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MiWayLife How to Submit a Claim

Organisation : MiWayLife
Facility : How to Submit a Claim
Location : Houghton
Website :
Download Claim Form :

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MiWayLife How to Submit a Claim

** In the unfortunate event of you having to submit a claim, MiWayLife tries to make a potentially confusing process as hassle-free as possible.

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** Remember to keep all your documentation relating to the claim somewhere safe, as we’ll most likely need it during the process.
** In order to submit a claim, please fill out the claim form and attach all relevant documents.

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** You can find all the most important links and information right here.
** MiWayLife is all about hassle-free insurance. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us.

Required Documents

You will need to submit the following :
** A fully completed MiWayLife claim form.
** A certified copy of the Death Certificate (if death)
** A fully completed DHA-1663 form (if death)
** Certified copies of the ID of the insured life or of all the beneficiaries
** Three months bank statements for the beneficiary(ies)
** MiWayLife tries to make a potentially confusing process as hassle-free as possible.

Contact Us

Give us a Call  : 0860 64 54 33
Email your claim form to : claims AT
PO BOX address
Postnet suite 409
Private Bag X30500

Insurance Terms

** Understanding insurance terms can be difficult. Knowing these terms will help you make the right choice and get the right cover.

Death benefit :
** The sum of money which will be paid due to the death of the policy holder.

Main (insured) life :
** The main person covered by the policy, without whom the policy would not exist.

Additional (insured) life/lives :
** Other person/s covered under the main insured life’s policy. Additional lives are usually family members.

Policy anniversary :
** For every year after the date on which the policy was take out, there will be a policy anniversary. It’s like a birthday or a wedding anniversary.

Whole of life :
** Means that the policy will not end until the main insured life dies or the policy is cancelled. The policy will not cancel due to the age of the main insured life.

Beneficiary / beneficiaries :
** People (usually family and loved ones) or companies who will be paid the agreed sum of money upon the death of an insured life.

Funeral :
** The ceremony whereat the family bids farewell to the deceased.

Terminal illness :
** A health condition which would result in the death of person within 1 year.

Diagnosis :
** When the doctor communicates his opinion on what the health condition/s may be.

Prognosis :
** When the doctor communicates the effects/course of a medical condition.

Guarantee period :
** A time period wherein the insurer guarantees that nothing will change insofar as premiums are concerned.

Age-related premium increases :
** Premium increases which are linked to the age of the person who is being covered.

Waiting period :
** The time to when a benefit kicks in.

Occupational or personal travel :
** When one travels for work or for personal reasons (eg. holiday)

Dangerous hobbies or activities :
** Sport or other activities which is done in one’s own time that we regard as dangerous.

General exclusions :
** Instances where you may not claim against the policy.

Suicide exclusion :
** Taking one’s own life within the first 24months of the policy start date.

Specialist consultation :
** Meeting with a medically trained professional who focuses on an area of medicine.

Prescribed medication :
** Tablets, injections or other forms of medication which a doctor instructs you to take.

Admitted to a hospital or clinic :
** When you attend a hospital or clinic and complete the form with all your details, and the doctor reserves a bed.

Procedures :
** An action intended to attend to, investigate or achieve a specific result in respect of a health problem.

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