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dwa.gov.za : e-WULAAS Electronic Water Use Licence Application & Authorisation System

Organisation : Department of Water & Sanitation
Facility Name : Electronic Water Use Licence Application and Authorisation System (e-WULAAS)
Country : South Africa
Website : http://www.dwa.gov.za/ewulaasprod/

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What is DWA e-WULAAS Portal?

DWA e-WULAAS is the online web portal for the submission, processing and authorisation of water use licence applications. This online portal allows prospective water users to register free of charge, submit their applications for water uses, make payments and interact with DWS in a secure online environment.

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Services Offered By DWA e-WULAAS Portal

Following services are offered by Department of Water & Sanitation (DWA) e-WULAAS Portal

Water Users registered on DWA e-WULAAS can engage with DWS online regarding the:
** Submission of applications and related documentation
** Tracking of applications through the authorisation process
** Communication
** Support and assistance.

How To Use DWA e-WULAAS Portal?

Using the online application process is as easy as:

Step-1 : Register your water use profile http://www.dwa.gov.za/ewulaasprod/house.aspx
Step-2 : Login with your details
Step-3 : Start your application by following the online prompts.

Prospective water users that do not have access to the online portal will still be able to submit their applications by contacting their nearest DWS Office for assistance.

About e-WULAAS:
The National Water Act (NWA) (Act No 36 of 1998) [PDF – 239 KB] fundamentally reforms the law relating to water resources, recognising that water is a scarce and unevenly distributed national asset that belongs to the people of South Africa and provides the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) with the mandate to protect, use, develop, conserve, manage and control the country’s water resources in an integrated manner.

The NWA therefore provides the legal basis upon which to develop tools and the means to effect this mandate.

One of the means is the authorisation of water use as defined in Chapter 4 of the NWA. The online Water Use Licence Application and Authorisation System (e-WULAAS) is a tool to facilitate the authorisation and manage the authorisation of water use.

About DWS:
The Department of Water and Sanitation is the custodian of South Africa’s water resources. It is primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy governing this sector. While striving to ensure that all South Africans gain access to clean water and dignified sanitation, the department also promotes effective and efficient water resources management to ensure sustainable economic and social development.

Our Values:
** Transparency – we fulfil our mandate in an ethical and open manner
** Respect – we respect each other, as well as our clients, and the needs of our citizens
** Excellence – we are leaders and innovators in our sector who get it right on time every time
** Everyone – we are a caring employer who through teamwork serves South Africa’s people


Call Centre (Toll Free) : 0800 200 200

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