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Applications Olympiad Contest 2018 : Computer South Africa

Organization : Computer Olympiad South Africa
Competition Name : Applications Olympiad Contest 2018
Applicable For : CAT or the ICDL or are otherwise computer literate
Competition Deadline : 7 May 2018
Website : http://olympiad.org.za/applications-olympiad/

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Applications Olympiad Contest

** The Applications Olympiad is a challenge for those who take CAT or the ICDL or are otherwise computer literate.

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** The participants have to solve a number of problems using a common office package and the data provided.
** Contestants are allowed to use the application of their choice, such as the Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation Tool.

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** Most participants will use a popular office package such as Microsoft Office, Open Office or Libre Office.
** There is only one paper for all age groups.

** The competition is most beneficial if entire classes take part, but individual participation is also encouraged.
** The Application Olympiad is available in English and Afrikaans.

Who is Who Applications Olympiad

The Scientific Committee helps in: Setting the questions, Checking the answers, Providing sample solutions and Marking the results
Charles Smith
Bergvliet High

Michael Cameron

Mike Chiles

Pam Miller
Education Consultant

Peter Davidson
CAT Coordinator Central District

Peter Waker


First Round : Monday 7 May to Friday 11 May 2018
** The First and Second Rounds of the Applications Olympiad are written at local schools in the second term for one hour each.
** Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Database skills are tested.

Who may participate?
** Schools may enter as many candidates as they like.

Requirements :
** Participants will be required to complete a number of application tasks under supervision in one hour.
** Each participant must have access to a computer.
** Participants may use any common application package, such as Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office.

Location :
** Where schools do not have computer facilities, they may make use of computers at another school or tertiary institution.
** Schools will have to make these arrangements themselves.

Marking :
** Schools that take part online will have no marking to do.
** The results will be sent to them after the event.
** For schools that take part offline, papers are marked at school.
** The teacher in charge of the competition need not be an expert in computer applications.
** All the answers are simple numbers or single words and can be marked quickly with the use of the answer key provided.

Certificates: Certificates to the top 50% of all participants in the country :
Gold: the top 7% of all participants
Silver: the next 14% of all participants
Bronze: the next 29% of all participants

Second Round : Wednesday 6 June 2018
Provincial Certificates :
** Certificates to the deserving number 1, 2 and 3 in each province
** Invitation for the top 10 to 15 participants in SA to go to the Final Round at a central venue – all expenses paid.

Final Round : Tuesday 26 June 2018 – in Cape Town
Who may participate?
** The best 10 to 15 participants from the Applications Olympiad Second Round countrywide will be invited to take part in the Final Round at a central venue.

Requirements :
** Each participant will be given access to a computer.
** Participants will have a choice of a limited range of Computer Application Packages which are suitable for this type of competition.
** The main contest runs over 5 hours on one day.
** Each candidate will be given a number of problems to solve in the allotted time.
** Evaluation will be done by a panel of experts.

Location :
** The competition uses a suitable central venue. Out-of-town participants are housed at a nearby bed-and-breakfast.
** The Computer Olympiad office will arrange and pay for flights, accommodation, meals and refreshments.

Awards Function : Wednesday 27 June 2018 – in Cape Town


The winning participants receive medals and cash awards and each participant also receives a certificate..

1 Gold R4 000 R3 000
2 Silver R3 000 R2 000
3 Silver R3 000 R2 000
4 Bronze R2 000 R1 000
5 Bronze R2 000 R1 000
6 Bronze R2 000 R1 000


NB: Also check the rules for the Final Round as this may influence the running of the First Round

First Round :
1. A school may run the Applications Olympiad First Round at any time during the period.
2. A school may not use the First Round paper before the correct date.
3. If a school has too many candidates to write in a single sitting, they should arrange two sittings but make sure there is no communication between the groups.
4. As it is the principal and teacher who sign the certificates, it is up to them to be satisfied that the results were obtained honestly.
5. Candidates may use any “Office” Applications package, including Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office.
6. Test conditions for the Olympiad are the same as for a practical CAT or IT exam for the Senior Certificate.

Second Round :
1. A school may only run the Applications Olympiad Second Round on the designated date.
2. A school may not use the Second Round paper before the correct date.

Final Round :
1. To be eligible for selection for the Final Round, candidates have to :
** Be the top student in their school in the Second Round
** Have used either Microsoft Office, Open Office or Libre Office
** Have taken part on the Official competition day
** Have not had their files modified after the end of the Second Round
** Have their answer sheet file and the required working files sent in by midnight of the day of the Second Round
2. The Final Round will be at a central venue and the Computer Olympiad office will arrange and pay for flights, accommodation, meals and refreshments.


How much does it cost?
It is free. Irrespective of the number of entries or the status of the school, participation in Applications Olympiad is free.

May primary school students participate?
Yes, but the Applications Olympiad is designed for high school learners

May home-schoolers participate in the Applications Olympiad?
The contest has to be written at a school under the supervision of a qualified teacher. Certificates are issued in the name of the school and are signed by the Principal and the Teacher. Home-schoolers could approach a school in their area and if the school is not yet registered with the Olympiad, encourage them to register, and request permission to participate at that school.

Which applications may we use?
Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office and similar.

Who may participate?
Anyone, who in the opinion of the school, should take part.

Will it be difficult to mark?
No marking at all for participants who take part online. The marks are sent to the teacher after the event.For those who take part offline, the whole set-up has been designed to make it as easy for the teacher as possible. The learner’s answer sheet matches the marking key, and all the teacher has to do is to go down the column – tick ,tick ,tick. It is that easy.

Are any extra certificates available?
Only to replace certificates lost in the post.

Who sets the questions?
Most questions are set by the following:
** Past Olympiad participants, especially past winners
** Past members of the South African IOI team
** University of Cape Town staff, students and graduates
** Experienced Educators, including the Computer Olympiad office staff

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