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tvlic.co.za Pay your TV Licence Online : SABC Television

Organisation : SABC Television Licences
Head Quarters : Auckland Park
Type of Facilities : Pay your TV Licence online.
Website : http://www.tvlic.co.za/
Debit Order Application : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/65-DebitOrderApp.pdf

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How To Pay SABC TV Licence Online?

Follow the below steps to pay SABC TV licence online. If you pay your Tv license first you have to register the account.  Fill the required details for registration

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Go to the official web page click Sign In Button -> Click Register button

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** Select any one button, I have a TV Licence Or I would like to purchase a TV Licence

If you Choose I have a TV Licence option Payment Website Registration form will be opened
Step 1 : Enter Cellphone Number (required)
Step 2 : Enter Email Address (required)
Step 3 : Enter TV Licence Account Number (required) [Account number must be 9 digits long]

Step 4 : Enter Licence Holder Surname/Business Name (required) (For households use your Surname. For businesses use your Business Name. As it appears on your Licence Renewal Notice.)
Step 5 : Enter Password (required) Password must be 7 characters or more and have at least one special character (eg #,!,%).

Step 6 : Enter Confirm Password (required)
Step 7 : Enter Click Register button

Log In

Go to the official web page click Sign In Button and enter Cellphone number Password to Login the page

Step 1 : Enter Cell Number
Step 2 : Enter Password
Step 3 : Click Login button

How To Reset Password?

If you forgot your password go to the Sing In Page click forgot option button to reset you password

Step 1 : Enter Cellphone Number
Step 2 : Enter SABC TV Licence Account Number
Step 3 : Enter New Password [ Password must be 7 characters or more and have at least one special character (eg #,!,%). ]
Step 4 : Confirm Password
Step 5 : Click Reset Password button

CellPhone Number Changed

If you Change your cell Phone Go to the sign in page click My cellphone number changed button

Step 1 : Enter Old Cell Phone Number
Step 2 : Enter New Cell Phone Number
Step 2 : Click Ok button to changed your cellphone number.

What are the Payment Methods?

Payment Methods :
** It’s now easier than ever to pay your television licence.
** We’ve made sure that there is a convenient, accessible way for every person in South Africa to pay.
** At just R265 per year, it makes sense to stay within the law.
** Avoid the hefty fines, and find a payment plan that suits you.

A television licence secures your legal viewing for an entire year and is payable in advance :
** First-time applicants for a television licence must pay the full annual fee of R265.
** Renewals must be made annually before the licence expires.

** Renewal payments may be spread throughout the year at R28 per month.
** Monthly payments are subject to a small premium for the convenience.
** The total cost is therefore R336 per year.

** Forgetting to renew your TV licence means a penalty of 10% per month to a maximum of 100% per annum.
** So, paying by annual debit order is the most convenient way to ensure that this never happens.

** You may now also pay online now by using your credit card.
** Alternatively, pay online at your own banking website using the TV Licences account details, or go to the EasyPay website for virtual peace of mind.

** Other payment options include cheque or postal order payments through the postal system.

FAST Pay Option

** It’s never been easier to pay for your TV Licence.
** Go to the official web page view the Fast Pay Option click the Pay Now Button.

Follow the steps mentioned below .
Please log in using your ID Number or TV Licence account number.
Step 1 : Enter ID Number or Account Number
Step 2 : Click Submit button

Debit Order

** You can also pay your TV licence by debit order
** Just download the debit order form right here, print out and fax your details to (011) 330-9560/1.

** For renewals, we’ll debit your account according to your payment preference monthly or annual installments.
** Whichever you choose, once the debit order is set up you only need to notify us again should your bank details change.

Postal Order

** Other ways of paying your licence
** We accept both cheques and postal orders by mail, made payable to SABC Television Licences.
** Simply write your television licence account number and ID number on the reverse side, and attach the remittance advice from your statement.

Then post to :
SABC Television Licences
Private Bag x60
Auckland Park


** Our range of physical pay points extends to Banks, the Post Office, Retailers, Easypay outlets, Pay At outlets, SABC Head Office and branches.
** Take your statement with you, furnish your TV licence account number as reference, and choose the most convenient place for paid-up peace of mind.

Banks :
** Use the ATM convenience of your own bank to make your TV licence payment using the TV Licences account details.

Payments at ATM’s are accepted by :
** Nedbank (who also accept payments at their Self Service Terminals)
** FNB
** Standard Bank

Alternatively, pay at the counter using your TV licence account number as the reference at the following banks:
Deposit into Account Number: 2840 000 241
Branch No: 632005

Deposit into Account Number: 620 094 349 87
Branch No: 250 655

Standard Bank :
Deposit into Account Number: 002 351 234
Branch No: 051 001

Nedbank :
** Please note that television licence payments may now be made over the counter at any Nedbank branch.
** Use your TV licence account number as reference when making payment.

TV Licences account details :
Account Name: TV Licences
Bank Name: ABSA
Account No: 4050 720 141
Branch No: 33 51 05
Reference No: (Use your TV licence account number as your reference number)
** Kindly ensure that you enter only your correct nine-digit TV licence account number in the Beneficiary Reference Field.

Retailers :
** Incredible Connection
** Hi-Fi Corporation
** Makro
** Game
** Dion Wired
** JD Group Stores

Pay At :
** PEP
** Ackermans

Easypay Outlets :
** Pick n Pay Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and Family Stores nationwide
** Foodworld, Saveworld and Hypersavers (in the Western Cape)
** Woolworths
** Boxer Cash Carry
** Shoprite Checkers
** Lewis

SABC Regional Offices:
** Polokwane
** Port Elizabeth
** Cape Town
** Bloemfontein
** East London
** Kimberley
** Limpopo
** Kwazulu-Natal
** Gauteng

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  1. Emilia Weidmann

    I need to change my e-mail address – where do I do this?

  2. Andre Swart

    I have paid my TV license my next due amount of 265 is payable 1 April 2022 I phoned last year because kept on getting msgs I’m. In arrears I sorted it out person said I’m. Not in arrears now I’m trying to buy a TV an it says I owe 886 rand please sort this out I don’t owe a cent an will pay my license 1 April 2022, how can you keep. On making mistakes its ridiculous

  3. Anonymous

    If you make it easier , or less complicated more people will pay!!!!!! Could not do it thanks !!

  4. Katleho Mothae

    How do i get my tv lic statement online ,where exactly do i go and retrieve my statement.

  5. Asmashaan Jacobs

    Good day
    I REQUIRE a direct number to SABC tv licence offices accounts department. I have mistakenly made a payment into sabc tv license bank account instead of another recipient. I have emailed them all the relevant proof as received from the bank. But no response. Any assistance is appreciated.

  6. Ivy

    I’m struggling to pay by absa eft. My ID number is 5409120742083. Send account details

  7. Raganee Perumal

    I need to change ownership of my TV licence due to owner deceased
    Licence no.161638390

  8. Enele Alindile Mantyi

    Hi i would like u guys send mesms with a reference no so that i can pay on the shops that will be easy for me.thank you

  9. A VAN ZYL



    I pay R75.00 for a year

  11. LB Pretorius

    Good day, I am 74 years old, I would like to know what is the cost. My television license number is 608373767. My renewal period is 28 February 2021 to 28 February 2022. Thanking you kindly.

  12. Sinqulile

    I May a payment how do I see if I paid to the correct account

  13. Mike

    I need to cancel my tv license, i recently got married & why must we pay 2 licenses for one tv?

  14. WJ VAN ZYL

    I have paid the TV licence annually and requested a age analysis so I can see all my payments made reflect as you now want almost double the fee. You must send the info required, be fair.

  15. melanie parsotham

    hi i have tried to pay my tv license by shoprite for many days and they are offline whats the alternate way as the post office is closed due to corona virus

  16. G.M MABOKA


  17. Luzuko Majokweni

    I don’t have a Tv anymore I want to cancel my TV license

  18. Octavia

    Ihave been trying to pay online but no success keeps saying biller offline

  19. Anonymous


  20. joseph

    I forget tv licence nub for pay

  21. Anonymous




    1. Rashida Abrahams

      I want to apply for a pensioners TV License.

    2. W L Marais

      Where do i get my postcode

  23. Dawn Hayter

    Can I do ETF through net bank?

  24. Thandile

    If I lost my TV license account number how do I get it? I want to renew my old account.

  25. Johannes

    How can I obtain TV license statement?

    1. Katleho Mothae

      Morning Johannes
      Have u been replied regarding ur statement

  26. Cecil

    I have paid R170 on 05/10/2016 but it still shows the full amount.

  27. Leon Fourie

    TV License no : 426393112
    I have paid my TV license and you confirmed with a SMS on 30th July.
    But I am still getting SMS that I have to pay. Please do the correction on your side.

  28. ASD Salonika

    I have renewed my TV license and have been informed that my receipt number is 921818678. I was told that confirmation of the renewal would be sent to my email address. I have not received any confirmation. Could I please have confirmation?

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