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gauteng.gov.za : Grade 06 Natural Sciences & Technology Provincial Exam Question Paper 2018

Organisation : Gauteng Department Of Education
Exam : Grade 06 Provincial Exam – June 2018
Document Type : Question Paper
Subject : Natural Sciences And Technology
Category : Grade 06
Year : 2018
Website : https://province.gauteng.gov.za/exam-papers

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Gauteng Grade 06 Provincial Exam Technology Question Paper

Download Grade 06 Provincial Exam – June 2018 Question Papers from the official website of Department of Basic Education
Time : 1½ hours
Marks : 50

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Grade 06 Provincial Exam – June 2018 – Question Papers

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Natural Sciences & Technology :


1 Answer ALL three sections.
2 Write neatly and legibly.
3 Read the instructions of each question before answering.
4 All questions must be answered on the question paper.

Download Question Paper :
Tech Eng :
Tech Afr :

Section A

Question 1: Multiple Choice Questions
Circle the letter of the correct answer.
1.1 Which substance in leaves absorbs sunlight and gives leaves their green colour? (1)
A Chloroplast
B Photosynthesis
C Sunlight energy
D Chlorophyll

1.2 Which of the following substances prevents you from suffering from constipation?
A Fats
B Water and Fibre
C Oranges and lemons
D Salt (1)

1.3 Which purification method is the best to kill any germs left in the water?
A Sieving
B Settlement
C Chlorination
D Filtering (1)

1.4 Sand and Water is a mixture of …
A solid and liquid.
B solid and gas.
C solid and solid.
D liquid and gas. (1)

1.5 Which item below is an example of salting?
A Rice
B Biltong
C Fresh milk
D Dried maize (1) (5)

Question 2 :
Match the statements in Column A with the correct word in Column B. Write the correct LETTER in Column C next to the number.
Example: 2.6 Method used to separate rice and beans. 2.6=G (Hand sorting)
2.1 To use hands or tools to separate a mixture A Processing 2.1 =
2.2 A mixture in which the different substances cannot be identified B Saturated 2.2 =
2.3 When all germs and harmful substances in water have been removed C Unsaturated 2.3 =
2.4 Changing food to make it more edible or last longer D Physical 2.4 =
2.5 Solution in which more of the solute will dissolve in the solvent E Purified 2.5 =

Question 3 :
Provide the scientific name / term for each of the following statements.
Statement Answer
3.1 An indicator that is used to test for the presence of starch
3.2 Processing food in such a way to prevent or slow down the spoiling of the food
3.3 An area covered by shallow water for most of the year
3.4 Many food chains that are linked together
3.5 Two or more substances that are mixed together

Question 4 :
Study the food web below and answer the questions that follow.
5.1 What do we call grass and leaves in the food web? (1)
5.2 Birds like “Hawks” and “Owls” are meat eaters, what do we call them? (1)
5.3 Name ONE herbivore in the food web. (1)
5.4 Write down ONE (1) food chain from the food web.

Section B

6.1 Explain the difference between soluble and insoluble substances. (2)
6.2 Explain what steps an obese person can follow to lose weight. (1)
6.3 How is sieving different from filtering? (2)
6.4 Arrange the following skills according to scientific processes used in Natural Sciences.

Section C

Complete the table below by giving reasons why we add other ingredients when preparing beef stew.
Additives Reasons for additives Meat Meat has protein and iron
8.1 Water
8.2 Salt
8.3 Potatoes
8.4 Carrots
8.5 Onions (5)
8.6 Provide TWO (2) reasons why we process food.

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