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How to Submit Claim : momentum.co.za

Name of the Organization : Momentum
Type of Facility : How to Claim Momentum Scheme
Head Office : Centurion

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Website : https://www.momentum.co.za/for/you/services/claims

Momentum Submitting your Claim

** All you need to know about processing your claim.
** To ensure we process your claim quickly and efficiently, please contact our claims contact centre to lodge your claim.

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** Call us on 0860 441 111
** Email riskclaims AT momentum.co.za
** Fax on 012 675 3947 or +27 12 675 3052 (international callers)
** Our working hours are Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 08:00 to 17:00.

** If you are unsure if you can claim, take a look at Myriad or contact your financial adviser.
** The following information will help you identify your type of claim and also give you clarity on what supporting documentation you should provide.
** This will assist us in processing your claim.

Death claims

For death claims, please supply us with the following documents :
** A certified copy of the deceased’s original official South African death certificate (BI-5).
** A certified copy of the deceased’s original identity document.
** A certified copy of the beneficiary’s original identity document.
** If the beneficiary is a minor, we require a certified copy of an unabridged birth certificate, which reflects both parent’s names.
** Official proof of guardianship of minor beneficiary(ies).
** A certified copy of the original letter of executorship.

** The bank account details of the beneficiary, executor or cessionary (a person or legal entity to whom something is transferred or assigned) for payment. We also require a copy of a bank statement or a cancelled cheque as proof. The bank statement must be less than three months old and it should either be on the bank’s official letterhead or have the bank’s stamp.

** The application for payment of a death claim form, completed and signed by the beneficiary, cessionary/executor or the legal guardian before a Commissioner of Oaths. Make sure that sections 4 and 5 are completed. The exact or probable cause of death is required, e.g. heart attack, motor vehicle accident, etc, stating the cause of death was natural or unnatural will not be accepted.

** The medical certificate for death claim form needs to be fully completed by the deceased’s general practitioner or the doctor who treated the deceased during the past five years or a doctor specified by Momentum.

Unnatural death claims

If the claim is due to an unnatural death, the following additional documents will be required :
** A certified copy of the original post mortem report and a copy of the body identity document.
** The unnatural death form completed by the SAPS investigating officer.
** If the death was as a result of a motor vehicle accident we require a complete certified copy of the road traffic collision report (the official police report), including the front and back of all the pages.
** A certified copy of the original judicial inquest report, including all witnesses’ affidavits that form part of the report and any newspaper clippings (if any).
** Blood alcohol test results.
** Identification of Body document (available on completion of post mortem).

Funeral claims

If the policyholder is deceased, the claim will pay the person who has already paid for the funeral :
** A funeral claim form, detailing the exact cause of death.
** Certified copies of the identity documents for the deceased and the claimant.
** Certified copies of the deceased’s death certificate.
** A bank statement for the claimant which may not be older than three months.
** A receipt from the funeral parlour confirming the details of the person who paid for the funeral.
** If this is an unnatural death, we require the unnatural death form.

Retirement annuity claims:
** The retirement annuity policy provides benefits that are payable to dependants and/or nominees of the deceased according to the rules of the fund.
** When we receive the requirements listed below, we will refer the claim to the trustees of the retirement annuity fund.
** They will determine whom the proceeds are payable to.

We will then inform you of the options available to the recipients and of any additional requirements :
** A certified copy of the original death certificate.
** A certified copy of the deceased’s original identity document.
** A certified copy of the original letter of executorship or the appointment letter, only if the executor is instituting the claim.

** A certified copy of the original marriage certificate or civil union registration.
** Any divorce agreement concerning the deceased. Please confirm in writing if this is not applicable.
** The unnatural death form completed by the investigating officer of the SAPS.
** The determination of dependants questionnaire fully completed.

Functional impairment claims :
** Function impairment cover protects you against the long-term financial impact of permanent illnesses or injuries such as paraplegia, blindness and dementia.
** In order to approve a claim for functional impairment, we will need proof that the illness has caused a permanent impairment.

We require the following documents in order to process a functional impairment claim :
** An up-to-date clinical report from the treating specialist, which must include the full diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan and response to treatment, reference to reasonable optimal treatment and Maximal Medical Improvement is required.

** Regrettably, a report from a general practitioner will not be accepted.

** A report on the latest tests carried out. As specific tests vary with different conditions, please contact the claims department for the exact diagnostic criteria.
** A copy of the claimant’s identity document, with the photograph clearly visible.
** A copy of the policyholder’s identity document, if this is different from the claimant.

** The policyholder’s bank details with a copy of a bank statement or a cancelled cheque as proof of these bank details.
** The bank statement must be less than one month old and it should be on the bank’s official letterhead or have the bank’s stamp.

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    Kindly advise on the completion of this form. The beneficiary has been living in Canada for the last 30 years. She is not married , has no children and has dual citizenship (South Africa and Canada). Her late mother had an Insurance policy that has her as one of the beneficiaries. She has no bank account in South Africa other than her brothers bank account.

    On persual of the M.P.336(b) form, paragraphs 3a to 3d is requesting for information of intended date of departure. The beneficiary is already living in Canada, and has no assets or liabilities in South Africa. Also note in section 4 , the individual is not relinquishing her South African Citizenship or residency. Kindly advise on completion of this form

    1. Ann

      MY name is Antoinette Moropane Id 7410160647081 I am not happy with your service in 2015 December you deducted money from my account never received that medical aid card or anything from momentum so always I think about that if i invested that money it could have bear some interest please advice.


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