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SAASTA National Science Olympiad Physics Past Paper 2019 For Grade 10 to 12

Organisation : SAASTA – South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement
Examination Name : National Science Olympiad Exam
Announcement : NSO Physics Exam Question Paper
Year : 2019
Document Type : Past Papers
Website : https://www.saasta.ac.za/competitions/national-science-olympiad/

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SAASTA NSO Physics Past Paper

SAASTA NSO Physics Past Paper 2019 are available in the official website of South African Agency for Science & Technology Advancement

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** This is a multiple choice paper. Please answer all the questions on the answer sheet provided. Each question is followed by answers marked A, B, C and D. Only one answer is correct. Choose the most correct answer and shade the corresponding circle on the answer sheet completely using an HB pencil.

** NB! The answer sheets are marked electronically – do NOT make any other dots or marks on the answer sheet. Select only one answer for each question or your answer will be discarded. Ensure that you shade your selection clearly.

** Note that the question numbers 1 – 100 on the answer sheet moves from top to bottom in several columns. Ensure that the number of your selection on the answer sheet corresponds with the number of the question in your examination paper. Should you make a mistake, please erase the incorrect answer completely.

** The use of non-programmable electronic calculators is permitted.

Physics Sample Questions

1 The volume of a given object is 16 cm3. What is its volume in m3?
A 1.6 x 10-1 m3
B 1.6 x 10-3 m3
C 1.6 x 10-5 m3
D 1.6 x 10-8 m3

2 For many purposes it is convenient to compare substances with one another. Pure water at 4oC is often used as a standard substance and we define the relative density as
relative density = density of substance
density of water at 4oC.

The dimensions of relative density are:
A Dimensionless
B [M2L–3]
C [ML–3]
D [ML–2]

3 Which one of the following has the same SI unit as acceleration?
A mass/energy
B area/velocity
C mass/weight
D length /force

Questions 4 and 5 refer to the diagram below which shows the profile of a transverse wave.
4 One wavelength is represented by the distance between which two points?

5 If the arrow XY represents the direction in which the energy is being propagated, the direction of the motion of point E at the instant shown is

6 A security vehicle is moving towards a stationary person with a speed of 30 m.s–1 sounding its alarm which has a frequency of 420 Hz. If the speed of sound is 340 m.s–1, what is the frequency (Hz) heard by the stationary person?
A 371
B 390
C 460
D 476

7 On a cold day, John picks up a knife with a wooden handle. He finds that the steel blade feels colder than the handle. This is because:
A the metal has a lower specific heat capacity than the wood,
B the metal is denser than the wood,
C metal is a better conductor of heat than wood,
D the metal is colder than the wood.

8 A Galilean telescope is made up of a converging objective lens of 60 cm focal length and a diverging eye lens of 1.5 cm focal length. The magnification of this telescope is:
A 90
B 61.5
C 40
D 4

9 When a converging lens is used as a magnifying glass, the object being looked at will be:
A Between the lens and the focal point
B At the focal point
C Between the focal point and a point, c, at twicethe focal distance
D Beyond the point c

10 A body falls freely from rest for 6 secs. Find thedistance travelled in the last 2 secs.
A 40 m
B 60 m
C 100 m
D 120m

11 A block of mass M, slides down a smooth surface inclined at 30oto the horizontal. Find the velocity(in m.s–1)of the block after sliding 8 m down the incline
A 11.8
B 8.94
C 12.6
D Need to know the mass M to be able to do this.

Download  Question Paper :

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  1. Botlhale Nkuna

    I am currently in grade 10 and my first semester results of Physics were abysmal, however, I have gained motivation and I am working on my discipline to pass this subject. I am excited for this, I definitely will not stop entering this competition until I receive a price of my very own. Practicing, practicing, practicing!

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