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Apply For Admission at a Mental Institution : Department of Home Affairs

Organization : Department of Home Affairs
Head Quarters: Gauteng
Facility : Apply For Admission at a Mental Institution

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Website : http://www.gov.za/node/727561

DHS Admission To a Mental Health Institution

About admission into a mental health institution by consent :
** If you have a mental condition, you may be admitted into a public mental health institution.
** There are many different mental health problems with different symptoms.

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** Some are more serious than others in the way they affect the individual, family and community.
** The causes of mental health problems differ, but generally they are a combination of biological, psychological and social reasons.

Only a spouse, next of kin, partner, associate, parent or guardian of a mental healthcare user may make an application, but where the :
** user is below the age of 18 years on the date of the application, the application must be made by the parent or guardian of the user
** spouse, next of kin, partner, associate, parent or guardian of the user is unwilling, incapable or not available to make such an application, the application may be made by a healthcare provider.

What you should do

** Go to a doctor or a clinical psychiatrist.

The doctor will :
** assess and examine you
** give you a referral letter.
** Apply for admission at a mental institution,

Submit :
** a referral letter
** your written consent.
** copy of your identity document (ID).

Note :
** If your mental condition is regarded as a threat to society, a court can order you to be commited to a mental institution with or without your consent.

How long does it take :
** You may be admitted as soon as a bed is available.

How much does it cost

** The cost for the service depends on two conditions.
** Where a patient is admitted involuntarily, that is, the person is so sick that they need medical attention without their consent, the service is free.
** Were a patient voluntarily consents and request the service, they are liable for payment in terms of the Uniform Patient Fees Schedule.

Forms to complete :
** Application forms are available from public or private clinic.

Who to contact :
** Mental Health Information Line – 0800 567 567

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