yrs I have wife and 2 Kidz still staying with my mom and sister with 3 kids all of us we share 3room house please help me coz we are not sleeping well

  23. KATISO


  24. Keneilwe

    Hi I applied for rdp in2018 and I am still waiting

  25. Petronella Mokoena

    Hi I’ve been waiting forRDP house since 1999 until now I’m not working paying rent with grant money and I’m 54 year’s now please help

  26. Maria

    Hi Maria here since last year my name was on the list but we didn’t get in the house til today I am struggling with my kids I rent and I am not working my only son is getting child grant is one I used to pay rent is hurting me

  27. Phillip

    Hi since I applied an rdp in 2017 but still it says not found and what worries me most of my nabours they found houses and we registart at the same day in lindelani Kingsway were we live plz help.

  28. valencia

    i hv applied for an Rdp and when i chk it saya (recieved but send for initial searches)can i know what does it mean because everyone i have applies with has been approved.

  29. MG mashaba

    I applied for RDP house I. Have been waiting can’t you atleast give us the stands or sell us the stands then we can build for ourselves

  30. James monday kubeka

    I apple for rdp but still i not aprove but when i check i found my name why not aproved

  31. Teko mofali

    Hi my name is teko mofali id no 8104225779083 i applied in 2020 stil waiting or is there any RDP registered on my name?

  32. Mamalatsa ogwu

    How long are we going to wait for the RDP houses?if you can’t build better you give us the land we will put ama zozo and stay with our kids please we are begging you guys.its been long now I’ve registered for in 2005 when my third born was a month old and now he is turning 17 years this year.we are tired of renting

  33. Silumko Mgcadiya

    Hello my name is Silumko I applied for an RDP house in 2005 and still to date have not been approved so I want to how am I going to wait for approval

  34. Betty

    Hi im betty I applied for an rdp house in 2009 but still i didnt get it the last time I check my status it said not yet approved so I want to knw why its taking so long its been 13 years on waiting list

  35. Maria

    I applied for my RDP in 2003 but when I went to the offices by the time we were doing zivese so it put me that I’ve applied in 2010 so I want to know when am I going to get my RDP cos is being too long

  36. Masego Gabonnwe

    Hi I applied my RDP in 2008 m still waiting I now have 2 kids that need a shelter please help and my first born is turning 16 years this year he was only 2 years when I applied

  37. Wilfred Moyo

    Good day

    My name its Wilfred ,Ive applied for my RDP since 2014 but still today haven’t received it an its been long ,please assist me with an RDP coz i really need it ,have my own family an we need that shelter to stay because at home we many .
    Hope this finds you well

  38. Malaki Alex maluleke

    Hy my name Malaki maluleke I played RDP 2005 but when I checked my my application sy 2008 am still waiting for my house

  39. Petronella Nonkululeko Ngqaqu

    I applied for rdp since 1997 even now bt I will be happy if they just give me land around krugersdorp I can make a plan to build something

  40. Gomolemo

    Hi my name is gomolemo kekana I applied house in 2011 I’m still waiting and I’m ranting a house and is too much for me my husband passed away waiting for the rdp house is 8 years now passed away pls we need it help

  41. Nomnikelo olgah

    Hy my name is Nomnikelo i want to know what must i do ive applied for rdp house since 1997 then i visited housing on feb2022 they told me they will call me but i didnt receive a call frm them

  42. Florence khumalo

    Good day i did apply for RDP since 2008 October 6 till today i never been approved as i am always checking on subsidy portal.

  43. Lena puseletso systerfontein

    Hi I applied a house 2014 may 09 I am still waiting I have rented a house I’m staying with my five children I’m notworking I pay the rent with the grant money please can you help.

  44. Mary Ramoroko

    I have since applied for a house in 2003 and never got it. The people I applied before them got houses but im still without a house. How does that happen. Dont you guys work on a first come first serve basis, because i think that is only fair. Things like this make us loose confidence in out government and our political parties.

  45. Mmalehu. Violet

    Hi. My rdp. House. Approved I. Go. To. Albertson .they. Said. They. Wii. Call. Me till. Now. I still. Waiting. For. A call

  46. Lesiba kwanaite

    Good morning.my dad has applied for rdp house in 2000 at mogale city local municipality and he didn’t get it till nou and now he passed away, so I want to know how im I going to get my father’s house since well he’s no longer with us

  47. thabile getrude radebe

    since i registered in 2016 and since i have been waiting for my rdp house
    plz help me my id number is 7005130688080

  48. shorn hughes

    I aplie an rdp house since 2011 january since now I did nt get it am from limpopo polukwane


    I appy for RDP seens 2008 till now i loose everything because mkhukhu burned with my property i want my house

    1. magauta twala

      I have applied for an RDP House in 2007, nothing happened till today I visit the housing department very 4 months since 2018 still nothing.


    Evening im Phindile G Mkhumane i apply subcity house seens 2008 stil now.i want my house,i loose everything because mkhukhu burned.

  51. Nomkhosi Madela

    Iam waiting RDP house 2002 now is 2021no call nosms the people get the house now is 19 years but the people Registered 2018 they get the house I need to known a bout my house

  52. Tshimangadzo.M

    I applying the RDP Housing on 2009 but when I Check some people’s who applying before me he got it may you please can you Check my status for me.

  53. Lindiwe

    Hey my name is lindiwe relese I have applied for an RDP ka 2010 and I haven’t received any call from the GAV even know I have my sadsydi on me everything so please help me I really need that house my number is 0843844240 thanks I hope this will work 🤞

  54. Adolph Semenya

    Good morning , the site is very helpful however there is a need for a rigorous consumer education W.R.T. the waiting list, and NHNR because seemingly the beneficiaries are not aware of how long must they wait. this calls for an improved communication strategy to the clients.

  55. NKATEKO Ngomane

    Hi I’m NKATEKO Ngomane I’ve applied for RDP since 2016 until now I’ve not heard anything from housing but some people who applied with me already received their houses,i need to know mine is out or what is going on



    I have applied for the RDP House in 1996 and I have also went to update details, and went again but still I haven’t been approved. What should I do?

  57. Smangele Cynthia Mnisi

    Good evening my name is Smangele Cynthia Mnisi I’ve applied the RDP house 2004 in April in chamber in Tembisa I was busy going to their offices checking they end up telling I should not to their offices anymore I should wait for the letter On the post coming the housing saying my house is out but when I check my Status says STATUS NOT FOUND.

  58. Matolo Annah Khabane

    Since i applied from 2015 till now nothing from chief lithuli park

  59. Princess marera

    Hi pls need a clarification I applied for a stand & it’s been approved in Beverly hills & already people have builded big houses there then what’s gonna happen to us who’s got approvals

  60. Maria lamola

    Hello I’ve applied for a house around 2008but still nothing coming forward.

  61. Moeketsi mokgolane tlali

    Hi im moeketsi mokgolani tlali since i applied RDP house 1997even now im still waiting no sms no call even now

  62. Thumeka

    Hi my name is Thumeka I applied 2010 I didn’t get house till to day

  63. Maggie Mashiane

    Hello I am Maggie have applied for an RDP back in 2005 around where I’m staying they moving people to the RDP flats with me I don’t receive any respond and I have a child living with disabilities

  64. Clearance Ngomane

    Hey my name is clearance ngomane, I’ve applied for RDP since 2016 until now I’ve not heard anything from housing, so I need help on how to know if my house is out or in waiting list.

  65. Anonymous

    Hi I’m Nomsa Madonsela since I apply the house in 2014 still waiting

  66. Msibi JE

    I was applied rdp house 2009@albert luthuli municipality up to now still I didn’t get a reslond

  67. Vangile

    Hi my name is vangile since Ipplied 2008,until now I’m on the waiting list is been 14 years I didn’t get my house
    Please can you help me

  68. Matshidiso Florence Moloi

    Good day. i applied for RDP in 1997 till now no house nor stand

  69. Neliswa mrayisa

    I have applied for RDP from 2006, I haven’t got any response.

  70. Matshediso Simelane

    Goodday my sister apply for a house her name is mpho Portia Moatlhodi in 1997 and she passed on 2012 she left her son and he need a place to stay he is born 2002 when I die he won’t have a place to stay please help him we have the form c I will be happy if you can hear my plea.

  71. Lydia Mhlola

    Hi I applied house 2014 but I did not sign the subsidy

  72. Nyangwa zd

    Can rulling party come and look at ext5 c alabama, what a corrapt leaders,people fights for stands,how can u put 3 different relêtievs in one stand, after u fill 3 different subsidy for 1 stand? I applied for rdp 2018 nothing hpnd but double location triple location approved, plz come 2024 dikwankwetla party plz bring forms for us?

  73. Monica Jamile

    Hi I registered for an RDP house in 2013 in my home town at Mount Ayliff in Eastern Cape. Now I’m staying in Heidelberg so I’ve changed my residential address. I would like to know how long to wait for house to come out?

  74. Nompumelelo Gigaba

    Hi my name is Nompumelelo Apply for a house 2019 but i didn’t receive an sms till now can some one tell us what we did rong couse some people who apply after me they got their houses

  75. Tebogo Mathibela

    Hi…I applied for an RDP in 2003 and still waiting I know people who have applied for RDPs 2019 but they are in those houses…which criteria do you use to give people the houses they have applied for??

  76. Anonymous

    The only thing I see here… People are talking alone.

  77. sindiswa basi

    good day
    i’m sindiswa basi i have apply my RDP housing and i didnt receive sms

  78. Tsatsa Mokoena

    Hi I applied an Rdp house since from 2007 till now.

  79. Sendra Malele

    Good morning, my name is Sendra Malele and I would like to know which criteria you use to approve an application for an RDP house because I live in a church yard since 2012 which means this is not my residence. I am sure my details are very clear on the system about the address there. My Question is why , and how long should I wait to be allocated. I applied 2003/04/30.

  80. Sibongile

    Hi, when I check my status it says approved ext 10 but since then I’ve never received a call,I wonder why

  81. Samantha baadjies

    Hi I apply for RDP house by 2016 my I’d 900305027XXXX

  82. Pogisho isaac Mogorosi

    Hi im pogisho isaac mogorosi since i apply for house 1999 until now im still waiting someone help me for clarity.

  83. Noluhle Msimanga

    My grandmother is now over 65 years and she registered an RDP house in 1999 but she hasn’t get the house, whereas people who registered in 2011 already got their houses. I wonder how does this system goes shem

  84. Nomonde

    Hi team has…I applied for an rdp in 2014… because when I went to check my mom’s RDP one week after she had passed on ….the department told me when applicant is deceased…they no longer qualify to have it…it belongs to the the government…they told me that so that’s how I ended up applying for my own since then

  85. Vuyelwa mbekeni

    Hi my name I vuyelwa I applied on 2004 I’m on waiting list ,but on 7th November I received a call saying that I must bring my documents e,G copy of my ID ,birth certificate for my kids , copy of my payslip ,but when I bought all documents they need said is already full

  86. Bolekwa Ngqanda

    Hi my name is bolekwa I apply a rdp 2006 I didn’t receive An till now

  87. Modiehi Emily Dhlamini

    Good day, my is modiehi from Evaton North, I registered my RDP HOUSE on 2002, since now nothing is happening,I am approved, please assist

  88. Rose

    Hi I applied for Rdp house 25 o2 2008 till today I’m still waiting what I see is registered on NH

  89. Florence mogapi

    Since I applied for the house in 2007 till now when I check I’m still in waiting list so what must I do

  90. felicia

    hi im felicia i apply my rdp house 2005 when I go to housing to check they say I’m still on waiting list please help

  91. Gugulethu

    Hi my name is Gugulethu Mabaso I have applied for a RDP house in 2002 no feedback

  92. Lindiwe, dlamini

    Hi am lindiwe dlamini I apply 2003 till now am not even waiting list wase I lost my phone I check every month but my name is existing

  93. Mothiba Gladys Mabowa

    I once apply for a subsidy and last year 2021 tehy sent me and sms ask to sent child certificate nd bankstatement i did.when i check my status still not showing any thing

  94. Martha

    Hi my mother applied for RDP in 1998 and she ws doing follow ups then in 2019 she passed away then a year later i went to check at housing they told me dat she forfeits the house bt how because we still alive her kids wht ws the purpose of birth certificate plz help us.

  95. EMMAH Nonhlanhla Hlongwa

    Good evening I apply for RDP house since 2007 I have all documents c form and 2 database am still waiting for my house this people working at housing is selling our house

  96. thabiso

    since i sign the subsidy last year i never received any feedback

  97. Khoza

    Alberton they are selling houses and our Government they do nothing about it course they know about the house that are been sold but it’s ok people will be pannish for that, l thanks u

  98. Letswalo serogolo

    Hi since I apply RDP on 2003.first time they send sms says my house is on window level but when I visit branch to confirm they said still on waiting list.but when they said is on window level they even mention location.

  99. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Nandi Fortunate zwane I applied for a house 2014 till now no response

  100. Nthabiseng Nteo

    Hi my husband registered for the RDP house in 2008 in Meyerton and in 2015 he went and fill out the subsidy form but now when he went and check right now they say he didn’t fill out the subsidy form and now we don’t have any idea where and how are we gonna get those form can anyone tell us were to get subsidy forms.

  101. Sara

    I applied in 1999 but when i check says decline nd i don’t hv a house or married . But if i was defrauded the houses department i think now my status is changed

  102. refiloe

    Morning, since I applied the house January 2002 even today I didn’t heard anything from housing. when I check with housing department they told me that am not on their database, is it possible? please help

  103. Beaulyn Hurst

    This is the people thay have to help as but all thay do is sit on thay ass and thing nothing about as that is in need fuk we need help fuk fuk help as if u ever read this people need house not roads to be fixs that people have house and cars is just a expans we need help not food when we have to voet but a roof over our heads

  104. Neliswa mrayisa

    What should someone do in order to get their RDPs coz wow i have applied in 2006 i was still at school and now i am a mother of 2 but nothing yet South Africa services is failing us.

  105. Mapule

    Halo, My Name is Mapule. I have applied for RDP House in 2000, I went to the offices in June 2021. I was told am still on the waiting list, and I haven’t received any approval. Please advice, Regards Mapule

  106. neziwe Dyayiya

    I have apply an RDP HOUSE then they put me in database in 2000 up untill now I would like anyone can help me .

    my name is Neziwe Dyayiya my ID NUMBER 7001180698087 and I vegot all the papers c form

    thank you

  107. Lena Stemmet (stephanus)

    Good evening,just want to knw that I was signing a subsidy this year end of January they reply to me in March and said “failed population”I called and following week I updated my status at Parow offices cause our offices was close in delft .Now Everytime I go or phone or even go to Capetown I c my status not being updated yet and it’s 6 months already I’ve been updated it can u please help cause I paste a request at human settlements but they also just say I must wait stil but they don’t even go check y my status not been updated up until now ..please help seems like no one can help been almost 23 years on waiting list..tanx in advance

  108. Agenenos

    Hi I’m Samuel Mavuso living with disability who apply for an RDP House in 2008 and this morning I got an SMS saying my house is approved, kindly assist by checking if the SMS is ligit before the SMS the guy WhatsApp me asking for R5000 in order for him to process my application.



  110. Engelina

    Good day i apply rdp in 2008,when i check it says not approved,can you please search for me,i realy want that house

  111. Mbaliportiadube91@gmail.com

    Hi I’m Mbali I’ve been approved since 2017 but still waiting for allocation I don’t even know we’re to go…what step must I took now?

  112. Olga paulina modjadji

    Good day am olga paulina modjadji rampyapedi I have apply for a stand i did receive any massage

  113. Zakes

    Rdp houses are lately sold on Facebook for 45000. Is this legal?

  114. Tseleng motaung

    hi my mom applied DRP house since 1998 but she didnt receive the house,the house someone occupied it,he refuse to give my mom her house,please what must we do.

  115. Sisipho

    My mother has applied for the rdp since 1996 even today she is struggling to get it

  116. Nobonga Bertha Mqolo

    Hindifake isicelo mxhaso sendlu 2006 e Daveyton ndamuvela e Albaton xa ndiyojonga kona ndangaveli kwi. ndaqalela pantsi ngo 2017.ndapinda ndabbalisa nge 17/05/2021.Nobonga Bertha Mqolo.

  117. Nana

    The father of my apply for a RDP but say not found want must i do because the house a coming out now and he passed on

  118. Yanga

    Hi please help me I apply for subsidy is approved so what can I do now?? Because they also give me stand number and where is the place

  119. Johannes madoda masuku

    Hi I apply a house since 2017 but I didn’t got a massage

  120. Lindiwe

    Hi am Lindiwe bothwana from Witbank I applaid a house in 2011 but still I didn’t get my house

  121. Phai johannes Mahlakoane

    I apply for RDP never approved. I apply for service stand still no respond i want to know i qualify for what as citizen of South Africa or is only foreigners who qualify for subsidy please guys

  122. Selloane

    Hi am selloane I have applied for a stand two years back and am on waiting list of RDP please help i need i stand no RDP

  123. Khothatso Nkosana

    Hi I applied for an RDP house 2009 but when I got to Alberton to check it is changed to 2011 and still not approved please help

    1. Monica Jamile

      I’ve been waiting for An RDP house since 2013 I am struggling with my family can you help me

  124. Sizwe

    Why never give us a stand to build than a house

  125. Nonhlanhla Mirriam Dlamini

    Good day kindly help my application status doesn’t change is long time now says received and send for initial search and another status says registered under NHNR. People apply after me they are approved and got their houses.

  126. Ngwako moseamedi

    Hi my name is ngwako moseamedi..in March I received SMS says m approved.i went to Katlehong to sing some papers.and waiting until now.can u help..

  127. Minah

    I applied for a house 2011 even nw still waiting

  128. Minah

    Hi I apply for house on 2011 even nw I don’t have respond from housing please i need house.Im unemploy.

  129. Mahlatse

    My Daddy applied an RDP in 2003,he then later this he signed an subsidy for and he gave his payslip at housing. After that his application was declined due to high salary amount but then his RDP is out they keep on sending him massages giving him his new meter number at his RDP,What should we do? Because he went to housing and they told him that they cannot give him the RDP house

  130. NTOMBIKAYISE DhlaDhla

    I upply RDP at,2013 my subsidy signed at Marivat park ,2020 5 June but when I checked they put me in system last year October I have a problem sharing a room with my son and my daughter in 1 room since I was waiting for my RDP

  131. sylvester


    good day i apply RDP house at KATLEHONG 1996.10.30 we don’t get positive answer but people who applied 2012 they get the houses.what must you do. officials need braibe
    i don’t have money for that can assist please

  132. Rayza

    HI I’m also in the same boat I’m also waiting for the stands but I see people moving in that area and build for them houses so please let me know if they respond.

  133. Cecilia

    Good day I applied for an rdp house in 2003/2004 till today I am still waiting don’t know what to do anymore from Polokwane seshego


    Hi,my name is Godfrey Mnyakeni.Since I got an approval on 2018 but I did not get my house.They also change me from one stand no to another.Which step should I take now?

  135. Thandakwazi Jabulani Joseph dlamini

    Hi I’m thandakwazi Jabulani Joseph Dlamini since 1996 till now no answer Since I apply 4 rdp

  136. Sifiso makhanya

    Hi I’m sifiso makhanya applying for rdp 2007 i went to alberton housing department, they told me am no longer qualified for rdp am qualified for stand. Okey this year march I’ve been nominated as approval beneficial for a stand we submitted every cause they’ve told us that they did found the land ski city but now still quiet. Please check for me what really goes on

  137. Thandiwe

    Good morning.

    My name is Thandiwe, I have three children living with my grandma and and my sister and brothers and I have applied for an RDP house in 2013, I went to check last year they said I’m on data base which is something I don’t understand can u please help.

  138. Palesa mbuyane

    Hi my name is palesa still waiting for my rdp house since 2018 my numbers

  139. Mirriam Twala

    I have applied for stands when I check my status it says failed due salary combined when I go to randfontein housing they can’t give me an honest answer please help

    1. LazarusA

      Afternoon l have more than ten years since I applied for RDP house to this day I’m still waiting can somebody tell me what’s hey

  140. Sello Sakia Motlalehi

    Could you please help me get an rdp house. I first st applied in 1995 and reapplied in 2008 but nothing is happening. I do not have a stable residence and reapplied am now old. I am 64 years old. Please help me

  141. Sibusiso mlangeni

    Hi can you kindly please refer me where I can get full information about my application since I applied on 2011 I’m Sibusiso mlangeni.

  142. Tshilidzi

    Good afternoon,I’m Grace Tshilidzi Simba.i have apply for housing since 2008 City of Johannesburg.Department of Housing calling me around 2013 saying they are just checking my application, Receipt NO: 1026260

  143. Joyce khanye

    Hi.my name is Joyce khanye i applied for Rdp house in 2011 and was declined due to fraudulent marriage .I am single and that marriage was cancelled by home affairs .I tried to apply for a siteland in 2021 but still declined.please help me with this matter

  144. Thandazile

    Hi I’m Thandazile Cynthia Sihlahla I applied 2009 but since then it’s quite only the data base form dat I got when I applied I’m from Orangefarm we where told to go to ext1 community hall to sign subsidies but nothing like dat happened we where taken from pillar to post pls help us

  145. Itumeleng

    Afternoon I have more than ten years since I applied for RDP house to this day I’m still waiting can somebody tell me what’s what’s hey


    Good-day, I applied for a stand later last year on Beverly-hills side and when I check online my stand its approved but so far I haven’t heard anything from housing. How long does it take for housing to respond to us?


    Hi team HSS I applied for the house its approved when I check the status but I don’t know a way forward please help me out I’m desperate

  148. Thulani Ncube

    I applied a subsidy since 2004 till today i have never receiveany thing or house but people applied now and get a house

  149. Laken

    I have applied for the Rdp of 2012 and subsidy this year may but when I checked the is no subsidy for me

  150. Thelma Rabatho

    Hi am Thelma Rabatho am a single parent I have applied for a house,most people I applied with did get the Sms of approved pls help.my Mother also applied in 1996 but nothing happened and she passed away so pls help we really need house cause staying in one room with 2 boys and girl it’s very difficult for me.

  151. LAZARUS hlape

    Since I applied for RDP 2002 until now I haven’t signed any subsidy, people who knew about signing of subsidies or allocations are only politicians. We leaving near a housing project called Savannah City but we are not benefitting instead people from far are getting houses.worse part 2011 we were promised as lakeside special case we’ll be regularise or moved to own houses until now dololo

  152. Nomvula

    Good day I am a single mother not working I want to apply for an RFP please help

  153. Lucia Ngoato

    I applied 2003 but even now still waiting not approved

    1. Martha Mamabolo

      I applied RDPHouse since 1999 I’m still waiting in 2019 I went to Alberton to fill up the forms for subsidy till now is 2021 I’m still waiting were must I go to get coz wen I go to Alberton they will say to me i.must wait for RDP department to call me until wencoz now is 23yrs waiting for the house And I already sign.the subsidy really this is too much pls help me to find.my.house in

  154. phindile

    hi my name is phindile happiness radebe i apply 2012 but still no reply no massage nothing only that paper i get when i reg at alberton

  155. Ursula Motaung

    Good day
    I have applied for a house in 2015 4 months later I was asked to bring my kids birth certificate I did. But since then I havent heard anything

  156. Babalwa

    Hy my mother is approved but the house has another person who is living there when we went to housing they said it just a reference it doesn’t mean the house i my mother.but when I check online the house number belong to my mother

  157. Anonymous Soshanguve ext.

    I applied for my rdp house since 2003 my status now says approved and there are new houses ready at my area but no call,only showrooms are occupied don’t know how and people are eagerly waiting and scared cause there’s a rumour going around that you have to pay from R10 000 upwards to get the house , what must we do? The reason we apply for rdp is because we don’t have money.

  158. LazarusA

    Hi Lazarus ntshayintshayi waiting for my house long time ago since 2006 our government fail was14years now now still waiting for my RDP house not fair at coronation witbank

  159. Jabulane

    Hi Iam Jabulane Khumalo waiting for my house long time ago since 2000 our government fail us it was 20 years now still waiting for my RDP house it not fair

  160. Thabo motaung

    Hi my mum applies for an RDP HOUSE IN 1998 AND WAS APPROVED ON THE 25/07/2007 STILL DIDN’T RECEIVED HER HOUSE SHE IS NOW 70YRS OLD AND SHE’S NOW DIABETIC..SHE IS SO STRESSED AND I THINK IF SHE CAN RECEIVED HER HOUSE WILL GET BETTER.APP.ID IS10040XXXX ID 52091805XXXXX.pls help.your urgent attention will be highly appreciated. My no is 062757XXXX

  161. Moffat Bookholane

    Good day my name is Moffat Bookholane and I applied for an RDP house in the year 2006 in Westonaria municipality and I applied for the subsidy in 2020 but up until now when I search it shows no record.my ID is 80112357xxxxxx,may you kindly assist me in this regard.

  162. Beauty

    My status says failed searches what must I do.

    1. penelope mokhaliphi

      hi i applied for RDP in 1998 but it was catured in1999 on the system but im still on the waiting list how long does it takeits being more than 20years now

  163. Benjamin Stanley Sikakane

    Hi i also applied for an rdp 2002 till now i am still waiting can you please help iam in need of it


    Good evening;my name is Meriam Mudau since I applied RDP house 2019 .after that i lost my phone.So please check it if they approved

  165. Prudence Maseko

    I applied early this year and my status says failed searches confirmed what must I do

  166. Prudence Maseko

    My status says failed searches confirm ed what must I do.i applied for subsidy house early this year 2021

  167. Busisiwe Christian Masango

    Hi my name is Sibusisiwe Christiann Masango since I have applied for RDP house 2021. Please help me to check for my status.

  168. Molifi Paulus Mofokeng

    Hi I applied a house in 2010 till today I havent go it when i checked my status it says approved but where it doesnt mention plz

  169. Catherine Hellen Morake

    Hi I applied the year 2000 I have not get anything since then not even a call or text from the housing development

  170. Sithembile mtsweni

    Hi I’m Sthembile mtsweni since I’ve applied for a house I’ve never receive any sms.

  171. JE ZIMEMA

    Hi i applied for rdp house 2004 im still in a waiting list my c form is 2004 and database is 2008 can you please help to fix this mess

  172. JE Zimema

    Hi i applied for rdp 2004 I’m still in a waiting list how long it takes to sign a subsidy my c form says 2004 and database is 2008 can you please tell what must i do to fix this

  173. Lerato Mohapi

    I applied in 2000 and I’m still on waiting list when will be called up to sign the subsidy

    1. Mabuza

      Call mr mabuza for more information regarding housing.

  174. Andile

    My father apply a house in 1994..he wait for it till he passed away..Nou I want to follow it..till the end

  175. Sonia Molaudi

    Good day, i went to housing in Johannesburg to check RDP, I registered on 2006, i never get an SMS like the y told me. My ID No.8509210XXXXXX, please assist me.
    Thank you

  176. ZANELE


  177. romaine

    HI i applied for a house in 1996 and got divorce in 1999 and i even update my details every time they say we must update our details i am still waiting and i did see that i am approved on the hss what futher steps must still be taken i am a grandma of 3 and we are living in a ZOZO please reply

  178. mantwa tshabalala

    my name is Mantwa Tshabalala i did apply subsity house but still now when m checking its still saying no record found pls help my no is 066 230 5453.

  179. Nomthandazo Monica Maresi

    i’m checking my house is already completed? im not working and have no rent money, mother of two children

  180. Matebele md

    Canon apply online, because people are fighting for votes, they want us to vote for them they told us after we will get RDP houses, I have applied 2019

  181. Nomsa

    I apply house 1996 and sign subsidy 2019 and approved me 2020allocated at palmrigde but im still have no house please help to get my house

  182. Nomsa sekone

    U sign subsidy on 2019 and approved me 2020 allocated me at palmrigde but still i dont have house please help to find me house

  183. Kgotso Freddy Khalipha

    Hi HSS
    I applied for an RDP house and i APPROVED
    Please help

  184. selatela makgotso

    Hi am selatela makgotso i have apply for a house and i didnt receive any sms please help me

  185. Lorraine vilakazi

    Hi i applied for my rdp in 1996.they told me my house was out long time till now 2021 i am still waiting.can lebogang maile and human settlements intervene now i am a granny 54 years old still waiting i will appreaciate your help.

  186. Emelia

    Hi my name is Emelia Zimema i applied for rdp 2004 always when i go to housing they give me a new refence nomber i dont know what is going on i think i will be in a waiting list forever

  187. Tshepo Khunou

    Hello my name is Tshepo Khunou I have I applied for RDP I 1998 still waiting an would like to know when m are to be approved. Really need a place to stay for me an my five daughters an granddaughter.

  188. Sammy Michael Serumola

    Good morning my name is sammy Michael Serumola ive applied for an Rdp house in 1999 and I haven’t received any approval everytime I visit housing department they always tell me that whenever there are developments in my area our councilor will inform us
    Houses have been built in Savannah and people who applied after me have been allocated houses please advise kind regards

  189. Richard mothabeng

    I need feed back please on why is my name no longer on HSS waiting list as you said I did ask my local municipality about I didn’t get any further information so kindly please assist me

  190. Cathy Malete

    Good day,my brother April PapI ID:81032159XXXXX applied for the house back in 2011 receipt no,2062717 at Pretoria.We did several phone calls no response so we were advised to email for update, i hope will get better answer.


    Good morning i have apply for subsity house on 2009 and m still on waiting list and when m checking on hss on line its still saying no record found i want to knw what must i do.pls help me my name is mantwa tshabalala ; ID NO 83061806XXXXX PLS PLS HELP

  192. Richard mothabeng

    Good day hope you are well I have applied for the house back in 2015 all along my status was visible when I check on HSS I was on the waiting list now when I check it’s doesn’t show its say record not found my contact information

  193. lutendo

    Good Morning , im lutendo mathieledzha i have apply for housing and i didnt receive an sms and those i have apply with got the sms , can you please help me . im lutendo

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