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UDM Party South Africa : Apply For Membership

Organisation : UDM Party South Africa
Facility Name : Apply For Membership
Website : https://udm.org.za/

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How To Apply For UDM Membership?

To Apply For UDM Membership, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link https://udm.org.za/
Step-2 : Fill the Online Membership Form
Step-3 : Click On Submit button

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FAQ On UDM Party South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On UDM Party South Africa

How does the UDM feel about circumcision?
The UDM believes that traditional circumcision speaks to the essence of being of many of the people our people. Whilst the UDM is fully cognisant of the horrific number of fatalities suffered by initiates at traditional circumcision schools, a sensitive balance must be kept between prevention of loss of life, innovation and the preservation of our culture.

Should South Africa stand up for human rights abuses abroad?
Yes, the UDM believes in respect for, and the promotion of, universal human rights, justice and democracy. South Africa’s peaceful transformation to democracy gives it the moral status and legitimacy to play a leading and universal role in the promotion of human rights and democracy.

While the UDM believes that the role of an interfering international moral crusader would be counter-productive and harmful to South Africa’s national interests, it stands for “prudent activism” and collective foreign policy engagement e.g. multilateral peace-keeping in cases of serious human rights violations.

A UDM government will cooperate with other states and international bodies such as the United Nations to protect and promote human rights and democracy on a universal basis.

How would the UDM solve our energy crisis?
At the outset, a UDM Government shall ensure a coherent framework for the development of, and investment in the energy sector. In this respect, the formulation of an Integrated Energy Plan shall be paramount, which will include enhanced attention to renewable energy resources.

The UDM will promote renewable energy resources as a greater component in the energy mix of South Africa. Renewable energy resources include hydro, solar and wind related energy generation.

To this end economically feasible technologies and applications shall be encouraged and implemented, if necessary, by way of incentives. Targets will be set for the gradual and systematic increase in the use of renewable energy resources, coupled with a reduction in the reliance on finite and environmentally unsound energy resources.

What is the future of mining in South Africa?
There has recently been some interest in the subject of the nationalisation of mines which raised tensions to a boiling point. This situation resulted in great instability, not only amongst mine workers and their employers, but it also negatively impacted on South Africa as an investment destination.

The UDM would add the topic of mining as one of the major points of discussion at the economic indaba we have proposed. Some of the matters to be discussed are:
** the question of ownership of land, mines and mineral wealth.
** the allocation of mining rights to the ruling elite and its implications.
** socio-economic conditions of the workers and the communities that settle close to where the jobs are.
** the controversial issue of mineworkers’ access, or lack thereof, to a provident fund worth billions of rands.
** the unions’ investment arms and the pay-out of dividends to workers who have contributed to the fund.
** the appointment of an independent commission of inquiry to investigate how these workers’ monies had been invested, especially in cases where the workers were retrenched, had retired or passed away.

The role of women in our society – what are the UDM’s views?
Women are the backbone of our society; they are life-givers, nurturers and educators. They are our foundation and our moral compass. The vast black majority of this country are still relegated to physical, economic and social backwaters of society with inferior education and health. Among these poor and marginalised masses, women are often the poorest of the poor.

In addition, the unfortunately reality is that there is no equitable partnership between men and women in South Africa. As a nation, we need to make a social paradigm shift about gender-equality that should usher in a new generation of women and men working together to create a humane world order.


UDM National Office in Tshwane
Email: reception AT udm.org.za
Phone: +27 (0)12-321-0010
Fax: +27 (0)87-941-9052

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