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hssonline.gov.za : HSS Online Housing Subsidy System

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Organisation : HSS
Facility Name : Online Housing Subsidy System
Applicable For : South Africans
Website : https://www.hssonline.gov.za/DesktopDefault.aspx

HSS Housing Subsidy Portal

The purpose of the Housing Subsidy Portal is to serve as a single point of entry to Housing Subsidy related matters for the whole of South Africa

Related / Similar Facility : HSS Submit External Searches

The portal will provide visitors access to housing statistics based on actual information derived from provincial housing databases. Registered users will gain acces to live data relating their specific projects.

Managing User Accounts

Our User Administration section makes it easy for administrators to review or change information regarding a user account and its associated permission structure. Sign in with the e-mail address and password associated with the user account and click on the user administration link on the right hand side of the home page.

Register A New User Account

Users can register for a new user account on HSS Online by following the link to register a user , displayed on the right-hand menu of the home page. Fill out all your personal details and click on Register. If your attempt to create a user account was successful you will be mailed a notification confirming the creation of your user account.

Update My Contact Details

Users can easily update personal contact and account details on HSS Online by following the link to update a user account , displayed on the right-hand menu of the home page. From here you will be presented with your contact details as well as a list that comprises out of your current role profile, these can be updated separately. In each instance you will be presented with a notification should your account be successfully updated.

NB: Please note that once you update your current role structure the requested change will be submitted for approval to your Subscriber Administrator for review and approval. You will be notified should the request be granted or denied.

Update My Subscription Details

As with personal details, users can easily update their associated companies and projects by following the link to update a user’s subscription. Once you click this link you will be presented with a screen with your current subscription profile comprising of the different companies that you are subscribed to if any exists.

NB: Please note that once you update your subscription the requested change will be submitted for approval to your subscriber administrator for review and approval. You will be notified should the request be granted or denied.

Managing Subscription Accounts

** Our Subscription Administration area makes it easy for administrators to review or change information regarding a subscription account or to request access to specific project information.
** Sign in with the e-mail address and password associated with the Subscription account and click on the Subscription Administration .
** If there is more than one Subscription associated with that e-mail address and password, specify the account that interests you. Read below for more information.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Subscription Account Participants

** Account managers can authorize individuals as members on a subscription account and authorize other individuals as subscription administrators.
** To edit the list of members associated with a subscription account, click the Members link at the top of the Subscriber Accounts management area.
** If you are editing the role of a member, be sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished making changes.
** If you are removing a member, be sure to click the Confirm button when finished.
** You can also add an individual to the account from the Members area. Click the “Designate new member” button, enter the individual’s e-mail address, and click the “Send e-mail” button when you are finished.
** We will send an e-mail notification containing online registration instructions to each e-mail address that you designate.
** Each individual will click a special link to HSS Online contained in the e-mail notification and register to participate on the subscription account.

Edit Subscription Account Settings

** Subscription Account settings can be accessed from the Subscription Accounts management area.
** An individual’s ability to edit subscription account settings depends upon his or her role in the account. Only subscription administrators can apply for access to specific project information. They are also the only ones who can edit their name on the account and assign another subscription administrator if needed.
** Be sure to click the Confirm or Save Changes button when you are finished making any changes.


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the HSS Portal Team at : 0800 146873

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  1. Minah

    I applied for a house 2011 even nw still waiting

  2. Minah

    Hi I apply for house on 2011 even nw I don’t have respond from housing please i need house.Im unemploy.

  3. Mahlatse

    My Daddy applied an RDP in 2003,he then later this he signed an subsidy for and he gave his payslip at housing. After that his application was declined due to high salary amount but then his RDP is out they keep on sending him massages giving him his new meter number at his RDP,What should we do? Because he went to housing and they told him that they cannot give him the RDP house


    I upply RDP at,2013 my subsidy signed at Marivat park ,2020 5 June but when I checked they put me in system last year October I have a problem sharing a room with my son and my daughter in 1 room since I was waiting for my RDP

  5. sylvester


    good day i apply RDP house at KATLEHONG 1996.10.30 we don’t get positive answer but people who applied 2012 they get the houses.what must you do. officials need braibe
    i don’t have money for that can assist please

  6. Rayza

    HI I’m also in the same boat I’m also waiting for the stands but I see people moving in that area and build for them houses so please let me know if they respond.

  7. Cecilia

    Good day I applied for an rdp house in 2003/2004 till today I am still waiting don’t know what to do anymore from Polokwane seshego


    Hi,my name is Godfrey Mnyakeni.Since I got an approval on 2018 but I did not get my house.They also change me from one stand no to another.Which step should I take now?

  9. Thandakwazi Jabulani Joseph dlamini

    Hi I’m thandakwazi Jabulani Joseph Dlamini since 1996 till now no answer Since I apply 4 rdp

  10. Sifiso makhanya

    Hi I’m sifiso makhanya applying for rdp 2007 i went to alberton housing department, they told me am no longer qualified for rdp am qualified for stand. Okey this year march I’ve been nominated as approval beneficial for a stand we submitted every cause they’ve told us that they did found the land ski city but now still quiet. Please check for me what really goes on

  11. Thandiwe

    Good morning.

    My name is Thandiwe, I have three children living with my grandma and and my sister and brothers and I have applied for an RDP house in 2013, I went to check last year they said I’m on data base which is something I don’t understand can u please help.

  12. Palesa mbuyane

    Hi my name is palesa still waiting for my rdp house since 2018 my numbers

  13. Mirriam Twala

    I have applied for stands when I check my status it says failed due salary combined when I go to randfontein housing they can’t give me an honest answer please help

    1. LazarusA

      Afternoon l have more than ten years since I applied for RDP house to this day I’m still waiting can somebody tell me what’s hey

  14. Sello Sakia Motlalehi

    Could you please help me get an rdp house. I first st applied in 1995 and reapplied in 2008 but nothing is happening. I do not have a stable residence and reapplied am now old. I am 64 years old. Please help me

  15. Sibusiso mlangeni

    Hi can you kindly please refer me where I can get full information about my application since I applied on 2011 I’m Sibusiso mlangeni.

  16. Tshilidzi

    Good afternoon,I’m Grace Tshilidzi Simba.i have apply for housing since 2008 City of Johannesburg.Department of Housing calling me around 2013 saying they are just checking my application, Receipt NO: 1026260

  17. Joyce khanye

    Hi.my name is Joyce khanye i applied for Rdp house in 2011 and was declined due to fraudulent marriage .I am single and that marriage was cancelled by home affairs .I tried to apply for a siteland in 2021 but still declined.please help me with this matter

  18. Thandazile

    Hi I’m Thandazile Cynthia Sihlahla I applied 2009 but since then it’s quite only the data base form dat I got when I applied I’m from Orangefarm we where told to go to ext1 community hall to sign subsidies but nothing like dat happened we where taken from pillar to post pls help us

  19. Itumeleng

    Afternoon I have more than ten years since I applied for RDP house to this day I’m still waiting can somebody tell me what’s what’s hey


    Good-day, I applied for a stand later last year on Beverly-hills side and when I check online my stand its approved but so far I haven’t heard anything from housing. How long does it take for housing to respond to us?


    Hi team HSS I applied for the house its approved when I check the status but I don’t know a way forward please help me out I’m desperate

  22. Thulani Ncube

    I applied a subsidy since 2004 till today i have never receiveany thing or house but people applied now and get a house

  23. Laken

    I have applied for the Rdp of 2012 and subsidy this year may but when I checked the is no subsidy for me

  24. Thelma Rabatho

    Hi am Thelma Rabatho am a single parent I have applied for a house,most people I applied with did get the Sms of approved pls help.my Mother also applied in 1996 but nothing happened and she passed away so pls help we really need house cause staying in one room with 2 boys and girl it’s very difficult for me.

  25. LAZARUS hlape

    Since I applied for RDP 2002 until now I haven’t signed any subsidy, people who knew about signing of subsidies or allocations are only politicians. We leaving near a housing project called Savannah City but we are not benefitting instead people from far are getting houses.worse part 2011 we were promised as lakeside special case we’ll be regularise or moved to own houses until now dololo

  26. Nomvula

    Good day I am a single mother not working I want to apply for an RFP please help

  27. Lucia Ngoato

    I applied 2003 but even now still waiting not approved

    1. Martha Mamabolo

      I applied RDPHouse since 1999 I’m still waiting in 2019 I went to Alberton to fill up the forms for subsidy till now is 2021 I’m still waiting were must I go to get coz wen I go to Alberton they will say to me i.must wait for RDP department to call me until wencoz now is 23yrs waiting for the house And I already sign.the subsidy really this is too much pls help me to find.my.house in

  28. phindile

    hi my name is phindile happiness radebe i apply 2012 but still no reply no massage nothing only that paper i get when i reg at alberton

  29. Ursula Motaung

    Good day
    I have applied for a house in 2015 4 months later I was asked to bring my kids birth certificate I did. But since then I havent heard anything

  30. Babalwa

    Hy my mother is approved but the house has another person who is living there when we went to housing they said it just a reference it doesn’t mean the house i my mother.but when I check online the house number belong to my mother

  31. Anonymous Soshanguve ext.

    I applied for my rdp house since 2003 my status now says approved and there are new houses ready at my area but no call,only showrooms are occupied don’t know how and people are eagerly waiting and scared cause there’s a rumour going around that you have to pay from R10 000 upwards to get the house , what must we do? The reason we apply for rdp is because we don’t have money.

  32. LazarusA

    Hi Lazarus ntshayintshayi waiting for my house long time ago since 2006 our government fail was14years now now still waiting for my RDP house not fair at coronation witbank

  33. Jabulane

    Hi Iam Jabulane Khumalo waiting for my house long time ago since 2000 our government fail us it was 20 years now still waiting for my RDP house it not fair

  34. Thabo motaung

    Hi my mum applies for an RDP HOUSE IN 1998 AND WAS APPROVED ON THE 25/07/2007 STILL DIDN’T RECEIVED HER HOUSE SHE IS NOW 70YRS OLD AND SHE’S NOW DIABETIC..SHE IS SO STRESSED AND I THINK IF SHE CAN RECEIVED HER HOUSE WILL GET BETTER.APP.ID IS10040XXXX ID 52091805XXXXX.pls help.your urgent attention will be highly appreciated. My no is 062757XXXX

  35. Moffat Bookholane

    Good day my name is Moffat Bookholane and I applied for an RDP house in the year 2006 in Westonaria municipality and I applied for the subsidy in 2020 but up until now when I search it shows no record.my ID is 80112357xxxxxx,may you kindly assist me in this regard.

  36. Beauty

    My status says failed searches what must I do.

  37. Benjamin Stanley Sikakane

    Hi i also applied for an rdp 2002 till now i am still waiting can you please help iam in need of it


    Good evening;my name is Meriam Mudau since I applied RDP house 2019 .after that i lost my phone.So please check it if they approved

  39. Prudence Maseko

    I applied early this year and my status says failed searches confirmed what must I do

  40. Prudence Maseko

    My status says failed searches confirm ed what must I do.i applied for subsidy house early this year 2021

  41. Busisiwe Christian Masango

    Hi my name is Sibusisiwe Christiann Masango since I have applied for RDP house 2021. Please help me to check for my status.

  42. Molifi Paulus Mofokeng

    Hi I applied a house in 2010 till today I havent go it when i checked my status it says approved but where it doesnt mention plz

  43. Catherine Hellen Morake

    Hi I applied the year 2000 I have not get anything since then not even a call or text from the housing development

  44. Sithembile mtsweni

    Hi I’m Sthembile mtsweni since I’ve applied for a house I’ve never receive any sms.


    Hi i applied for rdp house 2004 im still in a waiting list my c form is 2004 and database is 2008 can you please help to fix this mess

  46. JE Zimema

    Hi i applied for rdp 2004 I’m still in a waiting list how long it takes to sign a subsidy my c form says 2004 and database is 2008 can you please tell what must i do to fix this

  47. Lerato Mohapi

    I applied in 2000 and I’m still on waiting list when will be called up to sign the subsidy

  48. Andile

    My father apply a house in 1994..he wait for it till he passed away..Nou I want to follow it..till the end

  49. Sonia Molaudi

    Good day, i went to housing in Johannesburg to check RDP, I registered on 2006, i never get an SMS like the y told me. My ID No.8509210XXXXXX, please assist me.
    Thank you

  50. ZANELE


  51. romaine

    HI i applied for a house in 1996 and got divorce in 1999 and i even update my details every time they say we must update our details i am still waiting and i did see that i am approved on the hss what futher steps must still be taken i am a grandma of 3 and we are living in a ZOZO please reply

  52. mantwa tshabalala

    my name is Mantwa Tshabalala i did apply subsity house but still now when m checking its still saying no record found pls help my no is 066 230 5453.

  53. Nomthandazo Monica Maresi

    i’m checking my house is already completed? im not working and have no rent money, mother of two children

  54. Matebele md

    Canon apply online, because people are fighting for votes, they want us to vote for them they told us after we will get RDP houses, I have applied 2019

  55. Nomsa

    I apply house 1996 and sign subsidy 2019 and approved me 2020allocated at palmrigde but im still have no house please help to get my house

  56. Nomsa sekone

    U sign subsidy on 2019 and approved me 2020 allocated me at palmrigde but still i dont have house please help to find me house

  57. Kgotso Freddy Khalipha

    Hi HSS
    I applied for an RDP house and i APPROVED
    Please help

  58. selatela makgotso

    Hi am selatela makgotso i have apply for a house and i didnt receive any sms please help me

  59. Lorraine vilakazi

    Hi i applied for my rdp in 1996.they told me my house was out long time till now 2021 i am still waiting.can lebogang maile and human settlements intervene now i am a granny 54 years old still waiting i will appreaciate your help.

  60. Emelia

    Hi my name is Emelia Zimema i applied for rdp 2004 always when i go to housing they give me a new refence nomber i dont know what is going on i think i will be in a waiting list forever

  61. Tshepo Khunou

    Hello my name is Tshepo Khunou I have I applied for RDP I 1998 still waiting an would like to know when m are to be approved. Really need a place to stay for me an my five daughters an granddaughter.

  62. Sammy Michael Serumola

    Good morning my name is sammy Michael Serumola ive applied for an Rdp house in 1999 and I haven’t received any approval everytime I visit housing department they always tell me that whenever there are developments in my area our councilor will inform us
    Houses have been built in Savannah and people who applied after me have been allocated houses please advise kind regards

  63. Richard mothabeng

    I need feed back please on why is my name no longer on HSS waiting list as you said I did ask my local municipality about I didn’t get any further information so kindly please assist me

  64. Cathy Malete

    Good day,my brother April PapI ID:81032159XXXXX applied for the house back in 2011 receipt no,2062717 at Pretoria.We did several phone calls no response so we were advised to email for update, i hope will get better answer.


    Good morning i have apply for subsity house on 2009 and m still on waiting list and when m checking on hss on line its still saying no record found i want to knw what must i do.pls help me my name is mantwa tshabalala ; ID NO 83061806XXXXX PLS PLS HELP

  66. Richard mothabeng

    Good day hope you are well I have applied for the house back in 2015 all along my status was visible when I check on HSS I was on the waiting list now when I check it’s doesn’t show its say record not found my contact information

  67. lutendo

    Good Morning , im lutendo mathieledzha i have apply for housing and i didnt receive an sms and those i have apply with got the sms , can you please help me . im lutendo

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