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Organization : Department of Home Affairs
Facility : eHomeAffairs Online Registration
Website :

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What is DHA eHomeAffairs Service?

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is proud to present eHomeAffairs to enable you as a South African citizen by birth to apply to utilize the online services.

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DHA eHomeAffairs allows the following :
** Submit ID and Passport applications online,
** Make online payments for applications,
** Make bookings where allowed.

Note : (A branch visit is mandatory to capture and\or verify your biometric details, i.e. photo, fingerprints and signature). You can also finalise your application at any Home Affairs office; no appointment is required.

How To Register For DHA eHomeAffairs?

Welcome to the new DHA eHome Affairs online application process.

This easy-to-use, flexible process allows you to do all of the following within a safe, secure, online environment
** Create profile,
** Capture your application,
** Attach supporting documents,
** Make payment, and
** Schedule appointments at Home Affairs enabled bank branches

DHA eHomeAffairs allows you to complete your application and save it, should you wish to submit it at a later stage.

Register Here :

How To Login Into DHA eHomeAffairs?

To Login Into DHA eHomeAffairs, follow the below steps

** Please enter your username (ID Number) and password.
** Register if you do not have an account
** A one-time-pin (OTP) will be sent to your cellphone, so please ensure you have your cellphone near you.

How To Use DHA eHomeAffairs?

Steps :
Step 1 : Register a profile on DHA eHomeAffairs
Step 2 : Capture the verification OTP (OneTimePin) received via SMS to confirm your cellphone number
Step 3 : Log in to your profile
Step 4 : Capture the logon OTP (OneTimePin) received via SMS

Step 5 : Complete the application form
** The application form is for a Smart ID Card and/or Passport.
** You can “capture” and “submit an application form” for yourself or for a minor directly related to you, typically for a minor requiring a passport for travelling purposes.
** All fields highlighted in red are mandatory and must be “completed”.

Step 6 : Submit the completed application by selecting Submit

Step 7 : Upload your supporting documents, if applicable
** Required supporting documents will be listed.
** Please note that originals will be required to be presented at the branch or bank office.

Step 8 : Make the online payment
** “Capture” your banking details.
** Please note that submitting a payment on eHomeAffairs is only an instruction to your bank.
** In order to complete the payments process you need to log on to your internet banking to “authorise the payment”.

** A payment authorisation process guide can be requested from your bank.
** Once the payment has been authorised, please note that the bank payment verification process must take place, which may take a few minutes.

Step 9 : Make a booking at a Home Affairs enabled Bank Office
** Please note that digital biometrics can be captured at any Home Affairs office or at a Home Affairs enabled Bank office, for which a booking is a prerequisite.

** You do not need to make a booking to provide your biometrics at any of the DHA Home Affairs offices.

Step 10 : Print your Confirmation Letter
** The barcoded confirmation Letter as well as your ID Book (if available) must to be “taken with when going to the branch or bank office”. After clicking on Download Confirmation, save the document to your PC and open with PDF.

Contact Us

DHA Home Affairs Headquarters
Contact Centre :
csc [AT]
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone : 0800 601 190

DHA Home Affairs Headquarters :
info [AT]
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone : 012 406 2500

Some Important Information From Comments

Error / Problem:
1. Website is very unstable and difficult to login, have to try many times on different days just to get in. New Passport double charged me. Closed bank branches included and never have time slots. Nearby open branches never have time slots, have to try and find provincial branches to find an available slot No barcoded confirmation letter (fix this in your instruction email). I am left wondering if I needed to do any of this, maybe I should have just walked in the bank? Wasted probably the same amount of time or more as standing in a queue at home affairs. Unacceptable.

2. There is no option to download the barcoded application confirmation letter and when you log back in there is no option to download the application confirmation barcode!

3. In order to select a time slot, I had to phone Standard bank Kingsmead Home affairs office to see what was going on, and advised me to go there and could assist me. I go there, and they just tell us to take a picture of the times provided for the week, and have to type it in manually between 2 dates. What I also read online is to do it at 12am before the booking date, and now its 12am and cant even get an OTP to login. Website is useless.

4. This is the most unstable useless website. I have been trying multiple times to book an appointment for my ID. Once I finally got through the system to book at the branch, it just made errors and I could never book even though I had paid. Trying to log in again to try another time results in all types of problems and mainly the website just hangs! Whoever built this site clearly has no idea what they are doing!

Most of the commenters commented that, the eHomeAffairs website is not working

FAQ On DHA eHomeAffairs Service

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On DHA eHomeAffairs Service

Q: What is eHomeAffairs?
A: eHomeAffairs is an online portal provided by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa that allows citizens and certain categories of foreign nationals to apply for selected services and documents electronically, without needing to visit a Home Affairs office in person.

Q: What services can I apply for through DHA eHomeAffairs?
A: The services available on DHA eHomeAffairs may vary, but typically include applications for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and passports.

Q: Who can use DHA eHomeAffairs?
A: DHA eHomeAffairs is available to South African citizens and certain categories of foreign nationals who are legally residing in South Africa and meet the specific requirements for each service.

Q: How do I access DHA eHomeAffairs?
A: You can access DHA eHomeAffairs by visiting the official Department of Home Affairs website for South Africa ( and navigating to the eHomeAffairs section.

Q: What are the benefits of using DHA eHomeAffairs?
A: Some potential benefits of using DHA eHomeAffairs include convenience, as it allows you to apply for certain documents and services from the comfort of your own home or office, avoiding the need to visit a Home Affairs office in person. It can also save time and reduce the need for paperwork.

Additional Generic Procedure

Here are the steps on how to register for eHomeAffairs online:
1) Go to the eHomeAffairs website:
2) Click on the “Register” button.
3) Enter your ID number and date of birth.
4) Enter your cellphone number and email address.
5) Create a password.
6) Answer the security questions.
7) Click on the “Register” button.

You will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. You can use these to log in to eHomeAffairs and start your application.

Here are some additional details:
1) The ID number and date of birth must be entered exactly as they appear on your ID document.
2) The cellphone number and email address will be used to send you updates on your application.
3) The security questions are used to verify your identity.
4) You can change your password at any time by logging in to eHomeAffairs and clicking on the “My Profile” tab.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Here are some additional tips for registering for eHomeAffairs online:
1) Make sure you have a valid ID document and cellphone number.
2) Keep your username and password safe.
3) Check your email regularly for updates on your application.
4) If you have any problems, contact the eHomeAffairs helpdesk.

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  1. Linda

    Its 2024 and still no button for confirmation letter ? Im going tomorrow without it ? No reply on the helpline and no reply on the email. Fustrating.


    This system is useless cause it asked for an email and contact number and even u give it .it reject it telling u that your email address and cell number doesnt match what a useless system.from the corrupt department



  4. Jakita

    Please help.

    Contact number is unreachable.

    I have made payment and the status is complete successfully however when trying to make a booking it says payment must be made first. I have waited 3 hours and no change

  5. Lorraine

    I have sumbitted my bank on for ID & Passport.
    No confirmation button, when requested to fill in the date the date and time came up on the screen.
    How do I know if this is correct as the information I have or when I log on says: Branch Processing in Progress.
    Is the correct ( Help)

  6. Anonymous

    I have tried 4 times a day for the past two weeks on the ‘online’ application to apply for a passport. I am registered but not able to fill in the ‘form to complete’ as it does not appear in the drop down menu. I have phoned home affairs twice over this period and they tell me their system is down.

  7. Esther

    Im not receiving my OTP number for me to process the application, what is the next option , cant you send the OTP on my email address ?

  8. Andre

    Many people have asked about the bar coded confirmation letter. There had not been on answer. It appears that if this was not either printed before logging out or saving the document to print later. The bar coded confirmation letter cannot be accessed

    1. A. W. Gray

      I have registered, my payment has been acknowledged, but there is no way at all that I can download any sort of confirmation letter.

  9. Japie

    Useless site…a dead person can achieve more than what one could achieve on this website. Irritating!!!

  10. Dawood Mohamed

    I’ve been trying to register myself for the 1st time on eHomeaffairs in order to apply for a smart card ID via my bank, but when I complete the application, then a notification appears stating that my ID number has already been registered. I’ve even tried my to logon with different passwords I use for other applications, that doesn’t work too. I’ve went to ‘forgot password’ but it asked for the previous contact number I used before when registering for eHomeaffairs, that’s impossible because I’ve not changed my cellphone number for the last 8 years and cannot remember my previous cellphone number.

    I’ve been trying to email Home Affairs, none of its email addresses advertised doesn’t work. Can someone please advise what should I do because home affairs officials are useless.

  11. Vusi Sawyers

    How do i delete a submitted application?

  12. Anonymous

    How can apply book i want do ID for the first time?

  13. Phindile

    Hi how do I make an appointment for birth certificate for my new born baby? Only options there is for ID card and Passport.



  15. Pierre VV

    I can’t promise this will work – you can print one , fill it out and take with.

  16. Joe Tucker


    The staff are also amazing there – brilliant service!!

    In my scenario I was getting a brand new passport as mine had expired in June.
    For 4 days and 3 visits to Benmore FNB I could not get the online booking to give me a time at the bank. In desperation I went to Home Affairs in Randburg.

    I got there at 2.30 on Thursday and I was told I might get seen at “tjaila time”. They told me as a pensioner I must come at 08:00 the next morning when the gate opens because APPOINTMENTS and PENSIONERS go in front of the 200m queues.
    Collections for Death Certs. Marriage Certs and Birth Certificates also go in first – that is a separate queue
    Next morning I am there and the queue is 200m long. I wait at the gate and at 08:00 they call for APPOINTMENTS and PENSIONERS.
    Only 3 APPOINTMENTS and 3 PENSIONERS. I don’t know if it is always like this but nobody knows about APPOINTMENTS in the queues.

    And the website does not point you to it unless you know where to click (BABS) It is there on the top!!

    SO THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO even if you go to a Bank or a HOME AFFAIRS

    1. Go into the eHomeAffairs website and click on the white/green “e” to apply for
    a Passport/ID. The best times to log in is in the morning between 09:00 – 10:00
    because after that it seems to “crash” and you get a gold circle in your screen
    and OTP’s come at wrong times and expire before you can use them. It’s a real
    mess up that HA need to rectify. Maybe you are luckier than me!

    Complete everything up to and including payments only – not BOOKINGS.
    – You need to complete Application details and then SUBMIT
    – Then go to Application Documents and download your ID
    – Then go to the Payment section and give details to set up the payment (see 2

    2. In the payment section ENTER YOUR BANK DETAILS for the R400 payment that is
    due. Home Affairs then creates the payment in your bank profile eg under

    VERY IMPORTANT – Now log into your personal internet banking
    BILLS/PAYMENTS/eFiling section
    eg FNB go to the eFILING and you will see IT HAS SELF POPULATED FOR THE PAYMENT
    OF R400.

    RELEASE/AUTHORISE THE PAYMENT in your internet online bank site

    4. About 5 minutes later you go back into eHOME AFFAIRS WEBSITE and you will see a
    Payment section on the HOME AFFAIRS APPLICATION WORKPAGE which shows that the
    payment has been acknowledged “Complete Successfully” on the right hand side.

    5. BOOKING

    BOOK AT A HOME AFFAIRS. At the very bottom it just states you do not need a
    booking at HOME AFFAIRS.

    DON’T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET A BANK BOOKING LIKE I DID FOR 4 DAYS TRYING TO LOG IN AND GET PIN NUMBERS AND GET TOTALLY STRESSED IN THE BANK BOOKINGS SECTION – This section is a mission to get the right date and time at a bank – this needs a major improvement by Home Affairs because you need to put in 2 dates there in the 2 blocks at the bottom (I never even noticed 2 blocks but they are there when shown to you) and you have to physically type the dates in the following format eg yyyy-mm-dd (2022-07-20) and you cannot use the dates that have blocks around it. SO I HAVE THE BEST ANSWER – log out.


    – Go to the top of the eHOMEAFFAIRS website and you must click on the
    – Enter your name ID Phone and email when you want a booking. That is
    your APPOINTMENT and make sure you go there in time with just your ID.

    If you have not paid you can pay at Home Affairs but that is another queue so
    try pay in the initial setup. They know if you have paid or not

    ARRIVE AT HOME AFFAIRS AT YOUR BOOKING TIME eg 07:50 eg in Randburg that I went
    before 09:00

    This was my experience and I take no responsibility for any errors or ommissions.
    It was an extremely pleasant experience at Home Affairs with the most polite and enthusiastic staff I have ever seen at a Govt Dept:)I’m still smiling!

  17. Jeremy Michael Moser

    Absolutley disgusting how useless Home Affairs is!
    Can we please start a petition to appoint someone who actually has a bit of a technological background to replace the current useless Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi?! We need to stand together people!

  18. Didi


  19. jou ouma

    complete garbage piece of shet website. log in OTP never arrives (comes through at random times when not needed). someone please fix this mesh

  20. Tsek

    OTP not working for months and no indication that it will be fixed. Useless and buggy as well, a clear representation of SA’s ANC government.

  21. Elmarie

    Where do i locate my barcoded application confirmation?

    1. Jeremy Michael Moser

      I am wondering the same thing. Please let me know when you find out.

    2. Jonathan

      I have read elsewhere online that it is not needed, only a booking and hopefully the reference number. Still to test it myself. There is no barcoded confirmation letter anymore. I cant see any letter confirming that I booked at the bank, only one saying I have applied and need to book.

  22. Alex

    Website is very unstable and difficult to login, have to try many times on different days just to get in (WHY does it need to be so complicated!?).
    New Passport double charged me.
    Closed bank branches included and never have time slots (JUST REMOVE THEM).
    Nearby open branches never have time slots, have to try and find provincial branches to find an available slot (surely there is a way to do this than a short window time slot?).
    No barcoded confirmation letter (fix this in your instruction email).
    I’m left wondering if I needed to do any of this, maybe I should have just walked in the bank?

    Wasted probably the same amount of time or more as standing in a queue at home affairs. Unacceptable.

  23. Smiley

    Hi everyone, ease tell me how do i sign the form online after completing the form. Im using my mobile phone, and dont get a option to sign at bottom on those xxxxxxx.

  24. WILL


    1. Smiley

      What i also would like to know

    2. Dibuseng

      How do I sign the application

  25. Jani Bezuidenhout

    I was not given the option to download the barcoded application confirmation letter and when you log back in there is no option to download the application confirmation barcode!

  26. Simone

    I was not given the option to download the barcoded application confirmation letter and when you log back in….there is nothing to this effect. has anyone figured this out…please help

    1. Pablo

      I had the same problem but I went in without it and it was perfectly fine. They didn’t even ask for it. I would take the reference number with to be safe though.

  27. LOL

    In order to select a time slot, I had to phone Standard bank Kingsmead Home affairs office to see what was going on, and advised me to go there and could assist me. I go there, and they just tell us to take a picture of the times provided for the week, and have to type it in manually between 2 dates. What I also read online is to do it at 12am before the booking date, and now its 12am may 23 2022 and cant even get an OTP to login. Website is useless.

  28. A S E van der Ryst

    Please help, I’m desperate!! I have paid my R140 for the re-issue of a Smart ID card, made a bookng to visit the Bank BUT I CANNOT FIND THE CONFIRMATION LETTER NOR THE BARCODED EHOMEAGFFGAIRS APPLICATION FORM to print and take with!!! I thank you in anticipation for your help. Regards A S E van der Ryst

    1. Megan

      i cant find this document either so now you go without it then you are turned away thi sis unprofessional and does not help in any way as you might as well go stand in the line at home affairs

    2. T

      I also can’t find this confirmation letter. The contact centre number does not work. And the Nedbank branch does not answer their phone either…. Hopefully when I get there they won’t need the letter

  29. Lee

    How do I get a booking at the FNB bank branch….. keeps telling me no available slots and to try again…. have tried most branches Gauteng and KZN

  30. Sam

    This is the most unstable useless website. I have been trying muliple times to book an appointment for my ID. ONce i finally got through the system to book at the branch it just made errors and i could never book even though i had paid. Trying to log in again to try another time results in all types of problems and mainly the webite just hangs! Whoever built this site clearly has no idea what they are doing!!!!

  31. Anon

    the site says i am registered but i never registered myself and when i do a password reset it is saying incorrect contact details. i have tried all my cell nos and email addresses. it wont accept any of them. how do i get into my profile

  32. Steve Dennehy

    The site does not send OTPs.
    Neither of the two email addresses are valid.
    Please resolve ASAP.

  33. Amanda Vermeulen

    Good morning
    Please help. The site does not send the OTP.

    1. Elna van Niekerk

      I dont see any answers? – I am trying to apply for an id card but do not see how to sign the application document. Should you print out and sign physically and upload? But then the form is not submitted

  34. Chanika Lynn Hendricks

    I have applied for a first time ID document. application is complete and i have a booking confirmation, but nowhere is there a bar to click on to confirm or download the barcoded booking confirmation which is needed when i go in to the Nedbank home affairs in St Georges mall Cape. please advise how i can retrieve the barcoded booking confirmation. thanks

  35. Ursula

    Does the barcoded application confirmation evrn exist??????

  36. MK

    Has anyone been able to complete the declaration since mid April?

  37. Frustrated

    What a terrible confusing inoperable site. Bet us tax payers spent millions to some crap IT firm to deliver rubbish. I could get this done in a week with my tech guys.

  38. Johnny van da Vreedelin

    It appears that not a SINGLE soul has found this goddammed confirmation letter with a barcode. For all looking for an alternative, I found that the Reference number worked perfectly fine

    1. Diane

      Thank you for this as I have been desperately trying to find this jolly letter too! Will just take the reference numbers as you suggest.

    2. Anonymous

      Thank you sooo much for this post! I would have wasted another day in trying to figure out this part of the puzzle.

    3. Sonja

      Thank you for this. I have been trying to find the Confirmation letter that I’m supposed to print out, but nowhere to be found on the site. Useless website!!!! As with all Government Departments, they can’t even get their technology right!! I will just print out the confirmation e-mails I received from them, and hope and pray that Nedbank will accept this.

  39. Portia

    I am stuck, it is refusing to highlight the part about declaration.

  40. Shaun

    How do you electronically sign the declaration section? It seems to be greyed out

    1. Anonymous

      Yip won’t let me sign either. but it did accept the application without having the signature.

    2. Gert

      Just go to the top and submit

  41. viwe

    icant change my cellphone number for OTP please help

  42. Deon

    OTP function hasn’t been working for over a year, sent e-mails, called etc.
    You guys are fucking useless

    1. Hannah

      It is back working at the moment, just super slow, I waited for the sms to come through and didn’t click on resend OTP. I sat for nearly 2 hours but I eventually got done. Don’t give up.

  43. Thoko

    OPT functionality not workibg

  44. Anno

    still no “Download Confirmation” button anywhere.. 2022-04-06..

    1. Anonymous

      HI ANNO,

  45. Amber Joubert

    Where are we supposed to get the booking confirmation? There is no option for it, never mind to download it. Should we just print the email that says we have made an ebooking to at least show we did? It’s my first time registering for an ID, thought this was supposed to be easy.

  46. Jan9

    Apparently they will look on the system if you don’t have the confirmation letter , there is a problem with the website and seems NO ONE can get it !!!!!!!!!!! So according to the lady helping in the Que , they will look on the system …………………………………

  47. Anonymous


    1. Frustrated

      I am also looking for confirmation letter…..hanging somewhere.
      It’s a nightmare


    Useless!!!!!!Can not find the application confirmation ANYWHERE!!!!!!!

  49. Shaazia

    Can’t register, it says I.D already in use and it’s my first time registering.

  50. Amanda Jiyane

    🥴 I’ve been trying to register but it’s a no win situation it’s been 6 days already…does this even work?

  51. Wendy

    how can I change my cellphone number on ehomeaffairs website?

  52. Lara van NIekerk

    Where can I download a confirmation letter with barcode? Applied. Paid. Received confirmation reference number but no barcode letter located. Urgent please.

    1. Shelley

      In your profile, click on UPDATE DETAILS at the top right of the page by LOG OUT and you amend in there

  53. Shell

    How do we print the confirmation letter with the barcode? I have search everywhere and the help document is absolutely useless!

  54. Tracy

    OTP problem for a few weeks now. Anyone with the same problem?

  55. Jax

    Where is the APPLICATION CONFIRMATION button ?????

  56. Anonymous

    Has anyone gone to the bank without the barcoded confirmation letter?

    1. Anonymous

      I was told I only needed the ECH number and don’t need the letter if you can’t print it or find it.

  57. Yolande

    How to I access my application confirmation if d id not download /save/print it when I did the application?

  58. Manfred

    7 Mar 22 – Not receiving OTP and can not log in

  59. Anon

    This worked for me to print the application form.
    1. Go to your display settings and flip your display orientation to portrait.
    2. Select the application
    3. select fullscreen
    4. Print screen.

  60. Jade

    Hi I want to register online but server is offline any idea when it will be working?

  61. Anonymous

    Where on earth do I find the CVONFIRMATINO LETTER???? Absolutely no help at all!!!!

    1. Debs

      I am also looking !!!!! it is not on the website !!!!

  62. Marc

    Seems that no-one has ever actually found out how to download the barcoded confirmation letter.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes no one.

    2. Gina

      Has anyone gone to the branch without the letter? We’re you able to still complete biometrics and obtain passport?
      I cannot find the barcodes confirmation letter anywhere on the site 😡

    3. Michael

      It seems like its impossible to download the bar coded confirmation letter. We are going with my daughter tommorrow for her appointment for her first ID and we are just taking the printed out application with reference number. I take from this thread that no one seems to have found how to download the confirmation letter. I hope our approach is ok

  63. Storm

    Please advise on how to print the barcoded id confirmation letter.

    Thank you.

  64. Anonymous

    Hi I have the same issue,where I can’t find the confirmation letter.can anyone help with this please booking for the 24/02

  65. Sarah

    Useless website and cant even log onto the website to register. Please make it more user friendly!!!

    1. Debs

      It took met 10 days before manage to register !!!!! does not work at all

  66. Sarah

    I cant get the website to even open onto the relevant page. Just gives a 404 error.

  67. Anonymous

    Can’t find the “Confirmation Letter”

    I have tried applying for my new ID card twice in 2 years and everytime I run into some issue. This is so frustrating and right now I don’t even care anymore and will continue using my old ID.

    Pathetic from the Department of Home Affairs!

  68. Catherine

    The system just hangs and eventually give me an error code – please advice

  69. Helena


  70. Tayla

    Receiving OTP but it’s not actually logging in… driving me crazy. Help please!!

  71. Famz

    Has anyone figured out the barcoded confirmation letter? Please help!!!

  72. Maxine Nerwich

    OMW…what a USER UNFRIENDLY website!!!!!!!!
    How on earth does one find the APPLICATION CONFIRMATION document????
    I am beyond frustrated……………….
    And of course the landline number is constantly engaged.
    I want to CRY

    1. Faheema

      Any luck? I am in the same situation

  73. Eddie

    How do you get the barcoded confirmation letter?!?

    1. ANDRE


  74. Amiel

    Does anyone know how to get access to the barcoded confirmation letter? I have paid and booked a slot. I have opened the site on numerous different browsers however there is no link or tab to download the conformation

    1. Gary Isenberg


  75. Rolf

    Also looking for the barcoded Application Confirmation

  76. GB

    Has anyone got the OTP to work?
    I have tried many times but no joy

  77. Anonymous

    Where do I find the bar coded confirmation letter

  78. Anonymous

    Anyone have success in getting the barcoded confirmation letter?

  79. lynlob

    How do I register? I see the procedure outlined but cannot find the link that takes me through to the registration process

  80. mClfB

    WHERE AND HOW DO YOU FIND THE APPLICATION CONFIRMATION LETTER??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  81. S Seebaluk

    I am having a problem downloading my barcoded confirmation letter for biometrics.


    Good day ,where does one print the “Application Confirmation”letter?
    Do you log in ,and select the letters tab (right hand top )

    My bimetrics is the 26 Jan 2022 ,I need assistance as the call centre does not answer

    1. Nawaal

      Hi can you tell me did you come right with the confirmation letter or how did you go about it

    2. karyn

      hi did you manage to print the confirmation, i am taking my son next week and i dont know how to get it

  83. zelda

    not receiving OTP

  84. I don’t even know


  85. RANI


  86. Natalie

    Where can I download confirmation letter with barcode. Applied. Paid. Received confirmation reference number but no barcode letter located. Urgent please.

    1. Nats

      I am also battling with the same issue

    2. Tracey

      I also do not have my barcoded confirmation letter?

    3. Divya

      Same I have looked all over the website and I can not find this

    4. Wandile

      Hi, did you get it?

    5. Jared

      Same, I cannot find it. Anyone found it?

    6. samantha

      Same Issue

    7. Anonymous

      Please help ?????

    8. Anonymous

      Hi, did you manage without the booking confirmation letter???

  87. Cynthia Mashabela

    Good morning.I’ve applied for my change of status after divorce and was promised 2 weeks to get the changed status, but has not. I’ve applied on the 17 August 2021. Can I apply again online, and how

  88. Anita Smith

    Good Morning, I need to apply for a unabridged birth certificate for my child who will be attending high school next year. How do I apply? The above is only for ID card or passport. Can I apply on line?

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