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African Christian Democratic Party Membership :

Organisation : African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Country : South Africa
Website :

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How To Apply For ACDP Membership?

Become part of the change South Africa needs. Sign Up below to add your name to a list of passionate ACDP Members, working together for change!

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To apply for ACDP Membership, Follow the below steps mentioned below

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Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Click on the link “Become A Member”
Step-3 : Sign Up to apply for Membership


Partner With Us:
We are running a number of events, projects, and campaigns all the time, and all of these take time, people, and money to implement. You can become involved in any part of our work that suits your expertise, your calling, the time you have available, and/or your budget.

Support Us In Person:
To achieve our vision of governing South Africa, we need men and women to stand and work with us. When you sign up as a member, we will link you to our branch in your ward where you will meet like-minded members all working together in unity. Our branches play a core role in running our local projects, attending our rallies and events, and expanding our footprint, visibility and impact in your municipality. Branches elect their own leadership and send delegates to regional and provincial meetings.

Support us as a Candidate for election:
You could become a public representative for the ACDP by joining as a member and then applying to be a candidate for these next elections.

Support us by investing in Godly governance:
To achieve our goals, we also need to buy material for our events, projects and campaigns, all at great cost. By investing in the work of the ACDP, you are investing in the future of our country. We are the only political party in South Africa with a history of clean audits of our party finances. This shows that we are accountable and transparent when it comes to financial management. Invest Now.

Support Us Online:
Log onto our various social media accounts and like, share, retweet, comment or message us. The more people engage with us on these online platforms, the more our presence on social media is raised in the public’s timelines.

Support us in faith and in prayer:
Intercede and pray for the ACDP and for the doors to be opened that we can govern South Africa. We encourage you to find your support platform and engage with us and with the people around you so that we can be the change in our country in Jesus’ name.

ACDP Manifesto

Road To Godly Governance:
Section 1: Building a thriving Local Government
South Africans are fully aware of the failures of their local municipalities and we are determined to fix them. These are our solutions.

Effective Service Delivery:
Government has a constitutional mandate to improve the lives of all citizens through the delivery of quality services but corruption has crippled our state institutions. It’s time for a clean sweep! We need decisive and ethical leaders who are committed to building an efficient and ethical local government where respect, justice and service is its central aim.

The ACDP will:
** Install ethical, accountable and skilled municipal managers and staff, regardless of their race, sex, age or religion;
** Give priority in municipal budgets to basic service delivery by prioritising the maintenance and upgrading of water, sewerage, road and electricity infrastructure;
** Ensure that those accused of corruption are speedily prosecuted, and where found guilty, held personally liable to refund the state;
** Ensure that municipal public accounts committees function effectively;
** Ensure there is rigorous and transparent financial reporting to council and the public at regular intervals;
** Support poor households with improved free-basic services and other initiatives that enable their participation in the economy;
** Include and strengthen community-based organisations; and
** Stop illegal dumping by introducing a law enforcement task force.

Reliable & Affordable Energy Supply:
Eskom’s unreliable electricity supply has resulted in widespread load-shedding which has had a devastating impact on economic growth and job creation.

To fix this, the ACDP will:
** Amend the regulatory environment to allow independent developers to set up power plants up to 100 megawatts;
** Allow municipalities that are in good financial standing to generate and purchase power from independent power producers;
** Encourage mines, farms, factories and other commercial enterprises to invest in their own generating plants, as this will contribute to local economic development and job creation and is preferable to other emergency measures being adopted, such as the costly planned power ships.

Small Business Development & Poverty Alleviation:
Small business is the lifeblood of our economy. They are the engines of economic growth and security. Not only do they allow for honest and rewarding employment, they also encourage entrepreneurs to create abundant job opportunities for others. By empowering small businesses we will address poverty alleviation and job creation, and ultimately impact the lives of individuals, communities and business potential.

The ACDP will:
** Empower citizens and ensure ease of doing business by reducing ‘red tape’;
** Work together with entrepreneurs to create favourable conditions to achieve their potential;
** Provide fair financial assistance, education and other support to deserving small businesses to assist them to thrive in the mainstream economy;
** Encourage skills training and mentorship programmes for aspiring local entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on empowering women and youth;
** Collaborate with funders to establish funding schemes;
** Work with business to roll out paid internships;
** Promote investment;
** Ensure that there is fair and equal access to markets for local owners who compete with increasing numbers of foreign-owned businesses; and
** Employ more health inspectors to monitor small businesses trading in food to ensure that they operate in accordance with food safety and hygiene regulations.

Contact Details

Address : African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Stats Building, 2 Fore St, Alberton
Call: 011 869 3941
Email : info [AT]

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