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curro.co.za Ruta Sechaba Foundation Scholarship 2018 : Holdings

Organisation : Curro Holdings Ltd
Announcement : Ruta Sechaba Foundation Scholarship 2018
Applicable for : South African citizens
Closing Date : 23 June 2017
Website : https://www.curro.co.za/
Download Application Form : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/8277-Curroruta.pdf

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Curro Ruta Sechaba Foundation Scholarship

** Applications for 2018 scholarships is now open.
** Application forms are available from the schools or download it here.

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** Applications must be accompanied by all the supporting documents.
** The closing date for applications is 23 June 2017.

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Queries can be emailed to: info AT rutasechabafoundation.co.za

Required Supporting Documents :
** Copy of learner’s birth certificate/ID (new learners only)
** Copy of learner’s latest progress report
** Copy of parents’/legal guardian’s ID
** Proof of household income

Minimum Criteria To Qualify For The Ruta Sechaba Scholarship :
** All applicants are required to complete an application form and submit all the required information in order to be considered eligible to receive a scholarship.

Academic Scholarships

Only learners who meet the following criteria will be considered :
1. Black learners only (Black means African, Coloured and Indian as defined by the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, ‘BBBEE Act’);
2. Learners who are South African citizens only;
3. New learners from Grades 8 to 11 (subject to writing ‘entrance’ exams to determine academic standards);
4. Existing learners from Grades 8 to 12;

5. Learners achieving academic excellence measured as :
** Attaining an overall aggregate of 60% or above in the latest academic report;
** Attaining at least 60% in Mathematics and English in the latest academic report (hereinafter referred to as ‘Minimum Academic Standards‘).

6. Clearly demonstrate financial need – A combined household gross income not exceeding R30 000 per month (‘Minimum Financial Need Requirement’). Further consideration will also be given to those families that have more than one learner at the school, as well as those learners who board. (Parents will be required to provide proof of income earned).

7. The Minimum Financial Need Requirement may be waived by the Scholarship Approval Committee if the learner demonstrates exceptional academic results. Exceptional is defined as an overall aggregate of > 85%.

8. Set out below is guidance on the expected level of scholarships provided based on academic performance
9. Scholarships awarded will be for the learner’s remaining school career subject to their maintaining the minimum standards as set out in clause 3 of the Terms and Conditions below.

Sports Scholarships

** Scholarships may be awarded for excellence in sport, to the participating school.
** These scholarships are designed to attract top-performing individuals in sport to the participating schools.

Only learners who meet the following criteria will be considered for a sports scholarship :
1. Black learners only (Black means African, Coloured and Indian as defined by the BBBEE Act);
2. Learners who are South African citizens only;
3. New and/or existing learners from Grades 4 to 12;

Terms & Conditions

1. Applications for scholarships are considered by the Executive Head and Regional Head of the participating school and recommendations submitted to the Scholarships Approval Committee.

2. All scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and all awarded scholarships are reviewed annually.

3. For academic scholarships, the learner must continue to achieve the averages on which the initial reward was calculated. In evaluating the learner’s progress, the Executive Head and Regional Head will have regard for the expec ted decline in academic averages as the learner progresses to higher grades. If a learner fails to meet minimum stan dards, the learner may be obliged to attend corrective inter ventions, designed by the school, to support the learner.

** Failure to attend the corrective inter ventions and show progress over a period of time, may result in the scholarship being reduced or termi nated accordingly. Furthermore, the Minimum Financial Need Requirement must continue to be met.

4. For sports scholarships, the learner must continue to participate in the activity for which the scholarship was originally awarded and must maintain an academic average of 60% every term throughout the year. Failure to achieve this average will lead to a first, second and then final written warning. After this the scholarship may be removed should the learner still not achieve an average of 60%.

5. The scholarship will include all education, tablet and facility fees, but will exclude the cost of uniforms, transport and any other sundry fees incurred from time to time.
6. All learners qualifying for scholarships, will be required to adhere to the specific school’s Code of Conduct and all other school policies.

7. Learners and parents will still be required to complete all the necessary documentation required for admission to the school, including the Learner Admission Contract.
8. Scholarships are not payable in cash and will be set-off/deducted from the monthly school fees if awarded.
9. Scholarships may not be substituted or passed onto another learner as a gift.

10. If a learner decides to leave the school prior to the completion of the academic year in which the scholar ship is awarded, he/she will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship not yet utilised and shall have no further claim thereon.

11. The scholarship may be terminated at any point should the learner :
** be guilty of misconduct in terms of the school’s Code of Conduct and other school policies; or
** fail to maintain satisfactory progress in his/her studies as set out above; or
** fail to observe the terms and conditions contained herein.

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  1. Sylvia Mohlala

    I received a letter that my child has been granted 65% scholarship whereas I knew of 100% tuition. Please clarify me. I am from Curri Heuwelkruin. Please share your direct line so that I can be able to call for clarifications on the scholarship issues.

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