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De Beers English Olympiad First Additional Language Paper : saenglisholympiad.org.za

Name of the Organization : De Beers English Olympiad / saenglisholympiad.org.za
Examination Name : De Beers English Olympiad Main Exam Paper
Announcement : First Additional Language (FAL) Past Papers
Year : 2013
Type : Past English Olympiad Exam Papers
Website : http://www.saenglisholympiad.org.za/pastmaterial.php

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De Beers English Olympiad FAL Paper

Candidates will enjoy a collection of short stories, each with their own twist unfolded at the end of the story.

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Please note that while past papers are helpful guides, each year is unique and the exam paper needs to be understood within the context of the anthology prescribed for that year.

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1. Answer ONE question from Section A and ONE question from SECTION B – TWO in all.

140272. We invite you to express your own ideas in response to the questions, using your own voice. There are no “right” answers; however, the better responses tend to refer to the anthology often.

3. Write the section and number of the question above each answer, and start each question at the top of a new page.

Download Question Paper :

Section A

60 MARKS :
There is no “ideal length” for a response to Section A. However, the better responses are generally 2 – 4 A4 pages in length.

Answer ONE of the following questions :
1. “For the future, for the unborn.”
Write a story called two thousand and eighty-four. Imagine a future world where the results of limited freedom of speech are obvious.
(Ask yourself: is Big Brother still watching you?)

2. My South Africa – Whose truth is it anyway? Tell us your own story. Show us what you think and how you feel about freedom that has been given, and might be taken away.
[In your response you might find it helpful to refer to My South Africa – a Memoir, and Ferial Haffajee – It’s not (just) about the spear].

3. Whitewashing
“White spaces and missing pages have often played an important role in the control of information.” (adapted from the quote on the inside front cover of the anthology.) You will have noticed that pages 29 and 30 have been left out. Write the article that you think should have been printed there.Remember the importance of truth and freedom of speech in your writing.

4. Then They Came for Me
Read the following warning, called Then They Came for Me, which was written by Reverend Niemoller in 1937 (just before the start of the Second World War).
If this poem inspires you, write your own speech or long poem. Remember to reflect the themes of truth and freedom as shown in the anthology.

Section B

40 MARKS :
There is no “ideal length” for a response to Section B. However, we would look for responses that are about 2– 3 A4 pages in length.
In this section we would like to see writing that reflects the voice, personality, and an understanding of the reason for the writing.

Answer ONE of the following questions:
1. You’re the voice
“A single voice may be strong, but a chorus of voices can become a powerful weapon for hope and a driving force behind change … raise your voice, sing your song … do something meaningful to you – just be sure your voice is heard!”
(from the Shout SA campaign)
Write a new song which could be used as part of the next chapter of the Shout SA campaign.

2. Truth and Lies
a) Design a pamphlet for either the Ministry of Truth or the Ministry of Love that would explain its purpose to the people.
(Refer to pages 40 and 41 of nineteen eighty-four in the anthology.) (The writing is more important than the pictures).
b) Write an extract from the diary of a rebel in which you reveal your thoughts and feelings about the pamphlet.

3. The Truth Hurts
Write a letter to the president of South Africa in which you tell him your views on the situation in our country.
It may help to read the Seven Principles of Public Life, Black Wednesday, and the Wonkie cartoons.

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