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African National Congress ANC : Apply For Membership

Organisation : ANC African National Congress
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : South Africa
Website :

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What is ANC Membership System?

As a democratic organisation, ANC members are expected to play a critical role as agents of change in their communities, in society and in the ANC structures at all levels. The rights and responsibilities of members are set out in the Constitution of the ANC. The Membership system went live on 28 February 2020, allowing members to directly register, check their status, register a dispute if their status not correct, change their details and Renew their membership.

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How To Apply For ANC Membership?

To Apply For ANC Membership, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Click On Register button
Step-3 : Register Account
Step-4 : Login to Account
Step-5 : Apply For Membership

FAQ On ANC Membership

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On ANC Membership

I am an ANC member, how do I register on the new System so I can control my own membership? Go online and to and follow the instructions.  Also see the pamphlet, How to Register Online on page x
When I log-in, the system ask me for a User name, what is this? Your unique thirteen digit ID number is now your Membership number and your User name. Use this at all times, including as Reference when you pay for membership at the accepted pay points.
I registered, but got the message “Our records show that you are not yet a member of the ANC”. But I joined the ANC a long time ago, and am an ANC member! If you are already an ANC member, this means that you are not yet in the database.  This may be because your details were wrongly captured at some point, or that your membership form was not captured. On the page where you saw this message, there is an option to lodge a DISPUTE. Click on this, and you can then upload proof of membership – this is an old Membership form with an old proof of payment.

Once the dispute is lodged, the Call centre will review.

If your membership is ACCEPTED, you will then be informed and you can then register, check your status, and renew your membership. This may take a bit of time, given the large volumes of that the Call centre deals with.

It may be REJECTED because you did not provide sufficient information or your form or proof of payment unreadable. The message will indicate why you were rejected and what to do next.

I want to join the ANC, do I pay membership fee and then register? NO. You MUST first register on the system , indicate that you want to join, and fill in your details.  Your application for membership will be reviewed by the BEC as per the constitutional process of the ANC. If accepted, the Branch Secretary will accept you on the system. You will get an SMS or email to ask you at this point to pay the subscription, either by logging in, and paying online or by deposit at an ATM, using your unique ID number as reference number. Once you paid and the system uploaded your payment, you will start your 6 months’ probation as a Provisional member. At this point, you can go into the system again, and download your Provisional Membership Card.
I logged – in and tried to register, but the system says my ID number is already registered and in use. Call the Membership Call Centre with your ID number to confirm if indeed your name is in the system. If you are the correct member, the Call centre will follow up to ensure that you are able to log in and manage your own membership account.
I am a Branch secretary and a number of branch members are deceased. How do I remove deceased members from the branch Members List? The branch secretary does not  have to do anything,  Once very 3-6 months, the central database is put through HANIS, and deceased members are moved to the DECEASED category.
There are opposition members or criminals or corrupt people who joined our branch online, how do we object/remove them from our Member List? The BEC should immediately submit the report on members who defected to the opposition or verdict of the disciplinary process showing that the member was found guilty and is suspended/expelled.

The status of the member will be changed to suspended/expelled/resigned depending on the verdict.

Is it wrong to use the ANC logo as a member picture. Yes, it is wrong. The member must upload a picture of him or herself for identification purpose.
Our members register on the system, but they don’t receive their OTP This may because of the following reasons:

·       The member was captured on the database with no contact details

·       The contact details captured on the system during registration were not captured correctly

·       OTPs in some areas are delayed and the delay should not be more than 24 hours.

Members who do not receive OTP for registration should check whether contact details captured on the system is current and reconfirm the method of communication they prefer.

If still a problem, the Call center will be able to assist in correcting contact details so that the member can proceed with registration

Our members registered on the system, but forgot their passwords The members who forgot password must click FORGOT PASSWORD on the system, and follow the system prompts from that point onwards.

Benefits of ANC Membership System

The ANC Membership System is an online platform designed to make it easier for members of the African National Congress (ANC) to manage their membership and participate in party activities. Here are some benefits of the ANC Membership System:

Improved Communication:
The ANC Membership System provides a platform for members to communicate with the party leadership and each other easily. Members can receive regular updates on party activities, events, and news.

Easier Access To Information:
The ANC Membership System provides members with access to the party’s constitution, policies, and other relevant information. This helps members stay informed about the party’s principles and objectives.

Better Organization:
The ANC Membership System helps the party keep track of its members and their activities. This helps the party to better organize and plan its activities, campaigns, and events.

Additional Simplified Procedure

You can apply for African National Congress (ANC) membership online by following these steps:
1. Go to the ANC website:
2. Click on the “Join the ANC” button.
3. Create an account.
4. Enter your personal details, including your ID number, cellphone number, and email address.
5. Upload a copy of your ID.
6. Pay the R20 annual membership fee.
7. Click on the “Submit” button.

Once you have submitted your application, the ANC will review your application and let you know the outcome within 8 weeks.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when applying for ANC membership online:
** You must be a South African citizen to apply for ANC membership.
** You must be at least 18 years old to apply for ANC membership.
** You must have a valid South African ID number to apply for ANC membership.
** You must pay the R20 annual membership fee to apply for ANC membership.

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  1. Mooketsi Solomon modisaotsile Molefe

    i also applied,even now my membership is still under review.Actual what is being reviewed because I am loyal ANC member ever since I voted for this organisation and I will still remain ANC member

  2. Jeffrey Zandisa Cele

    I applied for membership in May 2022 but even now after 4 months of application when my status still reflects membership under review.

    1. Johan

      I applied for my membership 28 October 2022, even now my membership is still under review.Actual what is being reviewed because I am loyal ANC member ever since I voted for this organisation and I will still remain ANC member.

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