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We Buy Cars Customer Care :

Organisation : We Buy Cars (Pty) Ltd
Service Name : Customer Care
Industry : Online Selling
Service/ Product : Car
Website :

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We Buy Cars Customer Care

To ensure our customers are given the best possible support, WeBuyCars has implemented stringent measures to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our customer care team exists to provide on-going, excellent service and operates Mondays to Fridays, from 08h00 to 17h00.

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Call Our Customer Care Call Centre:
Customer Care Call Centre: 087 057 0000
Customer Care Email: customercare [AT]

Customer Care Department Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday (08:00 to 17:00)
Saturday (08:00 to 14:00)

We Buy Cars Complaints

Please follow the following process when logging a complaint with the customer care team:
** Please complete as many of the form fields as possible, as it will assist the investigation process.
** Once logged, our customer care team will make contact with you within 24 business hours. (Our customer care department operates Mondays to Fridays, from 08h00 to 17h00).
** Once investigated, our customer care team will provide you with feedback, regarding the outcome and the way forward.
** Where a satisfactory outcome has not been attained, the independent Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA) can be consulted on 0861 1 64672 / 010 590 8378.
** The MIOSA is a completely independent organisation, to which WeBuyCars is fully committed.
** If you feel that we have not delivered on our core values, we reiterate that WeBuyCars will abide by the ruling of MIOSA.

FAQ On We Buy Cars

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On We Buy Cars

1. How do I sell my car through WeBuyCars?
1. Complete the easy online application (usually takes less than 5 minutes).
2. Receive an estimated offer via email and SMS within an hour.
3. Accept the estimated offer, by replying to the message.
4. A Buyer will contact you to schedule an appointment with you to inspect your car.

2. How does WeBuyCars create an offer for my vehicle?
At WeBuyCars, we aim to always offer our customers the best possible prices. Many factors are taken into account when determining the value of a vehicle. These factors include supply and demand, current specials, mileage, the vehicle’s condition as well as any extras the vehicle might offer.

Our specialist buyers take all these factors into account to draft the best possible offer for a vehicle. 45% of our deals are repeat business or referrals and currently we buy more than 11 000 vehicles a month.

3. What happens after I accept the estimated offer from WeBuyCars?
If you are happy with our estimated offer, your information will be sent to a WeBuyCars Buyer in your area, who will then give you a call. On the first call, our Buyer will confirm the vehicle details to ensure accurate pricing. Secondly, they will confirm the condition of the vehicle, with a few quick questions regarding:

1. The ownership period and whether the vehicle is paid in full or still on finance.
2. The service history and availability of spare keys.
3. Previous accident damages or repairs done to the vehicle.
4. Availability of the vehicle. The Buyer will then schedule an appointment to visit you and inspect your vehicle – whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

4. What happens during an appointment with a WeBuyCars Buyer?
During an appointment, you can expect our Buyer to do a quick evaluation of the vehicle.

Here they will:
** Take a few pictures of the vehicle and send it directly to our Head Office.
** Do an exterior inspection of the vehicle to assess whether any previous accident damage or repairs were done.
** Do an evaluation of the engine and check a few components such as the oil and water.
** Take the vehicle for a test drive.

Once the Buyer has completed the evaluation, they will contact the WeBuyCars Pricing Team, who will then issue a final offer for you.

5. Is it possible for the final offer to differ from the original estimated offer?
The offer usually falls within the original price estimation range. There are instances when the offer may be higher or lower due to relevant factors.

6. Will WeBuyCars definitely purchase my vehicle at an appointment?
Even though every transaction is unique, we aim to purchase every vehicle. The outcome of each transaction will depend on the condition of the vehicle and the customer’s expectations.

Possible reasons for declining a purchase:
1. The settlement on the vehicle is very high and the customer is unable to provide the shortfall.
2. The vehicle’s paperwork is not in order.
3. The customer is not ready to sell. If an agreement is reached and our final offer is accepted, we will buy your vehicle. There and then, with immediate payment!

7. What does WeBuyCars require from me at an appointment with a Buyer?
We do everything for our clients, even finalize all the paperwork! You need to assist us with only providing:

An original ID or a certified copy (not older than 3 months).
** Proof of address (not older than 3 months).
** A copy of your NaTIS (Vehicle Registration Papers).
** An up-to-date settlement letter (if the vehicle is still on finance).

Features of We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars is a South African company that specializes in buying and selling used cars. Some of the key features of We Buy Cars include:

Nationwide presence:
We Buy Cars has a large network of branches across South Africa, which makes it easy for customers to sell their cars regardless of their location.

Hassle-free selling process:
We Buy Cars offers a simple and straightforward selling process that eliminates the hassle of selling a car privately. The company offers a free valuation of the car, handles all the paperwork, and makes an instant payment for the car.

Competitive pricing:
We Buy Cars offers competitive prices for used cars, which ensures that customers get a fair price for their vehicle.

Fast payment:
We Buy Cars makes an instant payment for the car once the sale is finalized, which means that customers receive payment quickly and can avoid delays.

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  1. Anonymous

    bought a viano yesterday. drove him it is smoking badly. need help

  2. J Kruger

    To Whom it may concern:
    This feedback should act as a warning to any potential buyer of WeBuyCars (WBC). I bought a car online in On 20 Feb 2023. Due to the date closing for offers, I made the offer based on Dekra report findings as could not view the car at the time. As a result of that I found that the car had plenty of problems and defects not declared or details left out by WBC, the Dekra report and the salesperson involved. I ended up spending almost R20,000 in repairs. I did report the matter to WBC Richmond brand but was met with empty promises & referred to the fine print. I followed the WBC complaint procedures but after more than 2 months of trying, this clear that this is a waste of time. WBC also don’t adhere to the findings of MIOSA as stated in the fine print. In my experience this proofed inconclusive. Please be aware if you do buy a car from WBC that the Dekra reports are inclusive, incomplete and that the WBC management and Sales staff does not have a customer focus or willingness to resolve any issue. It almost borders fraud in my experience. I would recommend to rather buy from a registered & recognised dealer and would avoid doing any business with WBC. With Thanks. J Kruger

  3. Mpho

    I bought a car from webuycars it was scrap that I was sold out it’s not place to buy your cars,these guys are thieves with their policies to steal money from poor people you want to have sustainable car.

  4. Osseh

    webuycars is scam you will buy a car after a while the car start giving you problems and they can’t account or help you fix it…it’s not advisable to buy from these guys you will regret it especially if it’s under finance it’s not a place to purchase a vehicle or anything

  5. B. Kubeka

    I purchased a car on the 09 September 2022 and it is already out of the motor plan and was sold a warranty of R8000 by Innovation Hub. Upon my car giving problems and have to pay 18 000 within 6 months,I bought it, their warranty Innovation hub had refused to cover the amount as they indicated its not covered. Why is we buy cars selling us useless warranties as you are bound to have it when you buy a car and afterwards no one can assist.

    Having bought a car for 520 000 its al lot and the monthly repayments and insurance and their paid up warranty that cannot assist with anything

    I request we buy cars consider my complain and fix my car as the 6months haven’t lapsed and request to withdraw their useless Innovation Group money making scheme.

  6. Hendrik Homan

    Very disappointed with we buy cars in the process of buy a caravan then later they told me it is sold but I was first. But they says first come first serve. Loan was approved but If you have cash then that over right your application.

  7. Mosomane

    I bought a car this month from we buy cars jhb south. I lodged a complain and I’m not getting any assistance. I called, I’m transfered from one person to another. Can some assist me please

  8. Sinnah

    Hi I bought a car this month and already is broken down, I’ve been trying to get assistance from we buy cars, I’m been taken from pillar to post. I called the customer service and they tell me they can assist me because I have to logde a complain first and the reason I called is to lodge a complaint. Can someone please assist and tell me what I should do cause I haven’t even paid my first installment

  9. Gadija Isaacs

    I bought a VW Polo comfortline 1.6 on the 15 December 2022.The brakes is making a funny noise and the EPC light went on twice.I then have to pull over switch off the car wait and switch back on for the light to go off.Please assist I bought the car cash and have a warranty.Please assist

  10. Khakhathi singo

    Hi I bought a car a month ago but within a period of one week the car was smoking and I did report that the car is smoking and they said I can take it to any dealer because the car is Ford kuga I take it to Ford and now is being more than a month and half still waiting for their approval because cause they have to put the new engine. I still have not got any answer to when are they going to fix my car so I want to cancel the deal

  11. Linda de Klerk

    Appalling service. I bought or should I say, I am trying to buy a vehicle from WBC KZN Riverhorse branch. I reside in Jhb and was told that it would take 7 – 10 days for the vehicle to be delivered!!! 6 days in and I’ve just been informed that “The Vehicle is currently at the Durban Depo awaiting a full truck to be loaded in order to transported.” Happy days….I’ve had to escalate this matter numerous times to receive confirmation of the Jhb delivery location …it seems that no consideration is given to the fact that their clients are also normal working members of society that need to make arrangements in advance. The saga continues as I still don’t know WHEN or IF I will actually receive the car within the “agreed” timeline – I’m cancelling the entire transaction if the vehicle is not delivered within the committed 10 day period. What should have been a positive, exciting experience has been an absolute nightmare. My first experience with we buy cars but I would not recommend. Oops forgot to mention that my personal data was shared with a complete stranger as the Offer to Purchase containing ALL my details was sent to a random email address without ANY consideration given to checking that it is correct – way to show what the WBC think of the newly enacted POPIA regulations. Terrible, Terrible experience

  12. Kishen singh.son of vishnoo singh

    Unethical….spoke to manager wwayne..absolutey courteous.gave me his no.for my son to call.never answerd since yest.protocols ffd.n social media.warn th poor man.

  13. Mpati Mofokeng

    i bought a car on the 16th July 2022 Ssangyong but the car keys broken on my way back home. 0724942869. please assist.

  14. Mari van Staden

    am SO SO DISSAPOINTED in WE BUY CARS. Always hear lots of stories about them, but to my view, I am not one of the positive clients.

    I did log a enquiry on the website for a trailer/tent trailer. I waited about 2 days and again tried to send an enquiry AFTER I also tried to phone but ALSO without any one answers the phone. At last I got hold and they gave me the Polokwane contact number. Also without any luck. I tried to call the first number again and they said that they would give my enquiry to Bertus Bezuidenhout at the Polokwane branch. AGAIN, no call back. I tried again and again to call, day after that day later Bertus called me from the same contact nr that I tried to call. I asked him for some photos, he said that he would try find someone to see if they could set up the tent and then send me some. I again waited till the next day afternoon, then received the photos. I also asked him to keep the tent down because I will be driving from Tzaneen to Polokwane the next day to come and check. On the Saturday I went to Polokwane, nobody to assist me at first. We, 2 ladies start to loosen all the straps, trying to set up the tent. Bertus came to us to try and assist. He then again disappeared and send another lady to come and assist. We then decide to rather leave We Buy Cars at that stage and turn back to Tzaneen. Then today Monday 18 July 2022, I called Happiness (she was the one that assisted us on Saturday when Bertus just disappeared. I told her that I want to buy the trailer that we were looking at on Saturday. At fist there was a problem with the admin fee. R1700 and then R1500???
    I then ask my wife to transfer the money which I did send the proof of payment and the Buyers Registration form plus the Pre-Deliver inspection forms. It was messages up and down, voice messages etc. Then they phoned me after I receive a voice message again to ask me for a letter from me to my wife that transferred the money that I gave her approval to pay the money… (What???? Never heard something like that….???) Never the less I did draft a letter and mailed it again. I phoned Bertus on his personnel cell number and asked him if they received my letter and if they are happy with everything now, he said that he will call me back and let me know? Again no call back from him. In the meantime Happiness send me a message to tell me that she has the invoice now but the invoice is not correct. She have to go back to the manager to fix the invoice. I then phoned Bertus AGAIN and asked him if they are happy with the letter now? He said yes he will send the invoice to me now.
    Betrus phoned me from happiness WhatsApp call to tell me that there is another R300 short paid….

    What a story JUST to buy a simple item CASH from WE BUY CARS.

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