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Primetime Express Shipment Parcel Tracking : ptexpress.co.za

Organisation : Primetime Express
Facility Name : Track Your Shipment / Parcel Tracking
Country : South Africa
Website : https://www.ptexpress.co.za/track-your-shipment/

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How To Track Primetime Express Shipment?

To Track Primetime Express Shipment, Follow the below steps

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Step-1 : Go to the link http://tracking.parcelperfect.com/login.php
Step-2 : Enter a waybill number
Step-3 : Click on “View Details” button

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FAQ On Primetime Express

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Primetime Express

What classifies a parcel as ready for collection?
The parcel should be completely packaged (please see our packaging guidelines), sealed, the waybill and tracking stickers completed and on the box. Once the courier driver arrives for collection, everything should be ready for shipping.

When should my parcel be ready for collection?
When you book your collection you will be asked to specify a collection time, e.g. Between 3-5pm. This means that your parcel/s must be ready to collect from 3pm.

Why can a courier not collect at a specific time, e.g. At 3pm?
The couriers have a specific route that they follow which has been planned out for them based on the collections placed for the day and may be held up by traffic, clients, etc. For this reason, we ask that our clients provide us with at least an hour window, eg. 3-4pm.

Why can I not book a collect after cut off time? Surely the driver may still be in the area?
The branch needs to plan a very strategic route each day, based on the various collections. Once this route has been planned, it is very difficult to add more stops for the day, without disrupting all the other collections and their times. This is not fair on the clients who have booked on time, as the driver may be late for them if additional collections are then allocated.

Why can the courier driver not wait for me to finish packing my parcels?
The driver has a specific route he has to follow, and a cut off time to return to the base. If he misses this cut off time, then all the parcels on the truck/ vehicle will be late. There is also express freight on the vehicle, which needs to meet airline times.

When should I call for a collection?
This is area dependant, but the earlier the better. Please contact our offices for area specific times.

How many waybills should I use if I have more than one parcel?
You must use one waybill per destination. If you have a few parcels going to one destination, then please use the tracking stickers provided. Should you have multiple pieces going to different destinations, then each will need a different waybill, with the correct delivery details.

Does the fuel levy apply to each parcel?
The fuel and currency levy is applicable per waybill. If there are 10 parcels on one waybill, the fuel and currency surcharges will be calculated on the total waybill amount.


Landline: +27 21 930 9140
After hours: +27 83 500 2370

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