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SASSA Check Special Covid-19 SRD Grant R350 Application Status 2021

Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Check the Status of Special Covid-19 SRD Grant R350 2021
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://www.sassa.gov.za/

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How To Check SRD Special Covid-19 Grant Status?

Check Status of Your Special Covid-19 SRD Grant Application

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SRD Grant Declined Reasons

Special Covid-19 SRD Grant Decline Reasons Explained


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) On SASSA SRD Grant

1. I have not received my payments for the approved months before April 2021,what do I do?
** Grants which have been approved remain uncollected from the Post Office, all applicants who have not received or claimed their grants to urgently contact SASSA, as they will only have until 31 August 2021 to make enquiries in respect of the previous grant from May 2020 to April 2021.

** Any applicant whose application was approved but not paid because the applicant could not be traced or the applicant did not contact SASSA to update his or her personal details, shall forfeit the money to the State after 31 August 2021

1. If we say all payments not collected by the 31 August 2021 will be forfeited
i. All unclaimed payments at SAPO will be forfeited if not collected
1.1 Does it mean that all outstanding payments will be made by 31 August 2021? Payments including
1.2 Outstanding payment will be made past the 31 August for the approved client with bank details

a) Referred applications wherein the beneficiaries have sent their updatedinformation to referred [AT] sassa.gov.za and those who have called the contactcentre to update their details but have not heard from the Agency?
i.All referred cases that have been cleared by the fraud unit, will be paid even after the 31st August.

b) Cancelled applications who requested reinstatement – approved waiting for payment date
i. Received requests for reinstatement, with the period of May 2020 to April 2021, that are approved will be paid.

c) EF70 payments that came back to SASSA but not paid into active current payment method-
i. Payments made to dormant accounts , will also be paid prior or beyond 31 August

d) Appeal – approved no payment date
i. if bank details are available, the client will be paid prior or beyond 31 August

e) Cash Send – Approved with no payment
i. If clients provides opts for different payment method, the payment will be made.
ii. Cash payments cannot be made to mobile numbers that are being shared.
iii. Those that were paid and not collected- Cash payment that have not been collected will be reconciled back to the State.

2. Can Caregivers apply?
** Care givers who are not receiving any grant on their own behalf will also be eligible to apply
** All care givers (all the child grants – CSG, CDG and FCG) can apply. They have to apply through the same channels, as with any other applicant.

** Care givers who also receive an adult grant (Old Age or Disability) will not qualify for this grant, as the state already supports them financially

** Care givers who receive grants under the system generated numbers can apply using the “7777” number – the system will accept these numbers and we will then validate against Socpen to ensure that they are current care givers

** If approved –that is if the only income they have is the child grant, then the R350 will be paid directly into the account in which they receive their child grant

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  1. Andiswa

    Yesterday I went to kwamnyandu boxerstore to collect my R350 payment for January,February and March 2022 but unfortunately I didn’t get it because it declined 3 times. I don’t understand why because when I check my status it says proved.

  2. ntosh

    my application was declined it say DEBT I don’t know why are they saying that,and how can I pay while I’m not getting money


    My Payment said declien
    Angazi kwenziwa yini lokho and angi sebenzi ndawo

  4. Anonymous

    Hi I have applied since 2020 but it’s still declining till now ….I feel people who don’t need this money are getting it but us that really need it don’t ….if I’m unemployed for two years …were does sassa even pick up I’m getting money makes no sense if my bank account isnt active….I’m very disappointed in sassa

  5. Edwina lourens

    Still haven’t received payment for April and august 2021 but received date and was approved am I going to get the money

  6. Edwina lourens

    Sassa still haven’t paid two months money they owe me from last year 2021 for April and August when I go check it shows that the funds ain’t a available but my status shows approved with date so what am I to do and will I receive the outstanding balance

  7. Nompumelelo Mkhize

    I was getting my uif and last year on September was my last month.then I apply for RSD grant it’s always says uif attendance but I’m not getting any of uif .pls help.

  8. Remofilwe Montsho

    I applied for R350 last year August it was saying approved.On September when I checked my status was saying decline.but what surprised me is that inever got UIF.whats heart me is that I’m single parent of two boys an I’m not working.plz check my things well I don’t have an income it’s only sosial grant of two boys

  9. Sahesh Dwarika

    I need my SRD my family depends on it .

  10. Sahesh Dwarika

    I’m very freaking disappointed with this SRd shit I was collecting my SRD every month but now for April there’s no money it says reapply for what why I am on the system what the fuck must we reapply for we are damn fucking unemployed thanks to S.A🤣gov

  11. VERNO

    My sassa statment is showing me

    Reapplication pending

    Application ID it say’s appld

  12. Petro van den Berg

    Why was my sassa COVID grant decline I am unemployed struggling to get a job for years now

  13. Sello

    I’ve applied since last year March its always declined reason U I f I’m not getting any money from U I f please help me

  14. Colleen Audrey Fortuin

    Since i aply for the 350r and aprove i didnt recieve any money.pls help

  15. Nonhlanhla

    I have not been employed since 2018 and I have tried applying for srd but declines always I re applied and all my months are on pending for reconciliation for the whole of 2021 12months and still this nothing till now it’s hard breaking to see people getting the money and I need it too but I cnt with no real reason to it.

  16. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Babalwa Ntinga from August last year I did not get pay date all months are approved on March dates change to referred it’s only Much say pproved help me to get this money I need it please


    Hy my name is Nombulelo Gasa I applied for SRD grant last year but they said I have UIF but I didn’t receive any UIF actually I don’t have UIF and I did appeal but it’s says pending from last year tii now I don’t know what I’m going to do please help

  18. Ntokozo mcube

    From last year i have not got all my payment it only written approve one payment was done to me only january and now it been months and months ..what must i do

  19. Ntsheketsi Judith

    Hi only got payment until October from there it declined from November I reconcided keep on saying pending for November, December, January and February now March is pending and will be declined but I have reconcided

  20. Mariam

    Very sad 😔 unhappy f not receiving 5 months payment which was due for me 😭I only received payment February month and March this year and waiting on my payments from last year that was approved but got no dates for payment 😔😔😔😔😔 how come?

  21. Harriet

    My 350rand was declined due to uif now I want to appeal but can’t get in

  22. Vusi moses

    The same problem that I have keep saying uif until when?

  23. Vusi moses

    Hi, I’ve been wanting for 350 since last year August it’s telling me about uif an it was a two years contract so I received the money once because it was a contract even now it’s saying uif until when will keep saying this

  24. Elliot Thabiso Tsotetsi

    I don’t have uif but if I apply my application declared due to the uif I don’t get. Please help since 2020 I apply but I don’t get grand

  25. Nkele

    I have not received my 350 grant for August/September 2021/it says pending what is the problem.

  26. Sphelosethu Wayne Gwadiso

    I have been approved but it still show pandding . I changed banking details to post bank im still waiting . Can i have a date please.

  27. Nomvuzo

    HiI applied for srd grant last year August 2021,then I received only for. August after I only get approved without dates until now March 2022.will I ever get this money or not?

  28. Winnnie yingwani

    Hy guys i hve 4 without my 350 whn i chck its sayig referred why

  29. Pamela Towler

    I have not received February 2022 payment
    I have been collecting through my bank account
    Is their a problem

  30. Johanne

    I have registered for srd but declined bcs of uif and I have reserves use long time ago

  31. Khayakazi Xinti

    I apply this grant bt I don’t get it ,becaz I’m registered at UIF bt I’m not working since 2017 may u help me p/z

  32. Anonymous

    Since I apply for 350 did not receive it because since September until now the approved but no pay date

  33. Grace

    From November 2021 no payment for 350 and is approved.i submit my banking details was successful no date’s,why because I was getting it from September 2021

  34. Margot

    Why is my reapplication pending so long.I have received 2 payments at least.Dec 2021 and January 2022.

  35. Angelique Ashleane Area

    Hi i would like to know how do you check your status if you don’t have the no.you used when applying for the 350’s and what should I do?plz help

  36. Siphiwe msimango

    I am not getting any income from Siphiwe msimango where do we place our declaration.

  37. Dineo Rabecca marumo

    I didn’t get my,350 since I apply it my I’d number 0012120787085 please help me I haven’t received mypay date but show am approved

  38. Dineo Rebecca marumo

    Since I apply the 350 I didn’t get since last year but it says approved but I don’t get pay date

  39. Levona Andries

    I received the 350s for 12months but shows u I f registered everytime.

  40. Pinkie rosina dlongo dlongo

    Hi my application was declined because they say I am getting UIF but I am not getting UIF I left my job in 2014 I was getting UIF in 2015 is been 7year now not getting UIF and I am not registered for UIF so I am appealing for R350

  41. Mamaponyane Margaret Suping

    Hi I applied on August I received money on 25 August 2021.FROM SEP.OCT.NOV.DEC.And JAN I don’t get anything

  42. Thabane Nompahla

    l applied for the SRD grant and it was approved for the last three months but I did not receive my money which was supposed to be in my account. I have given my account details when I applied. So I would like to know what is happening?

  43. Shaheem Skay

    I had apply 2020 and was declined SARS .2021 again application declined due to other source of income ??by sassa can’t explain both reason for declined both application 2020&2021 I’ve last work 2005???

  44. Mzwandile Samuel

    I applied for 350 srd but it says I hv source income and am unemployed am not working

  45. Rukmani Padiachy

    Hi I have applied for the SRD grant and it was approved for the last three months but I did not receive my money which was supposed to be in my account. I have given my account details when I applied. So I would like to know what is happening?

  46. lundi msawuli

    hi my name is Lundi Msawuli. i’ve applied for this grant it decline. please consider my application . i was working in 2019 i struggle to get UIF Till today . My ID number is 841221598XXXX

  47. Colleen Le Roux

    My son has been approved for two months with two dates and when he got to the post office they told him that his name is not on the system I’m just wondering what’s happening he has a child he has to look after and I can’t afford to help him because I’m unemployed

  48. Anonymous

    I applied for R350 and my status is saying I’m UIF registered, i never worked,

  49. Luvo

    Luvo Joni I want know my status

  50. archibald tlale mokgatsi

    i need sassa to consult with SAFPS, as my application was diclined since last year july due to fraud identification detection but i cleard my name with SAFPS in 2018

  51. Hopolang E Dhlamini

    My ID no. Is 8711171143088
    I applied early August but when i check my status is say i have alternative income…im not working and i have never worked before

  52. Nirmala Govender

    I was declined for August message sent other source of income I am unemployed no uif no other source of income I want to reinstate for august

  53. Liyema Ndlovu

    I would love to know what happened to my brother 2020 SRD grant he never get paid at all.

  54. Anonymous

    What is the time frame to check on your status when it is declined?

  55. Anonymous

    It’s so hurtful not to get this grant as some people within SASSA are doing fraudulent activities, cause those people who are declined are one who on the other side are approved but when you enquire you are told that you have been declined.

  56. Lucia Ngoato

    I applied and was declined, reason source of income,but im unemployed what must i do?

  57. Londiwe

    I have been approved but there is no date

  58. Elsie

    i apply on august and got nothing yet please help when do i get pay

  59. Molatlhegi Daniel Goitsilwe

    The same applies as I hear other people say they didn’t receive their promises as you say application is successful but you change the application is declined due to I get some income don’t know from where and how much please re-check

  60. Luvo

    Im Luvo ndwandwa id no9708245699082 i didnt recieve social grant im not working but the companry that registered me on 2019 i only get paid for one month now im strugling to get grant pls do follow up

  61. Daniel Sello Maseli

    I would like to query the fact that my application was declined because it seems I am still registered on UIF. I have not received any funds from UIF in over six months. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  62. Daniel Sello Maseli

    My application was declined because I was on UIF but I have not received any funds from UIF inover six months. The sms I received suggested I query before 9/25/2021

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