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ife.org.za Level 3 Certificate Exam Sample Question : Institution of Fire Engineers

Organisation : IFE – The Institution of Fire Engineers
Exam : IFE Level 3 Certificate Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Fire Engineering Science

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Website : http://www.ife.org.za/sample-questions-l3c/
Download Sample Question Paper :
Fire Engineering Science : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7098-FES1.pdf
Fire Operations : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7098-Op2.pdf
Fire Safety : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7098-FireSafety.pdf
Management and Administration : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7098-Management.pdf

IFE – Level 3 Certificate Exam Sample Question

Introduction :
** This document has been provided to aid candidates in their preparation for the IFE Level 3 certificate in Fire Science, Operations, Fire Safety and Management (VRQ).

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The document is in two parts :
Part 1: A selection of sample questions mapped to the syllabus for Unit 1: Fire Engineering Science.
Part 2: A copy of the front cover of the examination paper, enabling candidates to familiarise themselves with the instructions for responding to the examination paper.

Part One – Sample Questions :
** General Information about the Examination
** The examination is one hour in duration.

There are two sections :
Section one :
** There are 20 marks available for this section.
** It contains 20 multiple choice questions and each question is worth one mark.
** Questions may target any assessment objective within the unit.
** Candidates should attempt all questions in this section.

Section Two :
** There are 30 marks available for this section.
** Questions in this section take the form of short written answer questions and provide candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding across the content contained in the unit.
** Candidates should attempt all questions in this section.

Sample Questions

1. What is 245 million expressed in standard form?
a) 2.45 x 108 (Ans)
b) 2.45 x 109
c) 24.5 x 108
d) 24.5 x 109

2. What is the volume of a sphere which has a diameter of 10m (metres)? Answer expressed in cubic metres.
a) 52.36m3
b) 523.6m3 (Ans)
c) 418.88m3
d) 4188.8m3

3. If a gas within a container is heated to four times its original temperature, what effect will that rise in temperature have on the pressure of the gas?
a) The pressure of the gas will decrease by a quarter
b) The pressure of the gas will increase fourfold (Ans)
c) The pressure of the gas will decrease by a half
d) The pressure of the gas will increase twofold

4. Which of the formulae below is correct for calculating the Jet Reaction (R) of a nozzle, when pressure is expressed in bars and diameter in millimetres?
a) R = 1.57 Pd 2/10 Newtons (Ans)
b) R = 10/175 Pd 2 Joules
c) R = 157Pd3 /10 Newtons
d) R = 157 Pd Newtons

5. What is the Water Power (WP) of a pump delivering 2,300 litres of water per minute at a pressure of 6 bars? (Answer expressed in Kilowatts.)
a) 23 kW (Ans)
b) 230 kW
c) 2,300 kW
d) 23,000 kW

6. Lead, platinum, copper and aluminium are examples of
a) elements (Ans)
b) compounds
c) mixtures
d) hydroxides

7. Water would not be a good choice of extinguishing media when dealing with burning magnesium because a reaction between water and magnesium could lead to the production of which flammable product?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Hydrogen (Ans)
d) Methane

8. If a power supply of 5 Volts is applied to a circuit with 50 Ohms resistance, what is the resulting current? (Answer expressed in Amperes.)
a) 250 Amps
b) 55 Amps
c) 10 Amps
d) 0.1 Amps (Ans)

Sample Short Written Answer Questions :
Guidance note to candidates :
** When responding to short answer questions, candidates are advised to note the instructions provided in the question and also the number of marks available.

** For example, a question that includes the instruction “state three” and indicates that there are three marks available requires three brief points; likewise, a question with an instruction to “explain” something and which has six marks allocated to it requires six in-depth points relevant to the question in order to secure each of the marks available.

1. Explain what is meant by the term Force. Using an example, demonstrate how Force is calculated. (4 Marks)
2. Explain, using examples, how an increase in heat affects solids. (6 marks)

3.a) Define the term jet reaction and state how this is measured.
b) Calculate the reaction of the water leaving a 25mm nozzle if the pressure is 7 bar. (6 marks)

4.a) Define the term compound and illustrate your answer with appropriate examples.
b) Define the term mixture and illustrate your answer with appropriate examples. (4 marks)

5. Define Ohm’s Law and, using examples, show how Ohm’s Law can be applied to solve electrical problems. (4 marks)

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