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PG Group Medical Scheme Claims : pggmeds.co.za

Organization Name : PG Group Medical Scheme
Facility Name : Claims
Head Office : Durban
Website : https://www.pggmeds.co.za/default.aspx?vBR48Vf9KNLjEerg74sufLpHVg33951NiImEgPuQtxsKRbWrRnvfmld5MiwYTpV4Ft0Q6ttWupBCFUe3r3aNHg==

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PG Group Medical Scheme Claims

Settling of Claims :
A member should ensure that healthcare providers charge fees in accordance with the Scheme rates.

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Some healthcare providers submit their claims directly to the Scheme, while others prefer the patient to pay them directly after the consultation or treatment. If payment has been made by the patient, the Scheme shall reimburse the member based on the acceptance of the claim.

Claims are assessed for validity using benefit rules. If the claim is valid and the benefits are not depleted, the amount is reimbursed directly to the member’s bank account.

This assessment takes place twice a month; once the assessment is completed, a claims statement is generated and sent to the member either via post or email.

How to Claim?

Steps :
Step 1 : Check for the following information on your doctor’s account/invoice.

Required Information :
** The Scheme’s registered name
** The main member and the patient treated
** The membership number
** The doctor’s practice number
** ICD-10 codes
** Signed proof of payment

Step 2 : Sign and date the claim and sign the proof of payment.

Step 3 : Email
Scan or photograph each page, make sure that the quality is good. Attach and email to us, email each page separately – no zip files or multiple attachments will be accepted.
claims [AT] pggmeds.co.za
** OR

Post :
Place in an envelope and post to us
PG Group Medical Scheme
PO Box 2070

Step 4 : Keep a copy of the claim
Step 5 : Upon processing claims, a statement will be generated and sent via email or post. Approved claims will be paid within 30 days of receipt.

Step 6 : Costs are reimbursed to your bank account upon claims processing.

Accidents & Injuries

Accidents and injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents will be reimbursed at 100% of cost if PMB-related, even if you are involved as a third party, e.g. a pedestrian. Members are required to submit claims to the Road Accident Fund. Any amounts recovered for medical expenses already paid by the Scheme, are immediately refundable to the Scheme.

The following documents should be submitted for your claim to be considered
** An accident injury report
** A police/accident report
** A signed legal undertaking

Reports on Injuries

Even if you suffer a minor injury, you will be required to submit a report/letter from your healthcare provider detailing the cause of the injury. Where the injury is severe, you will be required to complete and submit an accident/injury report before any claims will be considered for payment.

Please contact 0860 00 50 37.

About Us :
The PG Group Medical Scheme provides medical scheme cover for the employees, pensioners, widows and families of PG Group.

PG Group Medical Scheme is committed to providing members with access to appropriate and quality healthcare benefits at competitive rates in a managed healthcare environment, supported by efficient administration.

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