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Edgars Account Statement View Online

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Organization : Edgars
Facility : Account Statement View Online
Head Quarters : Johannesburg
Website : https://www.edgars.co.za/customer/account/create/

How To View Edgars Account Statement Online?

In order to view your Edgars account statement you need to be logged in.If you don’t have an User Id, you must Register.

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Edgars Club Choose the Way You Pay

How To Register For Edgars Account?

New Customers :
** By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more.

** Please go to the official web page of Edgars and  then click Register button in right top corner of the home page.

Steps :
Register a new customer please following the below details.

Personal Information :
Step 1 : Enter First Name
Step 2 : Enter Last Name
Step 3 : Enter Email Address

Login Information :
Step 4 : Enter Password
Step 5 : Enter Confirm Password
Step 6 : Click Submit button.

After successful registration the conformation message will be displayed as well as.

How To Login Into Edgars Account?

Registered Customers :
If you have an Edgars account with us, please log in.go to the above link.

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Step 1 : Enter Email Address
Step 2 : Enter Password
Step 3 : Click Login button ,View the Account statement online.

How To Retrieve Edgars Password?

Retrieve your password here :
Please enter your email address below, You will receive a link to reset your password.


Forgot Edgars password details
Step 1 : Enter Email Address
Step 2 : Click Submit button, reset your password

Note :
** Our aim is to continuously strive to bring you products and services that are of interest to you.
** To do this we need to know a little more about you. Please be sure to “Update your details”.
** In order to transact on this website you need to have a registered profile.
** Your profile has a user name and password which you will need to log on.
** If you do not have a user name or password you will need to create a profile.
** If you have a registered profile on Edgars.co.za or Fashion Hotline you can use your user name and password to log on to this website.

Contact Us

Edgars Accounts : 0860 112 442
** General account related queries, balance enquires, payment arrangements, update of personal details, reporting of lost and stolen cards, etc

Operating hours :
Mon – Wed : 08h00 – 18h00
Thursday : 08h00 – 19h00
Friday : 08h00 – 21h00
Saturday : 08h00 – 18h00
Sunday & Public Holiday : 09h00 – 17h00

Alternatively please e-mail your nearest Regional Credit Office at :
Johannesburg : accountsjhb AT edcon.co.za
Cape Town : accountsctn AT edcon.co.za
Durban : accountsdbn AT edcon.co.za

Physical Address :
Edgardale, Press Avenue
Crown Mines

Add a Comment

    I have been trying to call EDGARS for months and this number never goes through. I need to pay off my long outstanding account and i dont know the balance. URGENTLY ASSIST

  2. Leticia Rajee

    Unpaid my account for years now and I still cant use my credit

  3. Leticia Rajee

    Good day pls I had a Edgar’s account but cant use the card any more. My card no is 6004 7901081 94860871

  4. Bontle

    Trying to get my statement but only getting an error 😠 please fix this mess.Or go back to posting

  5. Rosemary Thobile mbuyisa

    Can u plsss email for me account statement for three months I’d no 7205260360084

  6. lindokuhle

    how can I found my account cause ilost my number

  7. MR Rakosa

    Kindly I would like to understand how did my grandmother’s account balance is so much and you have handed her to credit bureau and she’s a bedridden patient of 75years and she didn’t used her account for a long time,please.account number 70066001000415395.thank you.

  8. ajit kantilal gulab

    please email me my statements
    id number 7607205235083

  9. ajit kantilal gulab

    how can u email me my statement

  10. Melissa Pillay

    I have login to my Profile , but i cannot view my statement or Balance

  11. Fortune

    Please email me my statement please.

    1. Gillian Lincoln

      I have requested monthly accounts a number of times. Usually I try to phone your customer care number, only to be told this number is incorrect. I have written a note to you, and asked you to please send me a monthly account as I like to know what has been purchased and paid for, NOT an amount of which I can make no detail from.
      If you send accounts via email, as in the past, I will be eternally grateful, not this is your amount- such and such-quite honestly it could be for and from the man in the moon.

    2. patrick

      I want to pay my acc for last year i lost my card and my credit its high naw

  12. Thabang

    Can you please callme coz i tryed to call but the number is not working i want to make my payment.

  13. Jacobus Stevens

    edgars and jet stores closed in vredendal. needto pay my account but i dont know my account number and i dont have a help u card

  14. Madelain

    Useless service. No one answers the phone. Don’t know one is supposed to get a balance on an account.

  15. ROY WEBB

    My account was blocked and I was told to phone the no. 0860111826 After at lease 10 attempts no one answers the phone all I got was enter id no and then gets placed on hold and music plays waited so many times more than 15 minutes and never get any person answering.This MUST BE THE POOREST COMPANY IN THE WORLD.CLOSE THE BUSINESS DOWN AFTER DEALING WITH EDGARS FOR 45 YEARS i CAN SEE THERE WILL BE NO IMPROVEMENT.THEY DESERVE TO GO UNDER AND HAVE NO MORE CUSTOMERS

  16. Malie Jooste

    Good day please provide me statements from March 2020 till today.

  17. Joy

    I have requested statements from Edgars since 19 May 2019. No statements?? I have not purchased 1 thing from Edgars for 8 or 9 months but have been paying. I cannot understand my balance. something is not right! I cannot access any statements as the online service does not work. I have tried several times. I have emailed numerous times. Spoken to someone who assured me that the statements will be sent via email – NOTHING! I am so sick of this as they will be quick to blacklist but they can’t get their act together to provide the statements.

  18. DP de Beer

    From: EdgarsEnquiries
    Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:29 AM
    To: Subject: Re: FW: Your Edgars Card E-Statement – September 2020

    Good Day Customer
    We are investigating and will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We will notify you once it has been resolved
    Kind regards


  19. Phumza nkangeni

    Please email my August statement, I’ve Been calling you since Friday the 14 till now, no response and I settled my account.

  20. Stephanie Heugh

    I have not received my statement in months and I would like to settle my account immediately if possible…

  21. Nosipho Ngcobo

    I have not received my stament for 2 months please email

  22. lynn

    I need my proof of settlement please

  23. Anonymous

    Fatima Soomar

    Need to do eft require accoount details and reference
    kindly email me statement

  24. kathleenkheibes@nwr.com

    Good day
    my name is Kathleen and my jet account number is 700665010001229500 and like my statement since December last year till June kindly be so kind and mail it back to me..thanks in advance.

    kind regards

  25. Lebohang

    Please send me my statement

  26. Tina

    PlEase email statement. I haven’t received a statement for over 6 months?

  27. vinzell hill

    hi please send me a statement

  28. Lalan Singh

    I need my account statement for march 2020LL

  29. Graham

    Good day can your email me last months statement

  30. Gugu

    Hi please email my statement for last month

  31. S.DEVRAJ

    Hi I did not receive my statement please forward

  32. mmatsatsi

    How do I change my account from r1 to credit?

    1. Rethabile

      I would like to see my balance because I made a payment online.

  33. Miss Cheryl Powell

    Please send me my account statement, showing what the instalment every month please. Thank you.

  34. Hamlet Zaca

    Please send me my statement.

  35. Banele Khoza

    Please send me my statement.

  36. RD Roux

    Please email me a statement asap.

  37. Tshikungo Khumbelo

    I would like to cancel my cellphone insurance.

  38. Bulelwa

    Please send me my monthly statement for the month of March 2019 via SMS now.

  39. Butler

    I would like to receive my statement by email every month.

  40. Wium

    I would like to receive my statement via e-mail, no idea what is happening on my account.



  42. winile

    I need to get my statement via registered email. Is it possible?

  43. Julia Phikashe

    I am an account holder of Edgars. Can I please get my account statement?

  44. Mariam

    Please, can I have my amount paid into my account since the first time? I paid up til today. Kindly send to me via registered email.

  45. Tau Cres

    Please sent me the statement via e-mail. My ID number is 921126 5969 083.

  46. Aluta

    I have not paid my account for a year and now I have lost communication with edger. What can I do? So that I can start paying my account and I even lost the card.

    1. Admin

      Information available from the Official Website :
      Kindly contact our accounts department on 011 891 8000 and you will be assisted immediately.

  47. Merold

    I am not able to get my statement. Can you please help me?

    1. Admin

      You are required to login to view your account statement online.

  48. Vasanthie Naicker

    Can I register to login for my statement?

    1. Admin

      Information available from the Official Website :
      Login or Register For Account Statement :
      In order to view your account you need to be logged in. Please log in using the user name and password for your registered profile.

      New Customers :
      By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more.

      Registered Customers :
      If you have an account with us, please log in.

  49. Yvonne

    Please sent me statement. My id number is 8506201320080.

  50. Clive

    I am having problem with my account. Please help me.

  51. Jassmine Fisher

    Please provide my monthly statement through E-mail or SMS.

  52. Susan Van Bosch


  53. Chantelle

    I have paid all my debts. Till now I get calls telling that I owe money. Kindly check the accounts.

  54. Tempele Mohoto

    Send my monthly statement for the month of May 2017.

  55. Sbongile Christine Mabunda

    My Id number is 7210150410080. Can you please send my monthly statement?

  56. Nozuko

    my name is in credit burrre list. How can I remove my name form that list?

  57. Lovelace

    I like to know how is the safe into my account, when I send some one to pay my account for me.

  58. RS

    Can Edcon please send account statements?

    1. Melanie

      How do I get previous months statements?

  59. Thobile

    My ID number is 7205269360084 can u please send my statement via e-mail?

  60. Charmaine

    I want to make the payment online. Can you please help me?

  61. David Amunyela Shilongo

    I want monthly payment statement.

  62. Matengu Muzuki

    I will need my account statement on my email and my 1 big problem is when I opened my jet account I used to pay 350.00 which I was satisfied with, now why I have to pay 550.00? Please look at it and take me back to my 350 installment. I will really appreciate if you you will put my request in consideration.

  63. Mabokela

    My account interest are too high. I don’t know why.

  64. Granny Ramoroka

    I am fed up with the interests and I don’t even receive the statement since I opened Edgars account and I am paying every month but the balance is not going down

  65. N.J.Mouton

    I need a statement of my Edgar’s account.

  66. Michael

    It is boring to get my statement here but I am unable to reach it because it tells me about my wrong date of birth.

  67. Nobuhle Khwela

    I have debited the order of R200 and now I want to know the balance.

  68. Irene

    Your interests are too high Iam surprised. This is a daylight robbery.

  69. Siyabonga Makhoba

    I am not paying my account for 2 months. I need to see my credit.

  70. Frans Shika

    I want to check my balance and account statement.

  71. Mananki

    I want my account statement.

  72. S.Mthombothi

    I did not get my statement 3 months back. So I don’t know 2day how much the money is there.

  73. Gladwin

    I want to know about my credit.

  74. Elias Van Rhyn

    I need a statement of my account.

  75. Ragani

    How can one make EFT payments?

    1. Brenda

      Bank details are on your statement.

  76. Dikgale KJ

    I am worried about your high interest.

  77. Khumbulani

    I need a statement of my account.

  78. Virginia Theko

    I owe nothing to Edgar’s. They refused me to use my credit because I am a pensioner and it will help me to buy my grandchildren clothes for Christmas.
    My account no is nr7000100100137952362.

    1. Nkosinathi Cosmos

      How can I get an increase for my credit? Since I was given R1000 buying power. Please help me.

  79. Kgokane RM

    I need a statement of my account.

  80. T.N.Hlungwani

    I worried about my account I am paying every month but I dot get the statement. It looks like I am watering sea with my money. Because I will receive a letter that my account is handed over to attorneys. It’s not fear guys.
    I’D no 6512135329082

  81. JV Matang

    You call me for arrangement and we agreed from there. You send me a message that you send me to bureau. What is the use?
    My account number is 7000100100006320055.

  82. Mazibuko Siza

    So I am not happy with the service I’ve been trying to check my account statement for more than an hour but I am only getting an error massage saying my date of birth is invalid. How can I not know my own date of birth?

    1. Vengai

      Hi please send my updated statement

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