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srd.sassa.gov.za Special COVID-19 R350 Grant 2021 Application Process

Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Special COVID-19 SRD R350 Grant Application Process
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

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How To Apply For Special COVID-19 SRD R350 Grant?

You and Your Special COVID-19 SRD R350 Grant – Application Process

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Step 1 : Choose An Application Channel
Apply via one of these channels
WhatsApp : Send a message to 082 046 8553
SRD Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
SASSA Chatbot : www.sassa.gov.za

Step 1.1 : Application Via Whatsapp
** Send WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553
** Applicant will provide personal details as prompted by the chat
** Applicant will receive a Reference number, an OTP number and website link to click on

** Applicant must click on the link; insert the OTP number and click verify
** Applicant provide surname and ID number
** Applicant confirm details as per details provided on the chat

Step 1.2 : Application Via SRD Website
** Open Internet browser
** Search for: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
** Applicant capture ID number and mobile then click send sms button
** Applicant will receive a 6 digit OTP number
** Applicant must insert the OTP number and click verify pin

Step 1.3 : Application Via Sassa Chatbot
** Open Internet browser
** Search for: www.sassa.gov.za
** On the website; applicant will click on SRD R350 Grant assistance chatbox

** Applicant provide ID number and Mobile number
** Through the chat, the applicant will choose I want to apply for SRD R350

** The chatbot will provide a link to the SRD Website
** The Applicant will follow the SRD Website Steps

Step 2 : Agree To Terms & Conditions
** Read Declaration and Consent Document
** Agree to the content of the Declaration and Consent Document

** Read and understand the You and Your Special COVID-19 SRD Grant document
** Agree to understanding the contents of the You and Your Special COVID-19 SRD Grant document

Step 3 : Provide Personal Details
** Provide ID Number, Name, Surname as it is printed on the ID Document/ Card
** Provide other personal Details e.g. address, gender, etc.

Step 4 : Submit Banking Details/ Choose Payment Option
New Applicant :
i. Clients with Personal Bank Account
** Choose Bank Name
** Provide Account number
** Provide Branch Name
** Provide Account Type
** Agree to Terms and Conditions
** Submit Banking Details

ii. Clients without Personal Bank accounts
** Choose Payment option- Cash Send
** Agree to Terms and Conditions
** Submit Banking Details

Existing Client :
i. Confirm Existing Personal Banking Details
** Agree to Terms and Conditions
** Click Submit

ii. Clients with Cash send Option who wish to add bank details
** Choose Bank Name
** Provide Account number
** Provide Branch Name
** Provide Account Type
** Agree to Terms and Conditions
** Submit Banking Details

Step 5 : Receive a SMS On Your Mobile Number
Message Sample : Application ID: 123456, 88…081. SASSA confirms successful update of banking details for BANK NAME. Your SRD R350 Grant application is now active.

NB : It is important to provide SASSA with a mobile number where we will be able to reach you to send SMS, if you are declined or with regard to your banking details.

Step 6 : SASSA Verification & Validation Process
** ID Number, name and surname provided by the client is verified with the Department of Home Affairs data
** ID Number is matched against approved databases such as UIF, SARS, NSFAS etc.

** Fraud Risk Scoring is done with Fraud prevention partners- The Client ID number and Mobile number is checked against the approved databases
** Application is Approved or Declined with reason

Step 7 : Viewing Application Status
i. Application status can be viewed on the following Channels
Visit SRD Website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

ii. Under Application Status tab click here to check status
WhatsApp : send message to 082 046 8553
Toll Free Call Centre : Contact- 0800 60 10 11

Step 8 : Reconsideration
** If Client’s application is declined, the client has the right to request reconsideration within 30 days of receiving the declined reason.
** Client must request reconsideration for each month that the application is declined

** Application for reconsideration
Visit SRD Website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
i. Under Application for Reconsideration tab:click here to apply for reconsideration
If client struggles, Please contact
ii. SASSA Toll Free Call centre on 0800 60 10 11 to request reconsideration

Step 9 : SRD Grant Cancellation
Visit SRD Website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
** Under Cancel my Application tab: click here to cancel online
** Provide ID number and mobile number, then click send pin

** Client will receive a sms with 6 digit OTP number
** Applicant must insert the OTP number and click verify pin
** Click cancel my grant

** A message will pop up to ask if applicant is sure about the cancellation of the grant
** Click YES to continue with the cancellation; Click NO to Discard

Step 10 : SRD Grant Reinstatement
Visit SRD Website: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/
** Under Cancel my Application tab: reinstate my cancelled grant application
** Provide ID number and mobile number, then click send pin

** Client will receive a sms with 6 digit OTP number
** Applicant must insert the OTP number and click verify pin
** Agree to terms and Conditions

** Click reinstate my grant
** A message will pop up to ask if applicant is sure about the reinstatement of the grant
** Click YES to continue with the reintatement; Click NO to Discard

General Information

To change Mobile number Client must contact
i. SASSA Toll Free Call centre on: 0800 60 10 11
If further clarity is required, Please contact:
ii. SASSA Toll Free Call centre on: 0800 60 10 11

iii. Send an email to: Grantsenquiries [AT] sassa.gov.za OR
Visit the SASSA website:

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  2. Ntombemhlophe

    My srd grant cameout nicely from last year August till October. Then November start to approved with no paydate,and changed to be reffered and then much approved without paydate. I wonder why?

  3. khothatsolekoane


  4. Mpho

    Approve 4 month no paydat

  5. Raisibe calia

    i want to apply R350

  6. Clive

    Application says bank details pending but I selected a post office

  7. Letsie

    Since srd money started i didn’t get even 20rand and i don’t now how to appeal please help me cz i need my 350 please💰💰💰

  8. Nonhlanhla Racheal Nene

    Still waiting for 350 since October and how long should i wait because I need this money so desperate

  9. Queen mokgabudi

    Still waiting since August

  10. Ouma

    I want to change the backing details

  11. Nokuphiwo mnyobe

    I don’t have income so I’m still waiting for my 350

  12. Andile Vusi

    I’m Andile mngadi nd I have a big problem coz I need this Srs 350 grant paydate it still approve for four months but still no payment date if I call post office centre was tells me my bank statement is verify my details it pls help on this number I don’t know what happens in this money

  13. Khayelihle

    I applied and approved bt I did not get a massage

  14. Mick dube

    I never worked in a company but srd grant always decline me how do I get the money

  15. Sebenzile Mtolo

    Hi I’ve been declined twice,reason uif but I’m not working please i need thismoney

  16. Libhongo

    Hi can you please check my status of this year i havent got my 350 yet

  17. Nana

    My 350 diclin how can i apply again

  18. Sindile

    Sindile is my husband appl on august but not recieve uif pls help

  19. Nombeko

    Nombeko it,s me i never work i only recieve child grant for one child i apply 350 on august they say i registart for uif but i,m not pls help i need this money

  20. Palesa

    I did not get my R450 this month …my satus says it’s already active

  21. Palesa

    What does it mean when i want to re-apply my application says it’s already active..and i did not get My R350 this month

  22. Skhumbuzo

    Why my arplecasn not declined because they is no UIF i am wetting for

  23. Jevish Ramadeen

    Hi i applied for the R350 on the 9yh of August said its successful and its active but no payment has come through i don’t collect uif nor do i receive any form of income.
    Why is that?

    1. Aretha

      I was approved from August and September it’s October that’s still pending but I never received any money

  24. thapelo

    since I got uif ters last year 3 times recently I apply for SRD R350 grant now I got declined I think this thing is a joke south African citizen why could I get declined where as I’m not working even contributing on SARS and uif this is a shame in South africans

  25. Nomthandazo

    I never got uif payment I was getting paiment of R1500 and they were taking R6 for uif I only work 3 months now sassa denied to give me 350 I am very stressed yooo

  26. Nomthandazo

    Hi sir I was getting payment of 1500 permonth and their uif was R6 per week I only work 3 mnth there I never got it I applied several times.I am not working so my 350 request declined because of that uif guys no I am very stressed and hurt since I don’t have food in the table if you can help me to find 350 it could be a great hourner

  27. Agos

    M declined about uif n its long ago nt recieve uif.

  28. Dipuo leopeng

    I want to know how can i despute the outcome of my application because its declined pls help

  29. Somila

    I want to know my payment collection

  30. Portia

    I want to reapply cz I’m not working

  31. Thobile Mtshali

    Why they say I’m registered for uif while I’m not?

  32. T. Lukhele

    I’m unemployed. I don’t know why srg was declined please I need this money.i don’t have a baby I’m not a worker

  33. Simon

    I Simon Mobe Lebelo since I registered for srd last year I always been rejected and I dont understand why because I am not working and the uif you talking about I received it this January and once not twice.

    and currently I am not working or have any means of income but im declined while people who are working at the gorverment are acccessing it why

    is this corruption or nepotism?

    1. Sipho Johannes

      Yes bru me too since I didn’t
      Get anything my status
      Of payment says I have in income
      But am not working people
      From Zimbabwe are receiving R350
      Grand I won’t vote thouse
      People who are receiving Grand
      They will vote not me

  34. masixole maselana

    iwant to apply for the 350

  35. Thandile

    I applied srd grant but it is declined ,bcz of uif registration bt i m not working

  36. Nafeesa Molte

    I applied on 13 August application say approved have not received any sms or pay date I first apply to get paid through post office later update to Capitec Bank last id 088

  37. Hopewell scelo

    Iwant to change the post office payment to be cash sand

  38. Mokgohlwe

    i want to confirm my Account Number

  39. Thembie

    How do i check my status

  40. Velile princess nene

    I need to change my bank details plz help me

  41. Ayanda Mathenjwa

    Sassa decline my application for R350 why? Cause i’m unemployed 😓

  42. Sinesipho

    I did not employed anywhere but still now my SRD grant declined and on April and March on 2021 was declined what must I do coz I need this money I am not employed anywhere😮😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😩😩

    1. Dlava Ntombenkosi

      My application declined because of the fake UIF I’m not registered to UIF because I’m unemployed

  43. Sipho Sijentu

    This thing of Uif is a scam and Sassa is just doing nothing

  44. Liezel Marris

    Why is my status says decline but in the first place it was showing pending what happened now

  45. Mantoko Mishack Letsoalo

    I need help I want to apply srd R350 application

  46. Lesiba Ramokone

    I have applied for 350 but it says decline and m getting uif money which I was paid once off and I am no longer working and I am no longer getting uif money. Please help I want to apply for R350 sassa relief

  47. Lesala Motsosi

    I got denied but I am unemployed

  48. Zintle Mafilika

    I applied for sassa social relief grant then it declined my application because of uif although I didn’t claim uif and I’m not working

  49. Grace Dipuo kau

    I want to know why my identity failed?

  50. Nomvula

    Please give me that R350 cause my contract job ended today and i wii start working next year April 2022

  51. Mpho

    I applied for srd 350 social grant and I got denied

  52. Anonymous

    Hi my application says decline becouse of id verification what should i do need assistance pls

  53. petros nkosi

    ihave been decline it says uif registered but its been almost 2 years since im not working ilost my job during the out break of the pandemic

  54. Siphokazi

    I received R350 on 30 august

  55. Stephan

    I want to apply for September because I didn’t get the money on August so when I try to apply they just saying grand application already active please help me

  56. Stuurman Simon Ngwenya

    I didn’t include my account number of FNB but it was successfully active.pls contact me

  57. Eugene Davids

    On previous applications for February, March and April I gain March pay out after I had to clear the issue of Uif registration at Labour department which I did. Im still unemployed eversince and now for August the same reason was given, declined due to Uif registration, I don’t understand.must we blame the system used or the people programming it. I’m stressed and frustrated because I put Alot of time and effort at the Labour department. Unexceptable

  58. Nono M

    Mine says declined because of “UIF registered” which I know nothing about.It has been more than 5 years without working

  59. Ntombizanele mdwekesha

    I’ve been declined because of uif that I don’t get it

  60. Koena

    I did get the uif ters money and it was only 900 once now i can’t apply for R350 grant because of it and I’m no longer working.. Please help out i need the money

  61. Nzuzo

    I submitted an application without banking details plz help me how do i add them

  62. Anonymous

    Why my application says declined all the time even last year may and now says am registered for uif

  63. Mlungisi

    From post office I want to change to my account plz help

  64. Mmathulo Monica Peega

    Still waiting it’s says pending

  65. Caroline

    Why do my application shows
    pending all the time?

  66. Fikile Ndhlovu-Uzoigwe

    My application is active,I have received Application ID on August,other people have received their 350 but applied after me,I applied before them,I am very disappointed.Please let me know what’s going on.

  67. Jane

    My status for the covid19 R350 grant shows approved but I have not recieved any payment yet,what do I do?

  68. Promise Williams

    How do I send my bank details because I’ve got OTP

  69. Nangamso qhantsi

    How do I change my banking details ??? Help me plx

  70. Nangamso

    How do I change my banking details??

  71. Nelisiwe

    How to upply for 350 grant

  72. Gift ndlamini

    I want to change my banking details please help

  73. Diana nomsa skosana

    I need help to apply for R350

  74. Anonymous

    I need help to apply for the 350 please

  75. Lwazi

    Haw to apply 350

  76. Gadisha

    I am approved; but if i am cgeckibvmy status is shows pending what does this means

  77. Nhlanhla

    I want to apply for350 grant

  78. Giovan

    Im still waiting says pending its more than 3 weeks

  79. Noluthando Phillips

    I did apply for sassa srd do i approved or declined

  80. rashiedapril00

    Last year i apply for the the grand it say pending so no i apply again and it say pending again so please let me no what’s going on please.i really need the money because I’m unemployment no income nothing.

  81. Inno

    I checked my status and it says pending so does it means is it still in process or is declined

  82. Lelethu

    How do I check my sassa status

  83. David masake

    I got the msg said Succefull & my grand is active but no payment,August is almost over,I don’t get any UIF.

  84. maryann

    i was n approved are that means im succesful or not

  85. Ntobeko

    Hi how can i check my status it been two weeks i applied but nothing happened

  86. Ramagoma fhatuwani

    My account has been closed how can I change my banking details

  87. Amanda

    How do I know if I’ve been approved or declined

  88. Anonymous

    How do I know if I’ve been approved or declined

  89. Tabisa Nokwanda Mlamli

    Check my application status

  90. Zimkhita

    My message says Grant application is been active what does it mean, other 1 banking details successfully.. but I have not received sms yet I applied 7th August 2021

    1. Mlungisi

      I how to change post office to banking details plz help

  91. Katrine

    I checked my status op whatapp it say aproove May 2020

  92. Tebogo

    I lost my number how can I changed the number I registered for 350 pls help



  94. Snothando Ntshakala

    How can I change my account number

  95. Erika Eksteen

    Every time I want to check may status it says faill

  96. Luzzet Petja

    kindly provide us with the link to check our application status,the one provided keeps on saying failed,please assist.

    thank you

  97. Malusi Mamba

    I need help in checking my application status online.

  98. Ramonotsi Agnes

    Let’s qeteka data unnecessary the system is always offline, the application doesn’t go through the whole Month,how is that possible aagman

  99. Mmapula

    How to check my status

  100. Matshidiso

    Hi, I want to check my status .

  101. Sibusiso

    Sibusiso musa Zondo I want to change my bank details

  102. kgosietsiele

    i want to apply for 350 grant.

  103. Richard

    What to check my status keep showing fail

  104. Anonymous

    l want to change my banking details plz

  105. Caroline Gaba

    I struggle to change banking details from post office to my account capitec…please help

  106. Katlego vinicia

    I want to change my bank details I what a eWallet because somepoople scam my bank card

  107. Sivuyile Pali

    IHi I want to check my status

  108. Mela Alexander

    I want to check my status but this link says failed all the time

  109. Petro

    Hi there whe can’t check our status it keeps on saying failed please help

  110. Marie-louise roux

    All the links are out of order ??? How are we supposed to know when are we approved?

  111. Anonymous

    Still struggling to check application status receive failed message,hopefully something and will just receive message from bank that r350 has been paid into acc,do they complete applications alphabetickly or what?

  112. Sarah Mahlangu

    Hello i would llike to check my status..please help

  113. Zandile princess

    My application say I’m ready active but I didn’t get a massage

  114. Zenzi

    I want to check my status R350 grant

  115. Tshiamo

    I want to change my banking details

  116. Samantha

    Hi can you please check my status for last year please i wnt to knw if i can go to post office please

  117. Mqondy

    You need to have Data so that you’ll be able to use the Website Sassa srd status if I’m not mistaken.

  118. Qaphe

    Iwant to check my status

    What m i suppose to du bcs this link a not uet working .

  119. Qaphe

    Iwant t check my status but link a not working they saif failed

  120. Mnqobi Zakwe

    What can I do to my first payment last months payment course I supply before but I never get it??

  121. Patricia

    How to check status online. Some of us haven’t got any money from Sassa since last year June. I wanna know how much I have right now

  122. frederik

    Goodday i wonth to applay for the 350 pls

    1. Nelisiwe ndunakazi

      I want to upply 350 grant please help me with a detailed

  123. Melonie wessels

    When do i know i cualify for the sdr sassa grant of 350

  124. Lecreashia

    How do I know if I’m approved?

  125. Khillion

    I am khillion mokwena appealing but no respond since last week

    1. MELICIA. Sibongile

      MELICIA Sibongile Nhlapo…since dis year 26 February..failed..

  126. Limise mayeza

    I can help everybody bcz I have data bt I’m worried the maney is coming or what

  127. Nomfezeko

    I want to check my status

  128. Dikeledi

    I want to change my money to bank

    1. Sibongile

      I want to change money to bank Capitec

  129. Khanyisile

    Hi,am looking for my status

  130. Zeku

    I want to change my bank details.

  131. Nonkuthalo mahlwempu

    I want to apply 350 grant

  132. Marlene

    Why does my status shows failed Everytime I check

  133. Anonymous

    Why did application get declined

  134. Gail

    I tried so many times to check my status its saying failed why

  135. samson nkonjan mabuza

    I need to reapply

  136. Likhabiso Elisa Silvia Mathebe

    I want to update my banking details

  137. Seloane Mahlodi Lobisa

    I need to change my bank I choose wrong bank

  138. Nozipho

    How i check my status?

  139. Pausha

    I wanna know when was my last payment date for 2021

  140. Tsie

    I want to apply for 350 grant

  141. Zee Tshangisa

    Please share link to check status

  142. Sofi

    I have been trying to get into link which is useless. The link that there do not work

  143. Lebowa Christinah Mphogo

    I want to change my bank details so how can I change it

  144. Anonymous

    I want to apply srd R350

  145. Mmapula

    I want to cancel my social relief fund

  146. Nontobeko

    I wants to check my status what must I do?

    1. Carmelita Rowel

      Want to reapply for the R350 grant

  147. Tshegofatso

    Hello please help to apply R350 I’m currently unemployed

  148. Anonymous

    Those who are failing u can buy me airtym so that we can communicate i will do it for u my number

  149. Sibusiso

    I want to right my bank details

  150. Caryn

    how must I get my payment method on moya.got my opt number already.pls can anyone assist me

  151. Jan le Roux

    Want to apply 350 social relief fund

  152. Zandile

    Who can i apply for R350 how can i apply

  153. Kgothatso

    I want to apply for R350 grant

  154. Zothile

    How to apply 350

  155. Nkosinathi nibe

    I’m applying for a grant sassa relief 350r but there’s no network so I can’t finished my application what can I do to process my documents

  156. Londeka

    I want to apply 350 grants

  157. Sipho Dube

    how can i change my payment method

  158. Yolanda

    How do i can change my bank details

  159. Mokgadi

    I want to cancel my application

  160. Phiwokwakhe Sydney Dlamini

    Please help me to verify my bank details because I applied online and was successful but I only gave them the name of my bank and the didn’t ask my bank account and name of account so I’m worried.

    1. Velile princess nene

      I need to change my bank details plz help me

  161. Zibuyisile Maziya

    I submit all my stuff but sassa didn’t ask me about my accont no:

  162. Zibuyisile Maziya

    I submit my initials, my surname, my identity n my number.I want to continue on the next step

  163. Nosipho Thelma

    Imake a mistake in my bank account

  164. Mazwi

    Already put account capitac not stardad bank

  165. Godfrey

    I have applied but there is no reply and I end up finishing the data. Remember I am unemployed where am I going get money for another data

  166. Nonqaba

    I need to apply R350

    1. collen

      I need to apply 350

  167. Denzil

    How do i check online red covid-19 r350

  168. Noluthando

    How will I know if I’ve been approved

    1. Sipho

      How to check online

  169. Nokubonga

    I want to Apply for R350 grant

    1. Mpilonhle

      I want apply 350

  170. Thembisa Tina ntombifikile

    Help me,I want to apply for srd grant

  171. Mbongeni

    As for citizenship the is no south Africa

  172. Simon

    How to apply for sassa srd grand

  173. Tony

    im mr tony ogbonna of id no ; 7211256218187 im hereby reapply for a R350 Grant

  174. Sinazo

    Hi how to change my bank details to sassa

  175. Nicolette

    I need help want to apply for 350

  176. Shamaine

    I need to apply for 350

  177. veliswa

    I need your help on how to apply for 350 grant

    1. Tembakazi

      I want to apply for 350

    2. Mmaphiri Doreen

      I want to confirm my account number


      My 350 is cancel plc hepl me

  178. veliswa

    I want to apply for350 grant

  179. fabian

    How do I know if I’ve been approved or declined



    1. Anonymous

      Buy me aityme so that i can help u we have to communicate cos the otp will be sent to ur fone

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