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ZA Bank Get Your ZA Card

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Organization : ZA Bank Ltd
Facility : Get Your ZA Card
Applicable For : ZA Bank Customers
Website : https://bank.za.group/en/za-card

ZA Bank ZA Card

ZA Card with the number you really want. You’re the one to decide the last 6 digits of your ZA Card, making your own card for real. More, an array of benefits are waiting for you!

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Have a blast and spend wisely :
ZA Card is a debit card with no annual fees. Spend with the money from your savings account, helping you budget better.

Support contactless Visa payWave :
Payment made easy with just a wave of your card. No swiping or signing needed.

A brand new ZA Verify :
Verify the transactions within the app in seconds, giving you a smoother and safer online shopping experience.

Safe and secure :
Lock and unlock your card with one tap in the ZA Bank app. Receive instant notifications for each transaction and fully control your transaction limits.

Cash withdrawal :
Supported by Visa, you can enjoy free cash withdrawal at over 3,000 local banks’ ATMs in HK, and access to almost 3 million ATMs worldwide with the physical card.

Safety first :
The simpler the better. No CVV, expiry date or even your signature on the physical card, reaching a new level of security.

ZA Card Safety Tips

1. Upon receipt of your ZA Card :
** Don’t use the card if the letter is damaged, and contact us immediately.
** Check the information printed on the card. If the information is incorrect, contact us immediately.

2. Use your card safely :
** Keep your card safe and secure.
** Never give, lend or rent your card to another person.
** If your card is lost or stolen, lock it in ZA Bank App and contact us immediately.
** Keep your card and PIN separately.

3. Keep your PIN secretly :
** Avoid using your personal information as your PIN, such as ID number, birthday and phone number etc.
** Memorise your PIN and never write it down on anywhere.

** Change your PIN periodically.
** Don’t reveal your PIN to anyone, including ZA staff and the Police.
** Make sure no suspicious person is watching when you input the PIN.

4. Use ATMs wisely :
** Make sure no suspicious person is around you while using ATMs.
** Make sure there’re no suspicious devices on the ATMs, such as pinhole cameras or suspicious notice.

** If you notice any suspicious activity in the surroundings, stop using the ATM immediately.
** Cover the keypad while inputting your PIN to prevent unauthorised disclosure.
** Remember to take your card and receipts after using the ATM.

5. Make purchase with your card smartly :
** When making POS purchases, keep your card in sight and beware of the cashier’s operation.
** Keep your PIN and SMS OTP securely and don’t disclose them to anyone.

** You’re strongly advised to keep copies of all sales slips.
** Only conduct online transactions on trusted websites.
** Never make online transactions via public network or shared computer.

You may contact us through our hotline at (852) 3665 3665.

About ZA Bank

Hong Kong’s No.1 Virtual Bank :
As of March 2021, ZA Bank has crossed 300k users, serving 4% of Hong Kong’s population with innovative, convenient and secure banking products and services.

Enjoy 0.7% p.a. saving rate :
Open an account in minutes and enjoy the highest deposit interest rate in the market (based on a deposit of HKD 200,000)

Get ZA Card to enjoy an array of rewards :
Hong Kong’s first Visa card with personalised card number. Have a blast and spend wisely.

Free cash withdrawal at over 3,000 local banks’ ATMs :
Supported by Visa, you can enjoy free cash withdrawal at over 3,000 local banks’ ATMs in HK, and access to almost 3 million ATMs worldwide.

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