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African Bank Contact Information/ Customer Service : africanbank.co.za

Organization : African Bank Limited
Facility : Contact Information/ Customer Service
Applicable For : African Bank Customers
Website : https://africanbank.co.za/en/home/talk-to-us/

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African Bank Customer Service Centre

African Bank Contact Information/Customer Service Centre

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Tel : 0861 111 011
Tel : 011 207 4500
Email : CExperience [AT] africanbank.co.za

Operating hours :
Monday-Friday: 8:00 to 19:00
Sat & Sun: 8:00 to 18:00

MyWORLD Customers :
Service related queries and Fraud Reporting

Tel : 0861 123 456
Email : CExperience [AT] africanbank.co.za

Operating hours :
Monday-Friday : 8:00 to 19:00
Sat & Sun : 8:00 to 18:00
Direct sales (new loan applications)
Tel : 0860 333 004

Direct Sales : (new loan applications)
Tel : 0860 333 004
Where is my loan : 0861 111 011

Savings and Investments :
Tel: 0860 494 940
Email : SCCInvestments [AT] Africanbank.co.za

Insurance applications :
New Applications Tel : 0860 000 975
Email : insuranceclaims [AT] africanbank.co.za

Operating Hours :
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 17:00

Credit Life queries :
Credit Life Queries Tel : 0861 888 786
Tel : 011 564 6827
Email: InsuranceClaims [AT] AfricanBank.co.za

Operating hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 to 19:00
Weekend closed

Document upload :
Email : ABdocs [AT] africanbank.co.za

Debt counselling :
Tel: 011 256 9323
Email: DebtCounselling [AT] africanbank.co.za

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00

African Bank Lost/Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards :
Stop card international Tel: +27 11 256 9988
South Africa Tel: 0861 000 555
Activation line Tel: 0861 000 444
Anonymous complaints or Tip-offs
Tel: 0800 633 633
Fax: 0864 944 107
Email: africanbank [AT] tip-offs.com

Collections :
Tel: 011 207 4500

Funeral Cover Service :
Tel : 0860 000 975
Email: FuneralPlan [AT] AfricanBank.co.za

Operating hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00
Saturday: 09:00-13:00

Funeral Claims :
Tel : 0860 000 979
Email : FuneralPlanClaims [AT] AfricanBank.co.za

Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00
Weekend closed

FAQ On African Bank

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On African Bank

You can earn interest on a positive balance. Most of our credit card products offer an interest rate of between 2% – 3% interest on a positive balance.

You can either permanently stop your card or temporarily place your card on hold.

For a lost, stolen or damaged card, permanent cancellation of the card is required and a new card must be issued at your nearest branch.

A card can be permanently stopped or placed on hold by visiting you nearest African Bank branch, through logging into the African Bank App, Website or dialling the call centre 0861 000 555 /+27 11 256 9988.

For misplaced cards, a temporarily on hold status will apply, this will enable the customer’s card to be re-activated.

Visit your nearest African Bank branch to get a printed embossed Credit card. Once your Credit Card is activated, you will receive an SMS notification that your card can be used to perform transactions.

You can activate your credit card at any African Bank Branch, on the African Bank Website (www.africanbank.co.za), and log in to your Internet Banking profile or on your phone using the African Bank App.

When visiting an African Bank branch please ensure that you have your South African Identity Document and your Credit Card to confirm details. You will be notified via SMS when you can start using your Credit Card.

Yes, by visiting your nearest African Bank branch, via the African Bank App, on the African Bank Website or by dialling 0861111011.

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  1. T Gaven

    I am a very disgusted unhappy client of african bank. extreme poor service received as their first time account user. it seims like with them taken a loan will be for fun or no good reasons. money was paid in on 14/11/22. the 16/11/22 83% of the amount was stolen out of the account with TRADE reference.Huge first amount was transferred out without an OTP or alert received to my side, not even a verification received just to make sure.R3000 money send with 073821XXXX described number on their statement was then done in the next instant event fewer minutes/seconds after the first laundering. This bank should be protecting its customers and their funds for no any wrong activity to transpire but instant they let loose of such actions to take place without even blocking the services to make sure with the account holder if they are the ones transferring. no alert or any of actions taken by this pathetic bank to secure the amounts or the least of freezing the account for further findings. Very incompetent and naive when dealing with such big issues of losing money that was not even a week within a newly handed account.the 30 working day investigation duration sucks as users will be catching with a lot of depression,sicknesses and Etc would have killed us while waiting for this poor service of non making sense investigation to take place due to its BIGGEST NEGLIGENCE. African Bank should make mins of securing our money but it’s acting blinded. so wish it can catch a big wake up before its too late. we taking loans to make a better living for our families but you taking us fogranted or rather very low. what a bitter festive to be experienced because of non carering bank holders. SO SADDENED & DEPARTED.

  2. Dorethea

    1 money out of my account
    2 my name is Dorethea Timotheus
    3 I’m very angry because there was money in my account know and you took it without my permission out of my account and I’m very angry can you put it into my account like in know no arrangement was made for today but well for the 26 October

  3. jaco du plessis

    African Bank is utterly useless when it comes to service. They don’t have the know how to open documents, they are just incompetent and useless as I mentioned.

  4. Willem wayne morris

    Hi just get my new credit card old one expricerd i use one but said no funds will please fix it

  5. Josephine

    Hi i need to find out about my loan

  6. Anonymous

    Not happy with your service shem

  7. Siziphiwe

    Personal loan

  8. geneve

    hi , Hope all is well, i have send a email today, asking for assistance, but no feedback
    please can you have a look at it please help me.

  9. Norine einck

    I order the brown table set to go to Frederick Einck
    At 4960 Harrison drive #131
    Las Vegas Nevada 89120
    I paid it with a Visa card under my name
    I am the mother
    When will it get to him
    Received no tracting number
    When will it get to him

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