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Upstream & MTN SMS Campaign Promotion : mtnblog.co.za

Organization : MTN
Competition Name : Upstream & MTN SMS Campaign Promotion
Applicable For : MTN subscribers
Competition Deadline : 6 February 2017
Prize : R 1 000 000 cash

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Website : https://www.mtn.co.za/Pages/Competitions.aspx

Upstream & MTN SMS Campaign Promotion

Hey, Famo, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Upstream & MTN SMS Campaign Promotion. So if you are a person who is very knowledgeable, then it is about time you put your knowledge to the test, and stand a chance to win big!

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From 10 October 2016 until 6 February 2017, you stand the chance to win prizes by participating in the trivia quiz, or subscribing to content services including Guessing Game, Nutrition Tips or Games Portal. The amazing prizes up for grabs includes, R 1 000 000 cash, airtime for a year, one of 4 Mercedes GLCs, one of 4 BMW X5s or a house valued at R3 000 000


** all you need to do is SMS the word ‘WIN’ to 31018 at no cost. Once registered, you will receive trivia questions throughout the day that you will need to answer in order to get a chance for higher prizes.
** The free trivia will earn you 10 points for the draw.
** The more questions you answer, the bigger the value of the prize that you can win.
** There are 40 questions in the free trivia game, but you can continue playing the trivia game at R1,50 per question answered after you have answered the 40 free questions.
** Each answer will earn you additional points in the draw for R1 000 000!
** Another way of winning is to opt in for content services and get yourself into the draw for bigger and better prizes.

There are three awesome content services to look out for :
** Games Portal, which is a variety of fun games, Guessing Games, which will keep you on the edge, and Nutritional Tips for advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Signing up for these services is so simple :
** For Guessing Games, SMS ‘OK’ to 39634 (charged at R3 per day)
** For Games Portal, SMS ‘OK’ to 39635 (charged at R5 per day)
** For Nutritional Tips, SMS ‘OK’ to 34471 (charged at R2 per day)
** Every successful subscription counts as an entry into the draw for a spot prize for each respective service!
** So, Fam, which of these prizes would you most like to win? Drop us a comment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an MTN promotional SMS campaign?
Yes, this promotional SMS campaign is brought to you by MTN and sponsored by Upstream.

Who sends out the SMS?
The opt-in messages are sent from MTN; therefore, numbers are not given to third-party providers. Customers may receive an SMS from 31018.

What is the trivia game?
It is a type of quiz game that asks you general knowledge questions. With our trivia game, you play for free and get points in the draw for a chance to win.

Who is eligible to play the trivia game?
All MTN subscribers

Do I get charged for playing the trivia game and replying to questions?
Customers will not be charged for playing the free trivia game on 31018.
Customers will be charged R1.50 per SMS for the premium trivia on 31017.

Why do I sometimes get a screen ‘pop-up’ to say I will be charged?
This is a prompt from your handset make and not MTN; however, you will not be charged for opting in to the free trivia game because joining and participating in this trivia game are completely free.

How do I enter?
To enter, simply SMS any keyword (e.g. ‘GO’, ‘YES’, ‘WIN’ or your name) to 31018.

What is the maximum number of general knowledge questions I can receive?
There is a maximum of 40 questions on the free trivia game. There is no limit on the premium trivia game.

How long can I play the free trivia game?
You can play the game until the promo end date on 6 February 2017.

How do I view my points?
SMS ‘Points’ to 31018.

Do my points accumulate?
The more questions the participant answers, the higher the value of the prize the participant is eligible to win. This is valid till the end date of the campaign.

If I want to view the last question I received, what should I do?
SMS ‘Last’ to 31018.

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  1. Madoda

    We played but we didn’t win our money.

  2. Kulani

    When will u declared the result? It is taking a long time. Please declare the result soon.

  3. Dolly

    When will you declare the result?

  4. Thandeka

    When will the results be declared?

  5. Kulani

    When will you declare the result?

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