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UL Student Health Online Booking System : University of Limpopo

Organization Name : University of Limpopo
Facility Name : Student Health Online Booking System
Head Office : Sovenga
Website : https://www.ul.ac.za/index.php?Entity=c_events&TheS=953#start

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What is UL Student Health Online Booking System?

The University of Limpopo (UL) Student Health and Wellness Centre is moving in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution dispensation. It is for this reason that we now launch our Online Booking System on the 24 May 2021. The aim of this Online Booking System is to give you, as a student at University of Limpopo, the right to have access to health care by a click of a button.

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Should you need to visit the Health Centre on campus, all you need to do is, to make an appointment by login in your personal information on this easy to use platform. All you have to do is follow the prompts on your cell phone. The appointment will then be scheduled according to the available service, available date, and available time slot for you

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Benefits of UL Student Health Online Booking System

This UL Student Health Online Booking System offers convenience -Yes! there are Benefits;
** You can make bookings whenever you feel like it, even in the middle of the night for the next day.

** You can use any device you prefer wherever you have internet connection.
** It is a data free service.
** You can cancel the booking to give another sick student the opportunity to make their bookings.

** The Nursing Staff can quickly access the system to check when they have appointments, the type of services they need to provide for each appointment, what clients they’ll be seeing, and where they will be holding the appointments.

** Booking online prevents overbookings and double-bookings.
** The appointments can be quickly updated or moved.
** Most importantly, online booking saves you time so that you do not have to go and queue at the Clinic.

** It is important that students do not pile at the Health Centre.
** The Online Booking System is an attempt to prevent crowding and the spread of COVID 19.

How To Book For Time Slot For Clinic Consultation?

Book your time slot for clinic consultation now and get your health care service by a clicking on the link

Steps :
Step 1 : Type the following URL in the address bar and press the Enter key https://reserve.ul.ac.za
Step 2 : Select the Sign In button

Step 3 : Type Username Enter Your Student Number
Step 4 : Type Password. This is the same password you use to access your Keyaka email account.

N.B : If you change the password for your Keyaka email account, the UL Reserve login password will be changed as well.
Step 5 : Select the SIGN IN button

Step 6 : Select Book Session button
Step 7 : Select the department you want to visit. i.e. Health & Wellness Centre

Step 8 : Select Session Date .
Step 9 : Select Session Type
Step 10 : Select Search button to check available sessions.

Step 11 : Select the button to choose a preferred session i .e. Medical Consultation 2021 05 03 (09:40)

Step 12 : Select the Book button to confirm your booking.

Contact For ICT Student Support Services

For more information, contact ICT Student Support Services
Tel : 015 268 3608 (Office Hours)
E-mail : Credentials [AT] keyaka.ul.ac.za

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