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citypower.co.za Reseller’s Tariff & Registration Process : City Power Johannesburg

Organisation : City Power Johannesburg
Facility : Reseller’s Tariff and Registration Process
Location : Johannesburg

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Website : https://www.citypower.co.za/customers/Pages/Reseller’s-Forum.aspx
Registration Process : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7719-Resellersform.pdf

City Power Reseller’s Tariff & Registration Process

** Retail Services would like to hear your feedback from the forum that was held on the 15th November 2013.

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** Also attached is the Presentation Document that can be downloaded and viewed. Kindly fill the form below and send your feedback to us.

Registration Process :
** City Power engagement to apply for correct billing by CoJ
** City Power to be approached with request for registration

Resellers to provide the following information :
** Biographical info
** Number of tenants or dwellings serviced per account
** Tariff structures applicable to customers
** Service and network charges passed on to customers (if on conventional tariff structure)
** City Power to assist resellers to settle billing agreement with CoJ
** City Power to maintain and update register
** City Power to ensure that a bulk meter exists to measure the total consumption of resellers

Approved Tariff Structure

Clause 1.4.14:
** “If the Body Corporate of complexes, flats, cluster developments approach the City of Johannesburg with an affidavit declaring the number of units in use in the complex, normal consumption tariffs will apply, as per unit in the complex, rather than the tariff that would be deemed appropriate for the complex as an aggregate. The changes will be implemented from the date of application.”

Application (example) :
** If aggregate consumption of reseller amounts to 20 000 kWh per month, and
** Reseller sells on to 20 tenants/dwellings/customers/buildings, then
** Reseller is charged 20 x 1 000 kWh per month, rather than at >3 000 kWh per month scale
** NO provision currently made for resellers with commercial customers


Bylaws Section 13 – partial relief :
** City Power will allow a window of opportunity for registration of resellers that are not currently billed
** The full penalty of 38 month backlog charge will not be implemented as stated in the bylaws
** The applicable back charge will only be to 1 July 2013
** The window in which this amendment will apply will be until 30 June 2014
** City Power will extend this announcement to the public media

Proposed Long Term solution :
** Tariff structure for FY2014/15 and beyond
** Allow the differential between prepaid and conventional tariffs to be reduced (especially at consumption of < 1 000 kWh per month)

** Base reseller purchase price on prepaid tariff structure
** Eliminate City Power vending cost from the prepaid tariff charged to resellers so that they may add their vending margins without penalising the ultimate consumers
** Promulgate separate tariff for resellers

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