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UJ Online Application Portal 2019 : University of Johannesburg

Organisation : University of Johannesburg
Type of Facilities : Enrol UJ Online Programme Application 2019
Application Starting Date : 14 January 2019 – 21 October 2019
Website : https://online.uj.ac.za/

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UJ Enrol Online Programme Application

Online Applications are invited for Online Programmes Offered by University of Johannesburg for the year 2019

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Online Programmes

** Reach your personal goals while enriching your professional achievement with online accredited qualifications from the University of Johannesburg.

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Programmes List  :
Master Of Education In Educational Management :
** The online Master Of Education in Educational Management is relevant to anyone involved in the formal or informal education sector.

Master Of Education In Information And Communication Technology :
** This online programme advances knowledge of Educational information and communication technology policy development and current and emerging issues in digital learning.

Master Of Public Health :
** This online programme equips health professionals to analyse and offer solutions to public health challenges in South Africa and around the globe.

Master Of Public Management And Governance :
** This online programme develops knowledge in dynamic fields such as global and continental sustainability and public management.

Bachelor Of Commerce In International Accounting :
** This globally oriented online degree is the ideal option for career minded accounting and finance professionals.

Bachelor Of Human Resource Management :
** The purpose of this online qualification is to develop well-rounded human resource management professionals equipped to navigate the dynamic workplace.

Advanced Diploma In Financial Markets :
** This online programme develops knowledge of the discipline of financial markets and trading in South Africa and worldwide.

How To Apply?

Please following the below steps to complete the registration
Step 1 : Go to the Official website
Step 2 : Click on the “Start Now” Tab in Home Page then click on the “Apply now” option in drop down list

Please complete the following steps :
Step 3 : Select What would you like to study? [Bach Commerce]
Step 4 : Enter Email Address [johnsmith@gmail.com]
Step 5 : Click on Save & Continue Button

Do you qualify? :
Step 6 : Enter Your Full name [John Smith]
Step 7 : Select Do you have Cell Phone Number [Yes/No]
Step 8 : Select your cell phone’s country number and enter your number as it has to be dialed from South Africa.
Step 9 : Your Programme will be displayed automatically
Step 10 : Select Programme Starting Date [19  march 2019]
Step 11 : Select Yes / no [Do you have an Honors or Bachelors Degree?]
Step 12 : Click on Save & Continue Button.

Create your account :
Step 13 : Enter Your Date of Birth [YYMMDD]
Step 14 : Select Female Or Male
Step 15 : Select Yes or No If you are a south African citizen
Step 16 : Select yes Enter Your South Africa ID No Number 8801235111088
Step 17 : Automatically your Email address will be displayed [johnsmith@gmail.com]
Step 18 : Enter Your Password [smith1988]
Step 19 : Re Enter Your Password[smith1988]
Step 20 : Click on terms & Condition Check box
Step 21 : Click on Save & Continue Button.

Then Enter the remaining steps to Complete the application Form

Application Period

Starting Your Programme :
** The University of Johannesburg online programmes feature six start dates each year to accommodate your schedule.

** You can find the deadline dates for your application, documents, registration and tuition payment for the programme of your choice here.

** Students may apply for entry into a programme at any time during the year.
** Applicants have 6 start dates per year.
** Once admitted, an applicant may proceed to register for the next start date.

Six Start Dates

Start dates for 7-week modules per programme :
1. 14 January 2019
2. 11 March 2019
3. 6 May 2019
4. 1 July 2019
5. 26 August 2019
6. 21 October 2019

Document Deadline :
** Failure to submit the required documentation TWO WEEKS before the START date of the programme may result in your application being carried over to a later programme start date.

Payment Due :
** The payment must reflect on the UJ student account before an applicant will be able to register.

** The time it takes for the payment to reflect on the UJ student account will depend on the payment method. If the payment does not reflect in time for an applicant to register for the intended programme start date, the applicant will only be allowed to register for the following programme start date.

Tuition Fees

** The UJ online programmes are designed to be affordable for students, saving time and money compared to other formats.
** Tuition fees are calculated per seven-week modules.

** Students can enrol in, and pay for, each consecutive session as studies progress.
** Payment is accepted through the online student portal and must meet the payment deadline.

Student Payment Methods

** All tuition fees due should be paid in full before registration will be allowed.

Bank Deposit :
** FNB Bank deposit payments will reflect on your UJ student account within 15 minutes.

** Students who make payments at FNB branches must ensure that their names and student numbers are clearly written in block letters on the deposit slip.
** Please file the deposit documentation in a safe place.

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) :
** EFTs must be made 72 hours before the registration period closes to ensure that the payment reflects on your UJ student account.

** EFTs made from outside the country borders may take even longer.
** It is recommended that foreign students effect payment at least ten days before the registration period closes.

** ATM payments will reflect on your UJ student account within 15 minutes.
** Use any FNB ATM that can accept cash.
** Select the cardless services option on the ATM.

** Deposit the cash.
** FNB Recipient Name – key in UJ and then space.
** Select UJ tuition fees account.

Debit Cards :
** Debit cards (cards requiring a pin for the processing of your payment) cannot be used for online payments.

Cancellation & Refund Policy :
Module registrations – percentage refund and timing :
** The following cancellation policy has been debated and accepted by the meeting for each intake

** 90% refund / credit remaining for a next intake up to the end of Week 1 (midnight SA time)
** 50% refund / credit remaining for a next intake up to the end of Week 2 (midnight SA time)
** 0% refund for any cancellation within Week 3 onwards

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  1. Zoliswa Mokapane

    I would like to apply for admission in Masters Degree in Public health which will be starting from March 2019. I tried to apply but struggling. Your assistance with this regard will be highly appreciated.

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