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edu.limpopo.gov.za NSC Grade 12 Music Sample Question Paper : Department Of Education

Organisation : Limpopo Department Of Education
Exam : National Senior Certificate Grade 12 Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Music

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Website : http://www.edu.limpopo.gov.za/index.php??option=com_content&view=article&id=112&option=com_content
Download Music Question Paper :
Paper 2 (English) : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/2049-Music-P2.pdf
Paper 1 (English) : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/2049-Music-P1.pdf
Memo 2 (English & Afrikaans) : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/2049-Music-P2Memo.pdf
Memo 1 (English & Afrikaans) : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/2049-Music-P1Memo.pdf

Limpopo Music Sample Question Paper

Instructions And Information :
1. This question paper consists of THREE sections.
2. Answer ALL the questions. Note that there are choices in QUESTION 6.

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3. Write your answers on this question paper. Use a pencil for music notation and blue or black ink for the other answers.
4. This examination will be written while candidates are listening to a CD.
5. The music teacher of the centre must conduct the examination in the presence of the invigilator.
6. The last page of this question paper is manuscript paper intended for rough work. The candidate may remove this page.


1. The instructions for the music teacher appear in frames.
2. Each musical extract (track) must be played the number of times specified in the question paper.
3. Allow adequate time between tracks to allow candidates to think and write their answers before playing the next track.
4. The number of the track must be announced clearly each time before it is played.
5. A battery-powered CD player must be available in case of a power failure.

Sample Questions

Section A: Aural
Question 1: Rhythmic Dictation
Play Track 1 FIVE times. Pause for ONE minute after each repetition.
Notate the rhythm of the missing notes in bars 2, 3 and 4.

Question 2: Melodic Recognition
Play Track 2 FOUR times in direct succession.
Make a cross (X) in the block next to the melody that corresponds with the sound example.

Question 3: Melodic Dictation And Compositional Techniques
Read and study the questions for ONE minute.
Play Track 3 ONCE to provide a general overview.

3.1 Play Track 4 THREE times in succession. Allow candidates a maximum of three minutes to complete the dictation, then play Track 4 ONCE more. Complete the missing notes in bars 6–7 on the music score at (a). (3)
3.2 Play Track 5 ONCE. Which ONE of the following features is NOT applicable to the left-hand part? Make a cross (X) in the relevant block.

Section B: Recognition Of Music Concepts
Question 4 :
Read and study the questions for ONE minute.
Play Track 6 TWICE.
Listen to Track 6 and answer the questions.
4.1 Which type of jazz style do you hear? (2)
4.2 State TWO style characteristics that you hear in this extract to motivate your answer. (2)
4.3 Name THREE instruments playing in this extract.(2)

Question 5 :
Read and study the questions for ONE minute.
5.1 Play Track 7 ONCE. Identify the time signature of this extract. (1)
5.2 Play Track 8 ONCE. What is the predominant texture of this extract? (1)
5.3 Play each of Tracks 9–12 TWICE. Listen to Tracks 9–12 and identify the instrument category or instrument that you hear by making a cross (X) in the relevant block. (1)

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