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MINI South Africa : Book A Test Drive Online

Organisation : MINI SA
Facility Name : Book A Mini Test Drive
Country : South Africa
Website :

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How To Book A Mini Test Drive Online?

To Book A Mini Test Drive Online, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Choose your MINI, Retailer, Model and Date & Time
Step-3 : Register and Login
Step-4 : Enter the Driver details
Step-5 : Submit

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Create Your Mini ID:
Join the tribe by creating your global MINI Account with many benefits including:
** Edit/cancel your test drive booking online
** Receive exclusive, personalised offers
** Pre-fil your personal details
** Save your fave MINIs to your wishlist
** Global access to all your MINI accounts

Mini Models

** All-Electric MINI Cooper
** All-Electric MINI Countryman
** New MINI Countryman
** 3-DOOR SE
** 3-DOOR Hatch
** 5-DOOR Hatch
** Convertible
** Clubman
** Countryman
** John Cooper Works.

FAQ On Mini Electric

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Mini Electric

If everyone drives an EV, will the grid be able to cope?
National grid capacity isn’t the big problem most people think. So far, the market entry of EVs in the EU has been very predictable and the electric grid is constantly being developed in parallel. is no need for new electricity-generation capacity in the near future. Utility companies have had the time to plan ahead. However, the situation is country-specific.

Do EVs drive in the cold?
Cold weather can indeed temporarily reduce EV battery range by about 10-12%. But nowadays, most EVs have a reach of 250-300 km anyway. Easily enough for a daily commute. And thanks to their design, they are far more efficient than people think in winter. They perform arguably better in snow than conventional cars due to the low position of the battery and the resulting lower centre of gravity. This boosts an EV’s traction and its ability to handle snowy and icy conditions.

Does the MINI Electric have enough range for my journeys?
When it comes to range, the MINI Electric has up to 234 km (WLTP). That’s more than enough for most trips you can imagine. It’s just a question of thinking how much range you use, and where you use it.

Is it difficult to use the brakes on a MINI Electric?
EVs operate a system known as regenerative braking. During the process, an EV’s braking system recaptures kinetic energy and converts it to electricity – effectively recharging its own battery. This system helps optimise an electric car’s efficiency, by requiring less effort to accelerate forward. So when you lift your foot off the pedal you automatically start braking, and you have the brake pedal as an extra means of slowing down. So it is arguably easier and much more efficient.

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