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Pioneer Weigh & Win National Yield Contest 2021 :

Organization : DuPont Pioneer /weegen wen
Competition Name : Pioneer Weigh & Win National Yield Contest 2021 – Maize, Soybeans and Sunflowers
Applicable For : Open To Anyone Above The Age Of 18, Farming In South Africa
Competition Deadline : 31 July 2021
Entry Fee : R1000
Website :

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Pioneer Weigh & Win National Yield Contest

Pioneer Weigh & Win Yield Contest 2021 (Maize, Soybeans and Sunflowers)

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Who Can Participate?

** Entries are open to anyone above the age of 18, farming in South Africa, planting any registered variety from Pioneer.
** Entries are done in the name of an individual specifically, and cannot be for more than one person, a legal entity, or a trading name.

Entry Process

** Entries close on 31 July 2021.
** Complete the online entry form in its entirety, available on

** An entry is complete once the registration form has been submitted, the entry fees are paid and the GPS coordinates of the field given. A confirmation e-mail will serve as proof of entry.

** Production practices must be disclosed in full upon request of the competition organisers. By entering, entrants give their consent that yield results and production practices may be published in the media.

** Any legal use of any input and/or production practice that might increase yield, is allowed.

** An entry fee of R300.00 per entry can be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can enter as many times as you like, but only your best entry will count for award purposes.

Bank details for entry fees :
Bank : First National Bank
Account Number : 56160027525
Branch Code : 261-550
Reference : Your initials and surname

** Proof of payment must be send to info.rsa [AT]
** You enter a continuous block of 2 hectares of a single variety.
** Phone your designated harvest officials at least 14 days before the intended harvest date, to make an appointment.

** No refunds of entry fees will be issued after an entry is in the contest database.
** Entries close on 31 July 2021.

** The 2 harvest officials will be present for the harvest, where the weight, moisture and area harvested will be confirmed.

Upon the discretion of the competition organisers, it may however be required of entrants to supply a preliminary yield result by means of either yield monitors/weigh wagons to gauge the chance of winning.

Following such a preliminary yield investigation, it is possible that entrants might not be chosen to progress to the next phase of the competition, where after harvest officials will not complete the harvest process.

** Send the completed harvest form to the competition office within 7 days of the harvest, by 25 August 2021 at the latest. Harvest forms must be send to must be send to info.rsa [AT]

Harvest Rules

The contest entry must be harvested in accordance with the harvest procedures described below.

a) Harvest forms are required to be completed and sent to us within 7 days after the harvest, to reach us at the latest 25 August 2021.
b) If the hybrid reported on the harvest report form differs from that on the entry form, the hybrid on the harvest report form will be listed.

c) The organisers reserve the right to contact harvest officials to validate compliance with contest rules. The organisers also reserve the right, with advance notification, to observe any harvest.

d) Again, it is the responsibility of the entrant to see that their harvest forms are properly completed and sent to the competition office by the designated deadlines.

Review Of Field Requirements

a) From a field of 2 hectares in size of one variety, the entrant shall select an area of 2 hectares to be harvested. The contest area may be any shape, but must be in one continuous block.

b) Entrants, and harvest officials, are responsible for giving accurate row lengths for odd shape plots.
c) All end rows/turning rows and the equal number of outermost rows on each side may not be a part of the selected 2-hectare contest plot.

d) The entrant agrees to harvest the contest field with a multiple row combine harvester.

Harvest Officials

a) The 2 harvest officials approved on your entry confirmation must be present for the harvest of the contest plot, as well as the weigh in at the grain silo.
b) Harvest officials should be contacted a minimum of 14 days in advance to arrange for the harvest.

c) The organisers reserve the right to appoint harvest officials from time to time, but will strive to maintain a pool of AVCASA qualified Ag-chem agents, in combination with field technicians from the seed and/or fertilizer industry, including suitably qualified sales people, by virtue of academic and/or experientially qualification.

d) Officers of the Protein Research Foundation, the ARC or agronomists from other industries may form part of this pool, as well as employees from the crop insurance industry, university researchers etc.

e) Harvest officials cannot be the following :
i) The contest entrant
ii) An employee or relative of the contest entrant.

f) Harvest officials are responsible for :
i) Must be present during harvesting, weighing (gross and tare) and moisture testing
ii) Field measurements
iii) Completing all calculations

g) Harvest officials must have the entrant run his combine and the transfer auger empty to make certain no grain has been left in it by mistake.
h) All wagons or trucks must be checked to make certain they are empty.
i)The entrant is responsible for sending in the harvest form to info.rsa [AT]

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