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Got Gas South Africa : Auto-Order Changeover System

Organisation : Got Gas (Pty) Ltd
Facility Name : Auto-Order Changeover System
Country : South Africa
Website : https://www.gotgas.co.za/auto-order-changeover

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What is Got Gas Auto-Order (AO) System?

Got Gas Auto-Order system (AO) is a new system that replaces your changeover valve with our automatic changeover valve and SmartTank monitoring unit. This system can be used with any set of 48kg bottles.

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How To Use Got Gas Automatic Changeover System?

Once the bottle in use becomes empty, the auto changeover will automatically start to use Got Gas from the full standby cylinder, this ensures you have a seamless supply of gas without the need to go outside and changeover yourself.

1. The changeover occurs.
2. A notification is sent to our Head Office Server. In turn, our server will SMS you to notify you that an order has been placed, and request that you complete payment.
3. Once payment is completed, your delivery is scheduled.

Your Gas is Delivered:
We will send out a vehicle to replace the empty bottle with a full one. Once the cylinder in use is empty, the cycle will start all over again ensuring you NEVER run out of gas, nor have the hassle of ordering.

Advantages of Got Gas Auto-Order (AO) System

Got Gas Auto-Order (AO) System Advantages
1. You NEVER run out of Gas
2. You can’t forget to order.
3. Peace of mind of uninterrupted gas supply.

Got Gas Automatic Ordering System Deposit

Got Gas Auto-Order Changeover System (Deposit) – for Residential 48 Kg Water Heater Installations or Commercial/Industrial use ONLY. Automatic Changeover and Ordering system for standard 48 Kg or manifolded multi 48kg systems. Includes delivery and installation. Available now.

Gas Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Using LPG:
1. Always open doors or windows to let in fresh air, this is only unnesseccary when using flued appliances, where the exhaust gasses can pass to the outside atmosphere through a flue.
2. Only use LPGSASA “Safe Appliances”, as they carry certain built in safety devices.
3. Never leave gas appliances on when sleeping or not present.
4. Always buy gas bottles from legitimate suppliers, that have printed plastic seals.
5. All installations should only be carried out by certified installers, ask for their licence cards, or check on the SAQCC website to see if they are registered.
6. Never let children play with gas appliances.
7. If you smell unburnt gas, shut off all valves and cylinders and call your installer.
8. If you have to light the gas manually for whatever reason (eg. power failures), always light the match first, then switch on the gas, not the other way round.

Gas Installations & Regulations:
For your information here are some rules affecting gas cylinder placement:
1. Cylinders must be more than 1m from openings into the house, this includes doors, windows, airbricks etc.*
2. Cylinders must be more than 2m from an open drain or gully (incl. storm water).
3. Cylinders must be 5m from any electrical source of ignition, this includes aircon compressors, pool pumps, plugs, switches, db boards, circuit breakers etc. (except ones located inside, ie on the inside of the house).


Call : 086 1000 427/ 086 1000 427
Email : info AT gotgas.co.za

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