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Telkom South Africa : Request To Cancel Service

Organisation : Telkom
Facility Name : Request To Cancel Service
Country : South Africa
Website : https://apps.telkom.co.za/today/

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How To Request To Cancel Telkom Service?

We are sorry to see you go! Please fill the online form. Telkom team will contact you to finalise your request once your submission is completed. Please note that each service you require to be cancelled must be submitted separately.

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For Business Cancellations, please follow the below steps:
** Submit your cancellation request via email to StocST@telkom.co.za for Fixed Line business, or BusinessMobile@telkom.co.za for Mobile Services.
** With your cancellation request, please also submit a copy of ID/Passport of business owner or director, cancellation form (Click here) and/or an official letter on the company letterhead, signed by the business owner or director.

Deceased Cancellations:
** Deceased Cancellations must be sent to Lsdanational@telkom.co.za.
** The following documentation are required: Copy of deceased id, death certificate and contact details for deceased estate.

Please Note:
** All cancellation requests have a standard 30 days’ cancellation notice period.
** Your final bill will be generated approximately 60 days from date of submission of the request.
** If you have services (such as internet, DSL etc) with other service providers(ISPs), we may not be able to process a voice line cancellation before the DSL is cancelled with the other ISP.
** CPA cancellations can only be processed after the device has been returned.
** Any Telkom Services that are still within the contact period may incur premature cancellation penalties.
** Please note that if your account is suspended, we will not be able to cancel you service until the account is paid up to date.

Home/Residential Cancellations:
Please note this is only for Home/Residential Cancellations. Please ensure the information provided is correct. The mobile contact number will be sent the cancellation reference number

Cancel Here : https://apps.telkom.co.za/fulfilment/public/cancelService

FAQ On Telkom

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Telkom

How do I get connected with Telkom or apply for a new contract or plan?
Once you have browsed our SHOP, download our APPLICATION FORM, complete it and take it to a TELKOM STORE along with your ID, proof of address, salary slip and 3 month’s bank statement to complete your application

How do I get connected with Telkom?
The easiest and most affordable way to get started is with our Internet Starter Pack that includes everything you need you to get connected

How do I set up email on my smartphone or tablet?
Have a look at our Device Support section for all your requirements

How do I top up my Telkom airtime and data online?
Log in to your MY TELKOM profile account or get the Telkom app, and purchase bundles, redeem vouchers and more, quickly and easily from your device. Get it on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE , or the APPLE APP STORE

What are Peak and Off-Peak Times?
Peak Times: 07:00 – 19:59 Mondays to Fridays
Off-Peak Times: 20:00 – 06:59 Weekdays
24 hours on Weekends and Public Holidays

What are Telkom’s mobile voice short codes?
Short codes are special phone numbers that make your life easier. They are shorter than normal phone numbers and you can use them to call us for certain services

Check below and see if there’s a short code that can help:
Customer Care – Voice:
** Dial 180 if you’re on Telkom
** Dial +2781180 if you’re on another network

Customer Care – Data:
** Dial 180 if you’re on Telkom
** Dial +2781180 if you’re on another network

Blacklisting and Stolen Devices:
** Dial 182 if you’re on Telkom
** Dial +2781182 if you’re on another network

Request OTA Settings/SMS:
** Dial 185 if you’re on Telkom
** Voicemail Retrieval
** Dial 181 if you’re on another network

Telkom Directory Enquiries:
** Dial 110 if you’re on Telkom
** Dial 1023 if you’re on another network

Prepaid Recharge:
Dial 188 if you’re on Telkom

National Emergency Number:
Dial 112 if you’re on Telkom

Balance Enquiry – Prepaid:
Dial 188 if you’re on Telkom

What is RICA?
RICA is the “Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act”. We know it’s quite a mouthful, but under this law all current and new cellphone users in South Africa must register their SIM cards

This means that we need the following information and documentation when you register your SIM card at a retail outlet:

** Cellphone number
** The SIM card to be registered
** Full names and surname
** Proof of identity: Green bar-coded ID document OR Temporary ID certificate OR Passport

Your home address on a document such as a bank statement, municipal bill, cellphone or retail account (not older than 3 months), existing lease, rental or credit agreement, insurance policy, current TV or motor vehicle license document that includes your name and residential address OR if you live in an informal settlement you can provide a letter and/or affidavit from a school, church or retail store where you receive your post (this letter must be on an official letterhead or have the stamp of the school, church or retail store)

When is it best to contact Telkom customer care?
It’s best to Talk To Us during business hours or after 8pm on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays

Where do you offer international roaming and how much do you charge?
We’ll keep you connected, no matter where you go

Will my Telkom SIM work with any cellphone or modem?
99% of the time. If your phone or modem was ported from another operator network and first configured to that network, you might need to manually set up an internet connection for Telkom’s mobile network. You will only need to do this once

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