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e-Joburg Payment Service : Joburg City Municipal Online Services

Organisation : City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
Facility Name : e-Joburg Payment Service
Applicable Place : Johannesburg, South Africa
Website :

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What is e-Joburg Payment Service?

We urge all our customers to switch their payments to our e-Joburg service. This ensures that the City receives payment immediately, into our bank account, and our costs of collection are reduced. It also allows us to electronically reconcile your payment. The removes the risk of payment delays and reference errors resulting in service terminations. e-Joburg (via its service provider) is a member of the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) and has agreements or partnerships with the majority of large banks, MasterCard and Visa. You can be assured that your payments are safe and secure.

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Why Should I Pay Using e-Joburg?

** To ensure that there is no delay in the City receiving payment.
** Payments made via third parties can take days to reflect on your municipal account. This delay is removed for payments made via the e-Joburg service, eliminating the risk of unwanted actions by the Municipality.
** e-Joburg immediately issues you with a proof of payment. This payment confirmation is retained in history for future query and record retention. No need to retain paper copies of invoices and payment receipts.
** To ensure that your service is not suspended due to incorrect referencing or delays in the City receiving notification of your payment.
** e-Joburg is the only service that is integrated with banks for electronic referencing and real time notification.
** To eliminate manual entry. e-Joburg electronically controls all reference numbers ensuring no mis-allocations or lost payments.
** Paying via e-Joburg helps us eliminate errors which occur in the capture of reference/account numbers within the banking system or third party payment systems.
** To help your City. This service reduces our costs, eliminates wasted time trying to reconcile payments, removes erroneous disconnections and allows us to spend more time on improving services.

How To Pay A Bill On e-Joburg?

Once you have added your municipal bill to your profile, log into the e-Joburg site. Select the ‘Account Manager’ option under ‘Accounts’ in the main menu. A list of your associated municipal accounts will be displayed. Select the account you wish to pay and click on the Pay selected Accounts option. Input the amount you wish to pay, select your preferred payment type and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

The Instructed Debit Payment Process:
Follow the steps below to add your bank account in e-Joburg:
** Select “Manage Profile” and then “Banking Information”
** Click “Add New”
** Select Box if the “Account does not belong to the logged in user?”
** Complete your Banking information and Click “Add”
** If the account does not belong to the logged in user, we will notify the user that their bank account provided has not been verified and in order to verify the bank account, e-Joburg will run a R25.00 payment which will be allocated against the selected Municipal Account.
** A pin will be provided on your bank statement which will be required to be entered to complete the account verification.
** Please allow for up to 48 hours for the payment/ pin to appear on your bank account.

Follow the steps below to pay your account:
** Select the “Account” and then “Account Manager”
** Select the “Account” you wish to pay and click “Pay”
** In the “Payment Type” drop down box, select “Instructed Debit”
** Select from which Bank Account you wish to pay
** Select your pay by date (Please note this can be a future dated payment)
** Click “Pay”

The average response time from your bank for Instructed Debit is 24 – 48 hours. Your Account with the City will be updated once the funds are received.

FAQ On e-Joburg

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On e-Joburg

How do I register on e-Joburg?
Visit the e-Joburg home page and select the “Register” option at the top right of the page.

To complete the registration process you will need the following:
** Your City of Johannesburg municipal account number
** Your SA ID number or valid Passport number
** Your personal details and a valid email address

Can I register my company on e-Joburg?
You are able to register your company information under the “Manage Profile” section of the e-Joburg site.

I am an agent and would like to register and pay on behalf of my clients.
Agents are able to register and load accounts on behalf of their customers. Or your customer may also register on e-Joburg and t

Will my client’s information be accessible to anyone else?
For support purposes, the e-Joburg Call Centre agents will have access to your client’s information – to assist in the event of a support query/call. Please ensure that your clients are aware of this fact and refer to the Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Can I allow someone else to pay a bill on my behalf?
Yes. e-Joburg allows you to invite other users to either view a municipal bill, or view and pay the bill. Further information is available under the ‘Delegate Account’ section of the site.

I’m a tenant, can I still use the site?
As a tenant, you can register on e-Joburg and ask your landlord to give you access to their municipal account. They will then decide whether you can only view the account, or view and pay the account on their behalf.

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