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srd.sassa.gov.za : Special Covid R350 Grant 2021 FAQs

Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Special Covid R350 Grant 2021 FAQs
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

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FAQ On Special Covid R350 Grant

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) On Special Covid R350 Grant

1. What is the qualifying criteria?
A person who is :
a) A South African Citizen, Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs database and persons who are holders of special permits under the Special Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit dispensation and the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Dispensation, and asylum seekers whose section 22 permits or visas are valid or were valid on 15 March 2020;

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b) Currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa;
c) Above the age of 18 and below the age of 60;
d) Unemployed;

e) Not receiving any social grant in respect of himself or herself;
f) Not receiving an unemployment insurance benefit and does not qualify to receive an unemployment insurance benefit;

g) Not receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and other financial aid;
h) Not receiving any other government COVID-19 response support;
i) Not a resident in a government funded or subsidized institution.

2. When can I make a new application/ re-apply?
New applications and reapplications will resume on Friday, 06 August 2021 from 09h00

3. What date will be the first payment?
We expect that first payments to be made in the last week of August 2021

4. How do I apply?
** Website address: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
** WhatsApp line: 082 046 8553
** SASSA Chatbot: www.sassa.gov.za

5. Will the application be accepted if I do not agree to the terms and conditions on the Declaration & Consent document?
If consent is not granted, the application will not be submitted to SASSA.

6. Will the application be accepted if I do not indicate that I have read the You and my Covid 19 grant document?
The application will not be submitted if the client does not indicate that, he/she has read and understood the You and my Covid 19 grant document

7. Do I get a back payment for May, June and July 2021?
There will be no retrospective payments for the months the grant was not in existence – from May to July 2021. The new application will only be effective from August 2021

8. Do I need to reapply every month?
No, you only apply once. All applications will be validated monthly.

9. Will I get payments from August 2021 till March 2022?
** There will be NO AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION – all applications must satisfy the criteria and will be subjected to the entire validation process

** This means that any change to the financial circumstances of the applicant may result in the grant not being approved for subsequent months, or approved for some months but not all

10. Why it is important to re-apply?
** People’s circumstances may have changed over time;
** In order to confirm clients’ personal details, assess their income and financial status;

** Applicants need to accept the declaration and consent, which has been strengthened to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) which came to effect on 21 July 2021;

** In order to access or to have the application reconsidered for the Social Relief of Distress Grant, an applicant must grant consent for SASSA to verify his or her identity, residency, income or social security benefits with any other institution deemed necessary by SASSA.

11. Can I use somebody else’s phone number or bank account?
Applicants to note that the bank account or the cellular phone number provided for payment MUST be registered in the name

12. How will I know if my payment is ready for collection?
The application and payment status can be viewed on the SRD website .It is very important for every applicant to provide the correct mobile number through which he/she can be contacted, as all communication with applicants will be through SMS notifications

13. I cancelled my application because I received a temporary job but now it is finished. Can I re-apply?
Clients who previously cancelled the grant, and who would like to re-activate the grant, due to a change in their circumstances are welcome to re-apply.

14. What do I do if my application is declined?
** The declined application will only be reconsidered upon a request from the client
** An application has to be lodged on the website within 30 days of the outcome being available.

Some Important Information From Comments

1.My SRD was declined they said I am UIF Registered. I got a letter today from UIF stating I am not getting any money, what do I do now, because I tried reapplying but don’t get it right, they say I already applied

1. My application was declined because of identity verification failed. The first time when I tried to apply for the SRD and is doing the same thing now when I request the name and surname update, the box is blank.

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    How do I confirm my srd as it appear where I have to fill the form?

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    I need help with confirmation

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    Hi please can u help me to reconfirm my application for August the website isn’t working

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    Kind Regards

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  21. Philisiwe Magasela

    Ngicela inform lokuApplaya uR350 plz

  22. Melanie Uithaler

    My srd was declined they said I’m UIF Registered. I got a letter today from UIF stating I’m not getting any money, what do I do now, because I tried reapplying but don’t get it right, they say I already applied

  23. Nombeko allecia mtwazi

    Eversince i apply in august 6 they say incorect id i,m not working this mobile is for my husband why i need 350 bcs not working

    1. Busisiwe

      Im struggling 2re apply..4 days..i need de money..it helps.

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