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RTMC Provisional Learners Licence : Road Traffic Management Corporation

Organisation : Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)
Facility Name : Apply For Provisional Learners Licence
Country : South Africa
Website : https://www.rtmc.co.za/index.php/faq-s

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What is Provisional Learners Licence?

** The person concerned may not drive a motor vehicle carrying passengers and in respect of which a professional drivers permit is required

Related / Similar Facility : RTMC Drivers License

** The person concerned must be accompanied in or on that vehicle by, and be under the direct personal supervision of a person seated next to him or her, or immediately behind him or her, where such person cannot be seated next to him or her, and who is in possession of a license, other than a learners or similar license, authorising him or her to drive that class of motor vehicle.
** This is not applicable in the case where the provisional license relates to a motor vehicle having no seating accommodation for a passenger or to a motor cycle.
** In the case of a goods vehicle in respect of which a professional driving permit is required, the person supervising the learner driver must also hold a valid professional driving permit
** The person concerned may not drive a motor cycle while carrying another passenger

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How To Apply For RTMC Learners License?

If you are older than 17, you can obtain a learners license for the following vehicles:
** A motor cycle with an engine capacity of 125 cc or more
** A car
** A minibus
** A small goods vehicle
** A larger vehicle
** If you are 16 years old, you can obtain a learners license for a motor cycle with an engine capacity of between 50 cc and 125 cc
** Once you have obtained a learners license, you may drive the type of vehicle for which the learners license is valid.
** However, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver, except in the case of a motor cycle because a learner driver may not transport another person on a motor cycle
** To apply for a learners license you need to complete form LL1 at a driving license testing centre.
** You must then submit this form together with the following: 1) your ID document, 2) two identical black and white or colour photographs of yourself, 3) the required fee
** The driving license testing centre will provide you with a date and time on which you will be allowed to complete the learners license test.
** The learners license test will verify your knowledge of the rules of the road, road traffic signs and the controls of a motor vehicle

Tracking of Fines

If you are fined while on holiday in Durban, it may take traffic authorities in Johannesburg a while to become aware of it. However, such information is stored on a common database called the National Traffic Information System.

Municipalities can feed their information on to the system and once a person has committed an offence, the car and its registration number are captured on the database and local authorities have access to the motorist’s name and address. The summons can then be sent to the appropriate address. This, however, may take some time.

RTMC Hotline

Call : 0861 400 800

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